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Gluconeogenesis is now known to be demand driven, it doesn’t just happen from eating high protein. That theory is well and truly debunked.


In general, yeah. @kib1 wrote “for SOME people”. Something happens to some people and they need to keep their protein intake low per meal. I forgot the specifics, I am obviously not one of them and my brain is choosy about what to retain but it’s a carnivore thing (a subset of carnivores do it) to eat very little protein per meal as just that seems to work for certain people.

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Good news then, I’m a protein fan. Thanks.

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You and apparently @Shortstuff should both read

In particular Allie should read the comments by Amber O’Hearn who notes that people who say that are not understanding what Amber meant and are essentially misquoting her.

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Not me then as I’ve never read or listened to anything she’s said so definitely not misquoting.


Thinking to start a keto lifestyle. What do you recomment?

Look into it and decide if it’s for you, all you really can do.

I asked on different forums, and all suggestions are so primitive.

Wanna define that? They tell you to chase down a small animal and beat it with a rock or something?


I would decide why you want to do Keto. What are your expectations? Some find Keto easy, while others find it difficult. Some are super responders some are not. I believe cold turkey is the best way to start. I eliminated everything in my diet that was white or could be white and increased my fat intake (olive oil and MCT). Some lose a lot of weight others do not. I am a numbers guy and wanted to have a baseline before Keto. I did a full-spectrum blood test and a DEXA scan. I repeated this protocol 3 months later. This way I knew if I lost weight was it fat or muscle. I also measured my blood ketones. During this period I also kept a journal of everything I ate.

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But you are saying

That expression , demand driven, is from Amber (if you read her comments) and implying that there is not more GNG with more protein, as you stated, is not correct. So whether you read her or not, you are using a statement she made, but incorrectly. Again, go read her comments so you can spread correct information

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Picked up here and other places online not from her, she’s the only person to have used that terminology, and not misinformation because higher protein does not automatically stop ketosis.

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So many replies…
Thank you guys for not skipping my question. That’s great when people share their knowledge and advice with others.

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How does getting more sheep help? :sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep:

Sorry, couldn’t resist…. That was what I read… :joy::joy::joy::man_facepalming:

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Counting them is exhausting, so you sleep well, lol!

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Actually there is much more to Keto than that, it is a healing diet. It can be a prescription for being healthy for so many different diseases if followed correctly. It is a cure for my BP issues and my acid reflux, and I am no where close to the weight I need to be at.

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I discussed the paper you linked in the the previous link I suggested you read, and that you have not read. Suffice to say that the paper you linked is for HIGH CARBOHYDRATE diets, and in that case, protein was 8% of total EGP from GNG. This would not be the case for ketogenic diets…which is what we are discussing here. At no point does your linked paper either 1) confirm that protein consumption does not drive GNG in the absence of abundant carbs nor 2) talk at all about protein downregulating GNG. Both of your statements are false. While it is clear you do not want to read and learn where you are confused, here is the quote from Amber (the originator of the quote, not some other random people who also misinterpreted what she meant) so that new people reading this forum do not take away incorrect information from your posts.

Also Mistake number 1, too much protein kicking you out of ketosis.

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There is and there isn’t. The op felt the advice they got was “primitive”. I’d counter that’s because keto at its heart Is primitive, it’s a matter of carb counting. What you choose to eat and what that does for you is another story, but generating ketosis in the body isn’t rocket science.

Personally I’ve gone over my theories re natural food, fasting and other fine points of my keto. I believe what I specifically do makes a difference, but N=1.

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For me I don’t test for ketones, as I am not diabetic. My issue seems to be eating grains causes me to crave more grains, in other words bread and desserts. I am doing well by just not eating grains and eating very little potatoes. I don’t seem to have issues with carefully eating small amounts of other carbs like fruit and vegetables. But for as long as I am trying to lose weight I am limiting myself to 50 total calories per day and definitely no grains. And due to my lack of hunger I am staying well in the weight loss calorie deficit range. I seem to naturally eat more fat than protein. And my salt intake is up. But as of tomorrow I am prescription medication free. I will still be monitoring my BP, and weight daily and reporting it to my doctor on Monday morning for the previous week.

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Do you feel shaky? If not, then I wouldn’t characterize your blood sugar as “too low”.

The lowest I ever measured mine was 52 mg/dL after 3 days of fasting and I felt great. My ketones were the highest I have ever measured at 7.6 so that is why 52 wasn’t too low for me at the time.

I have had blood sugar crashes with the shakes and sweats and they are scary if you are driving and don’t have a snack with you. Hasn’t happened post-keto thank goodness.

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Good luck Arin. You are in the right place for kind advice and support from those living the keto lifestyle.

I have been keto for over 5 years and the best thing I ever did for myself and my health. You will get conflicting advice, especially on fat and protein because everyone reacts differently. You will have to experiment and find out what works for you.

As long as you keep your carbs low you are getting the benefits of keto. The rest will sort itself out over time.

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That has happened to me in the past, but that was when I was still eating high carbs. The dizzy feeling this morning was a little different. I broke my fast and ate maybe 6 pecan halves and I was feeling okay again. I checked my PB first and it was my normal and my heart rate was my resting rate.