Doing Keto solely to lose weight? Read this

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I was a starry eyed newbie with huge expectations once. I get it. You’re excited. Great swathes of weight are about to fall off you with relative ease. You’ll be buying new clothes every month you’re shrinking so fast. Friends and family will be in awe of your dramatic rapid weight loss.

Only- none of that is likely to be true. Sorry pumpkins :frowning:

Keto is not a magic bullet. Keto is not a diet. Keto is a way of eating which enables your body to undo years of metabolic damage, abuse from calorie restricted diets, and metabolic disregulation. Keto is primarily about health and healing.

Yes- it is true that the weight will come off. But! It will do it when it wants to. For some people it happens fast (but I’m sorry to say they are unicorns :unicorn:!).

For most of us it’s a slow process with stalls and gains as well as losses. It is a journey, a journey which requires research, experimentation, trial and error, and overcoming your fear of fat.

You’ll probably lose an exciting amount of weight during your first week or two of keto. That is your body depleting its glycogen stores- ie water weight. Next up- you’ll most likely ‘stall’ (awesomely named PISS- Post Induction Stage Stall). You may very well not see any loss on the scales and you’re going to want to freak out because you think you’re doing it wrong, or Keto doesn’t work.

Wrong! Going Keto is a big deal for your body. It’s likely going to freak out a bit, after all you’ve taken away its glucose and it’s wondering where the energy is going to come from (if you’re suffering from the keto flu type the word ‘electrolytes’ into the search bar- research it and follow it, you’ll be glad you did).

Then, it’s going to start healing. Rebuilding muscle. Strengthening bone. Bolstering your immune system. Making you HEALTHIER. It’s doing all that while your scales aren’t budging.

So please, do yourselves a favour and throw away the damn scales, they are no longer your friend (and never really were anyway!!!). Get a measuring tape. Take your measurements. Watch your clothes fit better. Take progress photos. Who cares what you weigh if you fit into smaller clothes and look slimmer and healthier?

Weight loss is not linear.

Keto is about health.

Weight loss is hormonal.

KCKO (Keep Calm and Keto On).

You’re going to hear those statements a lot, for good reason. They’ll probably be uttered with a little weariness if you’re less than a month into Keto and complaining that you haven’t lost 50 billion pounds too :wink:

Read as much as you can in this forum. Educate yourselves because there is a LOT of info here just waiting for you to find it. It’s a super exciting journey which you’ll be so glad you started a year from now.

Give it a chance- but do your homework and reset your expectations. We will be here to cheer you on.

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Oh- and EAT!!!

Eat minimal carbs, moderate protein and fat to satiety. Do not be scared of fat, please! Embrace it!!!

And don’t complicate things early on by chasing high ketones, stressing about macros or trying to hit calorie targets (type CICO into the search bar and prepare to have your mind blown) or fasting, just;

eat low carb healthy fat foods when you are hungry;
stop when you are satiated.

All the other things are tools which may or may not help you once you are further on your journey but for now, just eat.

(Raj Seth) #3

This one should be stickied :+1::+1:

(Karen) #4

They are dudes. Tough go, for women. Sooooo slow. Wonderful post Mon!


(Mandy) #5

36 days in and pretty sure you wrote this for me alone.

No way this was me…never. :roll_eyes:

It’s taken me 35 1/2 days to really come to this fact. Mentally I knew it, emotionally I was trying to figure out what I was going wrong, if I just would not work for me, if I should quit. I, of course, did not quit and finally accepted I need a lot of healing on the inside.

This whole process has been only stall or gain, which yes, is definitely frustrating. I was even jealous of the people that get to experience the initial water weight loss, even though I mentally know it was just water! DOH! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I stopped tracking macros or calories two weeks ago. I still track ketones but for my data only. I find it truly interesting how the body reacts to this WOE and what happens with this testable data.

Hard…really hard after a lifetime of CICO, low fat diets and boxes of snackwells consumed. But, definitely getting better!

Thanks for this! I needed it!

(Anjum) #6

Thank you for cleaning up the clutter for me. I’ve been Keto for about 8 weeks, and often wonder what I am doing wrong. I am a 52 year old woman who was prediabetic. I carry my weight in my midsection. The initial weight loss gave me the power to stay on Keto. I seem to have hit a weight loss stall and the ketones don’t show up on the ketostix either. I consume less than 20g carbs - so am assuming I am in Ketosis. I do sleep so much better and don’t have energy slumps. Thank you for letting me know that my body is doing things. :blush:

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Glad it helped :muscle:

(Mon) #8

The non scale victories are powerful, hold onto them when the weight seems to be clinging on for grim death. Keto is so much more than a tool for weight loss- it’s life saving.

(Anjum) #9

I am definitely hooked. And intend to stay on this journey. I really believe this is how humans need to exist. Any advice as to why my ketostix don’t register ketones ?

(Mon) #10

The longer you’re keto the more efficient your body gets at making ketones. The pee sticks only measure wasted ketones- better off getting yourself a blood meter :blush:

(Rob) #11

+1 for making the post a sticky.
As an aside, there are men who also struggle with weight loss … and yeah … sometimes due to hormonal issues. Probably to a much lesser degree than women but A) It’s something that is generally not discussed, B) It’s a topic many doctors like to avoid (think personal injury attorneys) C) Its something many doctors don’t even test for and D) it’s something men feel real funny sometimes talking about.

I don’t want to hijack the thread with more detail … but there are men whose hormonal imbalances and abberations fight any kind of weight loss

(Karen) #12

So true!


(Walidah Aime) #13

Newbie here… As in, I haven’t started yet. I am a nervous wreck and wondering if I can actually do this. I NEED to see something in the first few weeks… if the scale doesn’t move, will my measuring tape? I am fine throwing the scale away if my waist starts to shrink.

(Anjum) #14

Walidah, you can do this. The initial weight loss will motivate you to stick with it. Get past the Keto flu and you will first start to feel better. What I noticed is that I didn’t realize how bad I was feeling until I began to feel better.

(Justin Traer) #15

if you bother measuring at all… it’s not a requirement by any means. :slight_smile:

(Anjum) #16

I was using ketostix, basically as a tool to make sure I was doing it right. Now I manintain less than 20g of carbs , can I assume I am in ketosis?

(Justin Traer) #17

Assuming that you are truly getting less then 20g of carbs for a sustained period, yes, you will be in ketosis at some point. It differs greatly depending on a few things such as age, sex, etc.

For some groups of people, if you have even a single cheat day or meal once a week, you might never enter ketosis.

My advice is to strictly monitor what your inputs are with a small digital scale. Do this and record your carb count in a journal of some sort. This is not calorie counting, this is carb counting. Be honest about it and do not have cheats.


(Anjum) #18

I do use a digital scale to measure protein. My carb sources are leafy greens and about 30 blueberries once a week. I use a carb manager app and track marcos consistently. I’ve had 15 pounds of weight loss ( YAY) but that’s where I’ve been for about 2 weeks. I do stregth train 3 times a week. ( nothing over strenouous) and walk 3 to 4 times a week. I notice my clothes fit better and after reading Moo’s post, now understand that weight loss isn’t the end all and be all. I am a 52 year old female - I just need to better understand if I should be monitoring my ketone levels. I greatly appreciate any guidance. :grinning:

(Justin Traer) #19


It sounds like you are doing it just fine with out the added expense and hassle of measuring ketone levels. You’re honestly tracking your inputs and your seeing results both on the scales and how clothing fits.

You don’t have to chase ketones.

And remember, stalls happen. Read up on the ‘whoosh’ effect - fat cells will retain water to stay the same size.

Intermittent fasting (IF) and timed eating is one of the next things to look into.

And based on everything I’ve read and heard about resistance training, everyone should be doing it to increase health span. If you can, increase your resistance training so that it is strenuous. I’d recommend a program like StrongLifts 5x5: Squats are an amazing, get some help if you new to this and make sure your form is perfect before proceeding to lifting heavy. And if you’re scared about getting too ‘bulky’ from muscles growth, that is honestly a myth that needs to die. :smiley:

(Laurie) #20

Thank you soooo much for this! I really needed to hear that! I’m only a few days in done it before but not the right way! Will keep reading and be patient with my body while it heals!:heart_eyes: