March ZornFast 2019

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #1

March Group Fast
Starting Thursday, March 21st through Sunday, March 24th.
The Ketogenic Forums monthly group fast, ZornFast, always starts the third Thursday of the month and runs through the following Sunday.

  • you can also Join This Thread before the group fast starts. I will be posting in here my various fasts. I’m currently in the middle of a five-day and will do another next week*

This month’s group fast.

I started practicing monthly fasts February of 2016. I still gain great benefit.
Zornfasts are normally the third week of each month.
Join if you’d like, we’ll support each other here.
I always do a water fast. (water/ black coffee & tea). The definition of a fast is open to your interpretation and needs. Some will need to do a fat fast. There are benefits to that type of fast as well. I fast to target visceral (organ) fat and to promote autophagy. Fasting also releases HGH for muscle growth. I follow Dr. Jason Fung. Matter of fact, his book "The Obesity Code " is what started my venture into fasting nearly two years ago.
Because of the ketogenic diet, I am no longer diabetic. Fasting managed to further improve my health dramatically since I have included it in my health regime. It has increased my insulin sensitivity.

(I want to you remind you guys to please use the blur spoiler if you want to talk about food. This is so the fasters can have a safe place to come and read and get support without having to think about or hear about food.
NEVER post photos of food on this topic or any fasting topic!
(Click on the little gear symbol in the text box of your post as you are writing, top right, and a menu pops up. Choose the blur spoiler.)

You may want to include this drink during your fast (or some version of it). I drink 2 bottles a day while fasting.

KetoAide homemade recipes, Recipes, RECIPES

It is very important that you check with your doctor before consuming Lite Salt, as it contains potassium. Do not over consume Lite Salt! I normally only drink two bottles of KetoAide a day and only add 1/4 teaspoon Lite Salt to each bottle. Do not supplement this with additional teaspoons of Lite Salt! That’s too much potassium! Again check with your physician before consuming Lite Salt. [image] [image] 290 mg sodium 350 mg potassium 75 mg magnesium

It is very important that you check with your doctor before consuming Lite Salt, as it contains potassium. Do not over consume Lite Salt! I normally only drink two bottles of KetoAide a day and only add 1/4 teaspoon Lite Salt to each bottle. Do not supplement this with additional teaspoons of Lite Salt! That’s too much potassium! Again check with your physician before consuming Lite Salt.
One 24 ounce bottle of KetoAide contains 290 mg sodium, 350 mg potassium, and 75 mg magnesium

Do you know any of the tricks that can keep you from breaking your fast earlier than you would like? There are several. One is to make sure you have your salt on point. Measure out a teaspoon and a half in the morning (this equals 3450 mg of sodium) and take pinches throughout the day. Make sure you hydrate. KetoAide has helped quite a few people. Try not to watch movies or TV that have food commercials. Try not to go into stores or smell food if you can help it. If your stomach growls drink sparkling carbonated water, this helps a lot. And one more thing… caffeine can suppress appetite. Use coffee or tea. Green tea has special properties, it contains a component called catechins that actually suppress ghrelin, the hunger hormone. Use one or all of these strategies and you should be able to fast longer. Remember, fasting is more psychological than anything else.

Fasting support
Noob wants to do a long fast
(Karen) #2

Ah, here’s 2019. I’ll give it a go a bit earlier in the week. Wedding and travel coming up.


I’m in for my usual starting after Wednesday’s dinner meal til at least Saturday night. I will just ride the wave while it works for me.

Newbies, don’t let the times scare you, you do you. if you only can do a shorter time, need to start earlier, or later due to social lives, doesn’t matter, just go with it. Fast as much as you can, because it is all good.


I am in. Haven’t done an extended fast in some time. Messed up my sleep. Have done 5 42 hour fasts in last few weeks. Ready to try again for longer.

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #5

I haven’t joined in a good while. I’m going to give it a go.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #6

I’m still in Colorado. I’ve been here since February 27th. I won’t be flying back to Minnesota until this Friday March 22nd. I flew out here for the Carnivore conference in Boulder and the Low Carb Denver conference March 8th, 9th, and 10th. Staying with friends it was easy to stay much longer. I’ll likely fast this week. I have fasted a couple days at a time since I’ve been here.

(Karen) #7

Then you survived our stunning spring storm.

Started my 3 day yesterday at 3pm.


Last night I really enjoyed my 69th birthday (March 18) outing with my family, and even had a bit of ice cream with chocolate syrup, so here I go, back at it. Late last night I began another Extended Fast of 3+ days … hoping for 5+ days. So I’ll be into it by a few days when y’all start on Thursday.

However, this will be a modified water-fast and I will allow one cup of coffee with 1 tblsp HWC and maybe, just maybe, one Splenda per day; and when not drinking the coffee I will replace it with one cup of beef broth via bouillon cube (5 cals, 0 carbs). The only other thing I might ingest is a sugar-free Altoids breath mint (0 carb) if I am going to be dealing with the public. Good old ketones, you know.

I know this might slow some autophagy gains but this is for weight loss and breaking through a 6-week long stall. It is also designed to be a bit easier to follow and observe. In the past I’ve often gone on such strict water-only fasts that I tire of the fast more quickly and/or cave in at the end with too many carbs in re-feeding. The total deprivation angle of strict water fasting may be hindering me mentally. I’ve tried this method in the past and it worked very well.

Then again, who knows, it just might morph into another totally, strict, water-only fast.

Nevertheless, I’ll be here with you guys for support and a little feedback.


Happy belated Birthday, GentleBen.


Count me in—looking forward to starting on Thursday!

(KCKO, KCFO) #11

Well, I went ahead and started last night instead of waiting for tonight’s dinner. March seems to be birthday month in our circle, so two birthday parties coming up starting Saturday that I had forgotten about. So I want to break my fasting early this time so will stop on Friday.

Hope everyone is prepping and excited to get going. If you started early as I did hope things are going smoothly for you.


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Thoughts on feasting vs. fasting re: healing broken bones. (Just a little toe one.)


Man, even with more than a dozen EFs under my belt, so to speak, fasting is not always a given.

Monday night I started what I hoped would be a week-long fast. However, after an arduous and stressful day of shopping for and buying a new car I succumbed to the stress-easing comfort of a rather carby meal and ended that fast at 26 hours.

I then followed that with a new fast and again stumbled at 25 hours with a BK Whopper … just because.

So I’m trying again with a new fast on Wednesday night. But there are just no guarantees. Sometimes the fasting magic works and sometimes it doesn’t.

My biggest fear is that I am hitting a Keto/fasting wall at 7 months. I pray it’s not too high.


Thanks for your honesty and transparency—it was helpful for me to see. I started yesterday with thoughts of starting this Zornfast one day early, but after a tough day at work I threw in the towel and went with emotional feeding. Pizza, wings, a snickers bar and a bag of peanut M&Ms all inhaled within an hour or so. Ugh. This morning’s weight gain didn’t bother me as much as the low feeling I get after too much sugar.

With that said, it’s a new day—let the games begin. :slight_smile:

(Ashley) #15

Jumping in on this since I’m sick and food tastes like nothing so perfect time and might as well! Just going to drink a ton and rest up!

(KCKO, KCFO) #16

Over 48 hrs. in now, will just keep going til it doesn’t feel good. I was going to try water only fast this time, but I had to have coffee/hwc this AM, I have had issues with sleeping recently and it really did help me gain focus.

Hope everyone else is going strong.


(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #17

22 hours in, planning to go till Monday afternoon.

I broke a toe a couple days ago and am supposed to rest it for a month. :frowning: so no unnecessary walking, especially the first week. I was already planning on fasting with y’all, but now I have a second and third motivation. Hoping fasting will help with healing, and no grocery shopping.

My roommate asked me if I needed her to go to the store for me. When I said I was just going to fast for a few days. She smiled and said what a great opportunity! And said she’d go get me some soda water. She’s a good friend!

(Carol) #18

Tonight I decided I’d skip eating tomorrow and look - it coincides with the Zorn Fast. My timing is finally right so, I’m in. :slight_smile:

(KCKO, KCFO) #19

Calling it quits at 66.5 hrs. Time to go play with some food.

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #20

I finished at 74 hours. This was nice. I haven’t fasted for so long since November. Maybe nest month I’ll go 4 days.