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I may eat 7g bread occasionally (or 500g, sure, it depends on the bread and my attitude or state, actually) but eating little potatoes? :smiley: That must be one tiny potato in a meat soup or else I will eat a lot of potatoes (or at least more that little. not very much like in the past, I wouldn’t eat 1 kg anymore, would be easy I suppose as that is very little food but I don’t desire it)… Good potatoes are super tasty and irreplaceable. It took me several years (and carnivore times) to lose very nearly all interest in them.
(I can eat little of almost anything but it’s not always natural and if I automatically want to eat much, that may be either dangerous or needs too much focus and that feels restriction and I hate that).

Grains are so extremely carby that most ketoers don’t even think them as potential food… They are just out of question. (I know there may be exceptions for some. Even I ate grains on keto sometimes, it was quite rare though and it was just one ingredient among the many. Grains don’t worth it to me. And it’s not like they are so tasty… I have much better food as probably most of us have.)

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My wife roast, the baby red potatoes and I will eat a couple small bites. But for now and the future I don’t plan in touching anything with grains, to me right now grain is my no can do at all.

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And that is how it’s done. Eliminating one thing at a time allows you to really understand what your body responds to… good and bad.
You got this!