Ketogenic Forums Interactive Map


Click on the link below for a high level interactive global map that shows the location of members of the Ketogenic Forums

Where in the world is Ketopia?

To add your marker:

  1. Click on “Additions” at the top of the map
  2. Select “Add Marker”
  3. Complete your details
  • Click “Submit”


  • Use your Ketogenic Forums screen name in the “Entry Name” field
  • Your street address is protected and will be hidden from view; alternatively you can simply enter your city, state, country
  • Your phone number is protected and will be hidden from view
  • Your marker request will be sent to a map admin for approval; it will not register on the map until the request has been approved
  • If you are having trouble with colours, select “Satellite” on the top right which provides greater contrast between the map and markers
  • If you click on the icon located in the top right corner that looks like a flame (situated under the “Satellite” selection) the mouse roll over function will activate
  • We will endeavour to assure that your information will remain private and will not be disclosed to any third parties without your approval; however please note that the map has been created utilising ZeeMaps and is saved on the ZeeMaps server/cloud. For more information, please refer to ZeeMaps Privacy and Security Policy.

Where in the world Ketonians?
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Where in the world Ketonians?
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(Insert witty quote here) #2

I added a dot! Very cool! :grinning:


Great idea - cool.

(James storie) #4

I added, waiting for approval. This could be a cool resource.


I’m in!
(pending approval :wink:)

(Barbara Greenwood) #6

I’ve tried it, and there’s a red star over my address… but I didn’t see a Submit button?


Did you follow the instructions above to add your marker? The submit button is at the bottom of the pop up.

(Barbara Greenwood) #8

I think I followed the instructions. When the pop up came up I put basic info in and then clicked on the map link and zoomed in and put my marker on the map - but then Inwas on the map and couldn’t see the dialog box any more. Can you tell if my entry is there or not?


No Barbara, I haven’t received your submission. Instead of clicking on the “Map Select a location”, try typing in your city in the “Location” box and then select from the drop down options. This way the pop up will always be visible.

(Barbara Greenwood) #10

I think it’s something to do with the way the iPad processes the site. It’s submitted now, but I was totally unable to copy the link it told me I needed to save to be able to change my entry in the future. I’d better not move, then!


Don’t worry, we can always change it for you if needed. Your marker is now on the map!! :+1:

(Danielle) #12

LOVE IT!!! Thank You!

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #13

Luv luv luv this, thank you KetoKate for setting this up!

(Insert witty quote here) #14

Hey! I’m kind of shocked that there are so many in SC already! :heart::grinning:

(Scott Cavendish) #15

Cool idea. Added.

(Siobhan) #16

Already on the map from testing this morning. Hi!

(Dustin Cade) #17

Super cool

(David K) #18


(Wenchie) #19

I haz a dot !!! :smile_cat: thats so cool, that map is

(David K) #20

Can the dots be made something besides light green?