Looking for a Keto friendly Doctor

(Bob M) #21

You can find them, but it takes quite a bit of looking and maybe even some travel.


The saddest thing is we have a good friend who is a brilliant doctor, specialist (not in diabetes or anything related). He had a situation where he was exposed to a serious infection and had to take some very strong meds about a dozen years ago. Supposedly this knocked out his ability to produce insulin in any great quantity (I am not sure of all details). He was overweight, stressed, no exercise, and his dad had diabetes so he was pretty much going to get it anyway. He ended up getting it before 50. He has tried diets over the years but they do not seem to work. The most successful one was the mofo diet where he ate an avocado a day and olive oil. He is a nice man but only trusts doctors and he believes he cannot be cured anyway because he does not produce insulin in normal amounts (or so I am told). He is now on insulin with the CGM