Let's see who is where in the UK!


EDIT: Seems the Ketopia map is no longer usable, so feel free to just reply here with your general location.

There’s a little known map of Ketopia elsewhere on the forums, and I’d like to see more of the UK contingency post up so we can get an idea of who is where:

Have a look at the above thread and add yourself to the map if you are interested too :+1:

Tip: The map is much easier to read if you change it to satellite view (top right of the map) and you can see other member pins if you click the flame icon (also top right of the map)

(Vijay Bhakta) #2


Can see you in Leyland… Who is our Blackpool neighbour ??? :grin:


Done :slight_smile:

(Ellie) #4

Added. Who is in Staverton? I’m Devizes.


Ah I grew up in the 'Deen! I’m going to be visiting next week, do you have any recommendations for keto friendly places to eat?


Hard to say as we dont eat out a lot, aside from the whole keto/primal thing, I react really badly to things like unfermented soy, wheat, crapy oils etc… last couple places we went, we both ended up feeling crappy afterwards (bloaty, achy etc)

Plus I can cook better than most the places weve been so… :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you lookin fo any perticular type of food or just general?
The only place I recomend if your budget alows is Yatai at 53 Langstane place. To be fair youd probably stuggly to keep under 20 carbs unless you stuck strickly to the shashimi but thats the only place ill willingly blow my diet over and Ive never felt sick/crappy afterwards.

Pretty sure theres other places to but weve just gotten to the point we wont risk it.


I’m a bit of a foodie so i’ll try anything once, thanks for the rec we’ll definitely check it out.

(Andy) #8

Map is frozen, for what it’s worth I’m in Penwortham in Lancashire

(Vijay Bhakta) #9

@Heysy Andy - Fancy joining us for lunch in 4 weeks time seeing as you are close by ?


I’m in Luton at the moment for a few next months at least. But a repeatedly fallen keto-er. Just trying to experiment.

(Ginger's KetoInThe.UK) #11

on it! Cardiff represent! :smiley:
EDOT: dang!doesnt let me seems the account is frozen?

(Shaun) #12

My wife and I are moving from Australia to Nottingham in a couple of weeks. I read they have a lot of restaurants but not sure how many are keto

(Ellie) #13

Welcome to the UK! There won’t be any keto specific restaurants but in most you can find something that works. One of my favourites is at a curry place because you can get various curries that are pretty keto, and have sag paneer instead of rice. Yummy.


West Cumbria, though not a native. I come from Liverpool and have been on the run hiding up here in Cumbria for thirty or more years or so. The police are after me because I am so good looking. Take away the scouse humor that means I have lived and worked up here for 30 years.
I live on a farm, though not a farmer, I am surrounded by cattle and sheep, beautiful animals and looked after by magnificent farmers.
I am Zero Carb, I do eat said mentioned beautiful animals. Namste my dear friends.
I do also speak to my animal friends, especially when I am cutting my grass, ( I say grass not garden because it’s an edge of field so to speak, not a lawn) the cattle come up to the fence and I feed them the freshly cut grass. They enjoy the treat as much as I.
If I do not cut the grass, the cattle will often jump the four foot fence, yes four foot, and I have seen them do it.
and I have many a time come home from work to find 20 plus cows and bulls eating the grass in what used to be my garden. I now realise it’s their field. So no more lawn, its their field.

Jurgen, forgot to mention “we are Keto and Carnivore”, this means, “even more”.

(bulkbiker) #15

Southern softie here Worthing on the South Coast.


Hi all, newbie here from Manchester!

(Vijay Bhakta) #17

Hi @HelenaH @newtoketonot Pop into this thread to see if you are interested in joining us :slight_smile:


Thank you, I’ll have a look now! :grinning:

(Colin) #19

Hey all. I’m in Bridgwater, Somerset.

(Drew Says "Eat the Salt, you damned stinking Keto ape" Hardcore Label Licka ) #20

Hey Hey from Harlow, Essex.