New to Keto, not losing as fast as I thought

(Jody) #21

Jenni, you don’t mention your age? As a women, it’s slower than men… AND if you are middle age, it’s an even slower process because of the ‘change’.


It gets easier the longer you do it, but if you can cut out snacks, all the better. I’m just over the four month mark and there are days where all I eat is lunch. I just stay full. It is great, but it does take time. Results will show. Hang in there and don’t depend on the scale too much. (It is hard not to, I get it!)

(dee dee) #23

Hey thanks, Scott…that sounds yummy!


That should be read about once a week for anyone under 6 months. :slight_smile: thanks for sharing it. It’s now in my bookmarks. :grinning: