New on Keto and Struggling

(Niall) #1

Hello all.

I recently started on Keto 2 weeks ago with the primary objective of losing weight (5 stone goal) as well as becoming much fitter in general and attending the gym regularly and starting running.

Keto sounded good to me for the obvious reason of not feeling starved all the time, as well as being able to eat eggs, meat and cheese regularly (my favourites).

I went through the quintessential Keto Flu between days 5-7 and felt much better after that.

After my first week of Keto (and regular gym/jogging) I had lost just over 8 pounds and was feeling generally energetic, motivated and happy.

However over the last few days (days 11-15) I have started to suffer with bad diarrhea, stomach cramps and headache and am feeling more lethargic.

Also on weighing myself at the gym yesterday I had actually stayed the exact same weight from the previous week.

I wonder if this is normal at this stage, and if anyone has any advice as to why this may be happening? I take a magnesium supplement but wonder about other electrolytes and whether I may be eating the wrong types of fats?

Any advice would be much apprecaited :). Thanks

(Miss E) #2

Are you taking powder or capsule magnesium?

I’m sure other will have great advise but as I am new to keto myself I won’t advise on food but the body can take a while to adjust to magnesium so lowering the level may help or switching typesm powder (that you drink mixed with water) is less likely to cause diarrhea.

Increasing water and electrolytes may also help.

(Rob) #3

Welcome to the forum, you’re in good hands here :smiley:

It might be worth checking which type of Magnesium you are using. The more common form is Magnesium Oxide which is not absorbed particularly well and tends to draw water into the gut resulting in the loose stools you’ve been experiencing. Look for Magnesium Glycinate which is more bioavailable and does not have the same disaster-pants effect.

The headache and lethargy may be caused by dehydration. Make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water and ensure that you’re getting enough salt… see…

As for not losing any weight last week, that’s normal. You’ve depleted your liver Glycogen stores and as you’re exercising, also your muscle Glycogen, which will account for the majority of your initial weight loss. On Atkins, this was called PISS (Post Induction Stall Syndrome). Your body will be doing other things. Weight loss is just one benefit of Keto, but there are many other health restoring aspects which will be going on too.

Spend some time researching your fats as they’ll be 75% of what you’re eating. Lard, tallow, animal fats, coconut oil, olive oil, butter, and ghee are all good quality fats.

There’s a great FAQ on the forum too, but by all means if you have questions which are not covered by the FAQ and using the search function draws a blank, go ahead and post your questions on the forum. We’re a good bunch and always willing to help.

(Alan Williamson) #4

When I’m feeling tired and lethargic, I put a pinch of salt on my tongue and let it melt. Literally in minutes, I perk up.

(Niall) #5

Thanks all for the replies much appreciated!

At the moment I am using this Magnesium powder supplement (wonder if anyone else has used this?).

I’ve thought about other supplements too for electrolytes but not sure what I should be doing in that regard.

(Sophie) #6

Definitely more salt and you can try some electrolyte solution. I add 1/2 tsp of ACV to mine.

(Rob) #7

There’s some detail on your observed side-effects the manufacturer’s website…

In a nutshell, they suggest that you cut back your dose.

I did start taking a potassium supplement when I first started, though I do now try to get what I can from natural sources and I top-up by using a lo-salt (50% potassium). If I get any specific muscle cramping issues I may take it again, though after 5 months on Keto, things seem to be levelling out.

I you’re still getting digestive issues, you could also consider absorption through your skin via a spray…

This is reported to be the most effective way to get Magnesium into your bloodstream.

I got this one from Amazon…

(Allie) #8

I use oil rather than taking pills, also Epsom salts in bath water.

(matt ) #9

Any chance you have a lactose issue? I did and I had no idea.

(Niall) #10

Thanks again for this good advice.

I never thought to look at the manufacturers website of the Magnesium supplement but that definitely makes sense, I will try halving the dose for a week and see how that goes. If it persists I guess I can try the other types of Magnesium.

Does anyone try making these Electrolyte drinks that are supposed to top up all electrolytes or are you better trying to get these from various sources?

(matt ) #11

Its posted above…here it is again

(Ethan) #12

Also, take extra caution if you are on angiotensin-receptor antagonists, such as losartan. These tend to cause the body to retain potassium.

(Rob) #13

I just came across this earlier post…

A great place to start for building your knowledge of Fats :smiley:

(Niall) #14

All good advice this thank you!

I have also been taking MCT Oil to help get my fat intake up, do people recommend this? Does that have similar side effects?

(matt ) #15

MCT is great…bit pricey and can give you a case of the ass if you over do it so just be careful with it.

(Niall) #16

I am not traditionally a fan of vegetables so it has been difficult to incorporate these. I am forcing myself to eat some but it is not easy and I do not particularly like them. Is it vital that enough vegetables are eaten on Keto and certain ones in particular?

I must admit I have been struggling a bit the last few days with Keto, I wonder if there are some vegetable stew/soups that can help get the required amounts?

(Sophie) #17

Why are you forcing yourself to eat veggies, especially if you don’t like them? Lots of folks eat Zero Carb and do just fine. We even have a sub-forum about it. You should go take a look.

(Niall) #20

I’m still learning about what I should and shouldn’t be eating but I felt like it was necessary to eat plenty of Vegetables?

(Allie) #21

No it’s really not. Some people choose to, some people do better with veg added, but if it’s not your thing, don’t feel you have to.

(Niall) #22

That’s interesting thank you! Still have a lot to learn - you just see that most recipies and meal ideas are all very Vegetable based!