What does maintainence look like?

(Trudy) #1

After losing 40 plus kg I’m moving into maintainence. Now, I’ve lost weight before but never been able to maintain. Keto feels different, more a way of life than diet. I’m giving myself 1kg either side of my goal weight before considering myself off target. I’m wondering how others consider themselves on target? I’ve stopped recording what I eat in the last three weeks, if my weight increases then I will get back to recording my food. My other concern is self acceptance, being happy with my goal weight (you can never be too rich or too thin). I would like to be 5kg less but rationalise that 5kg will not physically change what I am now capable of doing.

Sorry for the longish post, would love any feedback on the journey of other members during maintainence.


Read this thread and any of the others in this Progress, Maintenance thread. Lots of good feedback and tips.

(Trudy) #3

@collaroygal, thank you so much, very good link!

(Karen Parrott) #4

Yes!! What I’d like my maintenance to be like 2-3 pounds, in reality it’s more like 6-8 pounds going between plateaus.

Welcome to maintenance and 1kg sounds like a great parameter. Onward. So happy for you. 40 year yo-yo dieter, 6.75 years weight maintenance on Paleo/LC/Fasting/Keto. :slight_smile:

(Trudy) #5

Only a couple of weeks in and I’m 600g up. Not terrible but I can’t help but be nervous. KCKO.