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(Duncan Kerridge) #21

Click the flame icon top right to see them in whatever colour people chose

(bulkbiker) #22

Hi Kate
There seem to be 2 of me… sorry must have been when I was testing it… if you could delete the one in the green rea and leave the one on the road that would be great.

(Patrick B.) #23



No probs - done! :+1:

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #25

Cool beans. Submitting now.

I was given an option of “choose file”. What is this for?

And where are everyone’s pins? Depending on what color everyone else chose, I was going to choose mine, but I don’t see any.


Choose file is an option if you want to upload a photo that will show up on with the roll over view.

As for the colour, if you click on the flame in the top right hand corner of the map it will change it from the heat view, to the pin view and you’ll see the colours there. If you want to change your colour, just click on your name to edit. :blush:

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #27



Will do

(Mary Ann) #28

I just submitted! Awesome!

I’m in sunny San Diego, CA USA :yum:


Thank you. :slight_smile:

I have added a Purple dot (pending approval) to my location in the UK.


Approved! Welcome to Ketopia!! :grin:

(Anja Kern) #31

I’m in (pending approval), but I can’ see the others.


Hi @Anja, if you click on the icon that looks like a flame on the top right of the screen you’ll change from the heat map view and will then be able to see each individual pin.

(Anja Kern) #33

Thank you @KetoKate :slight_smile:

(chris) #34

bumping this post. we still only have 177 people who have pinned the map and I know the whole forum has grown quite a bit.


Thank you
Not only have a spot on the map now but added photograph to the pop up as well.
Great tool = more should use it.

Be very useful if we plan a get together… ?? (In the UK that is) :slight_smile: :bacon::bacon::bacon::heart_eyes:

(Brian) #36

Was surprised to have to use an email address and also keep track of a number or it can never be updated or deleted.

(Lesley) #37

Are email addresses kept private too?

(chris) #38

adding just a simple marker you can just put in your first name or nickname.


They certainly are :blush:


If you want to amend or delete your marker and can’t remember your details simply make contact and we can arrange to have your pin removed.

Edited to provide updated information:
Markers cannot be deleted from the map due to the nature of the service of the map provider. Markers can be relocated to another location as follows:

  • Toggle the view, by clicking on the flame icon in the top right hand side of the page, to turn on the markers (solid coloured dots)
  • Hover over the marker you want to move until the marker details pop up
  • Select the “arrow” in the bottom right hand screen of the marker pop up
  • Relocate your marker