New to Keto, not losing as fast as I thought

(Jenni) #1

Hello, ive been following a Keto diet for about 3 weeks now. I havent had to tough a time sticking to it, but many days I end up short on calories. I’ve lost about 8 lbs. How do I get my calories up while keeping my carbs down??

(Jane) #2

Eat more fat

(Robin N) #3

In the beginning I added butter to most of my food. Or homemade mayo. Also used bulletproof coffee most days. Now that I’m fat adapted I don’t need so much fat to feel full. It just gets easier as time goes on.

(Alec) #4

Are you just not hungry? Give us an idea of what you are eating, what your current and goal weights are, and how tall you are. Advice is always free on these forums! :joy::joy: And you’ll likely get a load that is conflicting, but hey, you can then decide what’s best for you!

Without knowing anything about you, my usual advice is halve the salad/veg, and replace with fat. People saying they are not hungry are often filling up with good food, but it isn’t fat.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #5

It’s possible but would be highly unusual that you would be fat adapted at 3 weeks in. Most likely you are in ketosis but not yet adapted.
That typically takes 6-8 weeks. You will start to experience someone the benefits of Keto before that, as it’s more of a progression to fat adaptation vs an on/off switch.

But it sounds like you’re doing well.

(Pete A) #6

You thought you’d lose more than 8 pounds in 3 weeks? That’s about perfect!


(LeeAnn Brooks) #7

I didn’t read Jenni’s comment as saying she thought she should be losing more weight. Just an inquiry to be sure she’s getting enough fat and not too many carbs.

(Ron) #8

When you have some time you might read this thread.:sunglasses:

(Jenni) #9

Current weight 229, goal 150. I have a long journey and know its not going to fall off over night! Most days I eat 3 meals and 2 snacks. I try to keep it with protein,and green veggies. I do use butter, but maybe need to be less shy with it. I was advised to keep carbs around 20 grams, and thats the hard part. Even veggies have more carbs than i thought! Generally Im not hungry. I get to the end I the day and am 400 calories short.


Try eating less often. Eating five times a day keeps your insulin high all day. Add fats painlessly by adding butter or other fat to your foods and cut out the snacks. Contrary to what we’ve been told all our lives, we don’t need to eat so often. If your meals are low in carbs, moderate in protein and high in fats, like they should be, you won’t be hungry. Do you track your macros?

(Alec) #11

OK, if you’re struggling to eat what you need, eat less veg, and eat more fat. I know this can be hard, as fat is really filling, but with less veg, you should be able to do it. Don’t go too far, this is a slight tweak to make sure you aren’t undereating.

Yes, eat more butter: I find that I can eat butter non-stop! Try to keep carbs as low as you can. 20g is a max, and less is better.

You are doing just fine, by the way. Your weight loss is great, but you do need to make sure you don’t undereat.

(Jenni) #12

Thank you!! I really appreciate your responses! This is a big change of lifestyle for me.

(Jan curtis) #13

Been on keto for almost a month. 1 lb weight loss. Is heavy cream alowed and how much? Cant seem to figure out how to eat enough fat! Help needed. TY

(Scott) #14

Heavy Whipping cream has zero carbs so yes. My wife has taken to whippets as a dessert replacement. (shot of heavy whipping cream strait out of the can strait into the mouth) She says I can’t believe this is keto!

(Jane) #15

Why do you want to eat more fat? Are you hungry all the time?

(Jane) #16

Yes, you can have it on keto but it is not “zero carbs”. 1 Tbl is less than one so they round down on the food label. 1/4 cup has 1.6g… small amount but not zero.

(Jan curtis) #17

Thx for your replies! Most appreciated. Not heard of the heavy cream from a can without sugar, but I intend on checking it out.

(dee dee) #18

Please, where is sugar-free whipped cream in a can available?

(Scott) #19

I had it on keto pancakes this weekend and oh, lots of butter too.

Just check the labels to make sure the carbs are very low.

(traci simpson) #20

It would be better if you could just eat your 3 meals with no snacks in between as it spikes the insulin.