Looking for a Keto friendly Doctor

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How can one find a kets-friendly physician?

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Hi, I’m hoping there’s information on how to find a keto-friendly physician in my area. I live near Annapolis, MD.

I’ve been kept for almost a year. About 50lbs lost, looking and feeling energetic, biomarkers normal except a bit high on the cholesterol (230). So, I go into my doctor and he noted the blood pressure was so good that I’m coming off of the first med, Clonidine. In response to the weight loss, he was suspicious of how I had lost the weight. Told him, I"d changed the way I was eating. Asked me again, are you sure that’s all you’ve been doing? No question about how I’d changed eating. I added that I was eating kept and felt great, better than I had in a long time. Then, he proceeded to give me a long, scare tactic lecture on the deadly effects of cholesterol (heart disease, heart attack, stroke) and that he was putting me on Lipitor after I told him I’d stopped taking it in July. After all I have read and learned about Lipitor and all the other statins, I held my ground and said I’d think about it. He was not a happy camper. While I will go in in a month or so to have my blood work done, I will be bringing him a copy of The Big Fat Surprise. In the interim, however, I want to start exploring other doctors who are more open to keto. Preferably, a doctor associated with Johns Hopkins which is where all of my health records are. HELP!


I found a couple in my area from this list, it was created by people who have used the doctors. Maybe you can find someone in your area:

Need a new Doctor
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Thanks. While not close, I did find a keto-friendly doctor within the tri-state area!

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If you go into your doc again, ask him what stidies show that high cholesterol causes heart disease/attacks… ( answer:there aren’t any) so why take meds? To line the pockets of big pharma?

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Hi Oren!

I recently fired my Primary Care Physician as well! I’m from Southern Maryland – South of LaPlata in Popes Creek. Nice to meet a fellow Marylander! If you have any luck finding one please share!

I have an appointment coming up with a new Doc --!I have no idea how that’s going to go! Keeping my fingers crossed!

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Hi Cheryl and Oren

Another fellow marylander here from Ellicott City. Started ketolife Feb 18.2017 down 55 pounds, fbs 83 recent a1c down to 5.7 My primary is newly minted and somewhat open minded, but I’ve worked in the field my whole life and would prefer someone well grounded in successful keto metabolism patient management. Hopkins has Mark Mattson at the National Institute of Aging, but don’t think he is MD. Still, I’m using some contacts to find out if a Hopkins keto friendly primary care doc actually exists. I’ll post here if I do. Keto on!

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Wow!!! Thank you for this @circesdad! I’m not having much luck…


I have nothing useful to add here but just wanted to say that your post about the doctor visit cracked me up. No wonder you’re looking for a new one.

Finding the right doctor
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Found this list of Paleo Drs. Might be helpful if not Keto Drs. in your area. Many are not MDs. but plenty of nutritionists which can be most helpful.


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I have told this story before, so I will keep it short, but my long term endocrinologist was costing me $175 a visit. When I needed to get my many, eight, prescriptions renewed, including six for T2D, I decided to try a new doctor who was the husband of one of Mrs. Hanson’s friends. He charges a flat $55 a visit but does not take any insurance.

My new doctor is keto, does it himself, including fasting, and my life will never be the same.

I no longer take any medications at all and since then the only prescription I have filled is his prescription for a ketogenic diet.

It may be difficult, time consuming, problematic, but I can conceive of no better health choice than making a determined effort to find one of the precious few doctors that understands and support the ketogenic life stile.

I am a profoundly lucky man.

Keto for life!

Best Regards,

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Wow! Lucky you are! Wish you lived near me!

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This is why I am avoiding my doctor. I weaned myself off my pain meds myself over the last couple of months, they didn’t work and just gave me side affects on top of the pain I was in. 11 days into Keto lifestyle and already I see a difference in my pain and energy levels. I am still taking thyroid medication. I won’t be going back to my doctor until I am at least a stone lighter and I will be going armed with answers to expected negative comments from him. Something tells me that will be soon as the weight is coming off nicely already :slight_smile:

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Cheryl, Owen

Any luck? I just moved to Owings MD. I dont know if want to drive all the way to Fairfax VA to see my doc there. She is sometimes hard to understand, and brushes off topics/concerns. I wish I could find someone better on this side of DC.

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Good morning! I am a Keto Registered Nurse in Norther VA and the Cardiologist I work with will be speaking this morning at around 11:30 on Adapt Facebook page on this topic. I wanted to share some sites to help find physicians that practice food as the initial therapy for treatment of many diseases. We have had a program for over 6 years now that is set up to provide one on one coaching with a specialized RN as the coach and follow up visits with Dr Thorn on an as needed basis, yearly at the least. Congratulations to all of you that have done this on your own :slight_smile: Hope this helps and have a wonderful holiday weekend!


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I am a family nurse practitioner and practice out of Dartmouth-Hitchcock in Manchester, NH.
I have been a strong advocate for the low carb/keto lifestyle for several years (have been keto myself for that long). I firmly believe that many chronic diseases that our society has developed over the last 50 or so years can be reversed with dietary and lifestyle changes.
I am also setting up a virtual clinic so I can see patients anywhere (to be launched in the next month or so). With the virtual clinic, I plan on charging <$50 for a la carte visits (lab and med review) and will also be doing consultation services (still working on what will be involved, but I’m thinking that I will be able to do a complete review of the health history, review meds/labs, suggest dietary tweaks for any concerns that come up, do nutritional assessments, dietary reviews, suggest supplements if appropriate, etc ). This will likely be done with a secure video chat and/or emails and I am working with Heads Up Health to make sure I use a HIPPA compliant platform for the on-line record keeping.
My goal is to keep things as affordable as possible, while still making sure that I can “keep the lights on” and ensure a quality experience for my patients.
I am currently accepting new patients at my practice at DH, Manchester (we take all insurance), and am a PCP here.
My website is: https://www.ketogenicnp.com/

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Haven’t seen any responses here over a year. So i want to add one for Northern VA. Dr. Sam Pappas. Pappashealth.com

Also Dr. Eric Thorne, VA hospital Center Cardiology Group in Arlington VA. Dr. Thorne is a cardiologist that puts all his patients on a keto diet. I saw him for a year to get baselines done and overall cardiac health since there’s heart disease in the family. I don’t have that but had High BP and A1c at 6.1. All normalized now with no meds.

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Because there are at least a dozen threads with similar names. :grinning: I posted a new list in this one two days ago. Keto Friendly Doctor List?

Dr. Thorn will be speaking at this event Sept.: 30:

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I went to doctor today for insurance required physical. The doctor had a young intern who gave me the exam. I described my Keto journey and my remarkable results over the past 3 years to the intern…he then told me about “recent” studies about insulin and inflammation, and he was quite amazed at my diabetes management without drugs. He was quite receptive of Keto…small steps, new doctors, maybe this will catch on???
BTW, the regular doctor looked like crap…obese, pale, tired appearance…he said that I look great compared to 3 years ago. He said that I engineered my own improved health! On the contrary, evolution engineered our bodies for a low carb diet. KCKO!!

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I have yet to see a doctor that is Keto friendly. I learned not to say anything about Keto

With type II and A1c being at 4.9, they show the surprise face which is much better than the arguing face.