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I’m going to track myself on the November ZornFast thread instead of this KetoAide thread.
It’s more familiar to me, and I might be posting a lot so I guess it’s more appropriate over there.


Not a problem, I frequent there, as well as the monthly IF/EF as well. :slight_smile:

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Yes, that IF/EF thread is great.

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Ketoaide stopped my keto flu in its tracks. Im finding that switching from a magnesium supplement in tablet form to the magnesium citrate has increased its effectiveness also. I have a few chronic diseases that end up causing muscle issues so this was a big help there. I actually appreciate that more than the help with keto flu :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@Brenda I am assuming this mixture would be fine to drink in a more concentrated form, yes? Reason being, I have a 36 oz Yeti tumbler that I would like to mix three servings in(so essentially a serving to 12 oz. of water instead of 24 oz.). I drink a lot of green tea and water by itself as well so I will be getting plenty of water.


I can’t tell ya what Brenda might say, but my guess would be that it really shouldn’t matter. I use a 20 oz. bottle every day myself, and as soon as make it the mixture up, I simply drink it straight down and then leave the house with my water only bottle. But I have done it in a simple 8 oz. cup before, and then like mentioned, just drink plenty of water afterwards. … If anything, it just going to be a bit stronger tasting in a smaller amount, where the larger amount of water will dilute it more. … If I were to carry the mixture bottle with me out the door, I think I would stick with the larger amount too, but I already drink plenty of liquids throughout the day, so just want to get the ingredients in and then just enjoy the water.

I do the same in the evening once I get home, on days I’m Fasting. So one daily and two on Fast days.

If anything just look at the amount of intake if you will be getting, if you plan on doing this daily. I haven’t crunched the numbers since I’ve been doing this for a while now (1 and 2), but think I’ve read others mentioning drinking 3 a day? But I’ve only ever done 2 myself and seems to work well for me.

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Brenda has stated many times she drinks only two of the bottles per day.

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Has anyone used this (or can advise if it would be ok?):


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hello Brenda, I do not consume artificial sweetners so I cant have the magnesium citrate .
Can I use magnesium sulfate instead ?
and how much is OK?

Thank you, Marianne


Magnesium citrate is just … magnesium citrate. It’s not an artificial sweetener, nor should it contain any. There are many brands that don’t.
If the magnesium citrate you have contains ingredients you don’t want, just find another brand which is a more pure formulation. There are countless out there. As long as the elemental magnesium content is about the same as the original recipe, you should be fine.

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I bought this on Amazon, IT"S HUGE BOTTLE! It has Magnesium Citrage only


I guess I was not clear. All the magnesium citrate in the stores in my area have saccharin in it which I refuse to consume. I was hoping I could substitute Epsom salt instead. I will have to order online. TY


thank you I ordered the bottle today !!

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I haven’t found Epsom salts where I am, but I keep my eye open for them because a nice foot soak seems like a lovely relaxing way to get my magnesium. Baths are recommended too, but I don’t have a tub.

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Wow, and I thought it was just me!

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Epsom salts are usually with the laxatives in the drug store, most of the time on the bottom shelf.

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Hello all you KetoAide fans.
I have changed the KetoAide recipe for “reasons”. To keep us all healthy and safe and responsible, the ingredients are much more basic now. There are always those few individuals who will not follow instructions or warnings and disrupt things for the rest of us. Because of those few, I will no longer be recommending potassium supplementation OF ANY KIND. Please do not recommend supplementation of potassium on this thread or I will delete it. If you want to be sure your potassium is on point, you simply need to make sure your sodium is on point. They regulate each other. Potassium can be found easily in your low carb diet by eating avocado, spinach, broccoli, salmon and other meats.

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Can you re-post the recipe?

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This is the recipe post. Go to the original post at the top. The edited recipe is there :slight_smile: