KetoAide homemade


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That’s a good idea! More convenient to pack that mix for work than hauling a glass bottle back and forth and keeping it in the fridge. Or taking -23 bottles premade when I am fasting.

(Casey Crisler) #243

Made my first batch yesterday. Got three smaller bottles of it to use during or right after hiking. Can’t wait to see how it does. I did use pink Himalayan salt though since I haven’t bought the other kind yet.

(Michael Cunningham) #244

@Janie, watch out when you mix the two, as the Magnesium Citrate will foam up a lot. At least mine did, because it was carbonated.

(Hoby Bradfield) #245

So, I have a silly question for the group… I make the Ketoaide and keep it in the fridge… and when I drink a glass, it tastes like salt water, but it has the feel of milk in my mouth…
is it just me, or has anyone else noticed this?


Can’t reply about the ‘milk feel’ in the mouth, since I don’t recall getting this. But I find the salt makes the water have a flat taste to it. … Also might depend on what all you add, unless you follow the recipe to the letter?

I personally have been making mine like this for months now. … (1/4 tsp. Morton’s Lite Salt, 1/2 tbsp. Magnesium Citrate, 1/2 tbsp. Lemon Juice and 1 tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar.) I also prefer the Cherry Flavor, though this is not a big deal really. Have used the Lemon and Grape as well. … Grape would be second.


Is this a good buy, and sensible?


Nutrition per 1g Serving per 100g
Sodium (Na) 260mg 26g
Potassium (K) 77mg 7.7g
Calcium (Ca) 47mg 4.7g
Magnesium (Mg) 7.5mg 0.75g


Sodium Chloride, Potassium Sulphate, Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate Anhydrous, Magnesium Oxide.

It’s from

Thank you.

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Here’s the one I use, for comparison purposes.

I really struggled to find one down here with no carbs.

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #249

This type of magnesium isn’t well absorbed at all. If you want to be sure you’re getting enough magnesium buy a separate magnesium supplement such as glycinate or malate which are much better absorbed. The original KetoAide recipe has magnesium citrate which is the most absorbable form of magnesium. Unfortunately oxide is the least absorbable form.


Thank you.


Any Aussies out there been able to find a flavoured Magnesium Citrate liquid in stores? Looking in my chemist today all I found were tablets.


Ignore that question. Just found this link- Keto aid/ade for Australian's

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This is what I use for mine.


Thanks. What sweetener does your cordial use? I have the no sugar Cottee’s cordial which has sucralose. (BTW What’s the final word on sucralose as a sweetener? Good or bad?)

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Sweeteners (952, 950, 955)

[952] cyclamate

[950] acesulphame potassium

[955] sucralose


And yeah, not sure. I’m sure I can find people on both sides of the argument :slight_smile:

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #256

Sucralose isn’t as bad as a Ace K or aspartame but all sweeteners raise insulin. If your goal is weight loss you want to keep the artificial sweetener use to a minimum. My original KetoAide recipe has liquid magnesium citrate which is sweetened with saccharin. But since only a teaspoon and a half of that liquid magnesium citrate is used in a quart of water, it’s a trace amount and not enough to spike insulin.

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I’ll continue November’s Zornfast thread if anybody wants to fast with me next week. Monday November 26 through Friday November 30th


That sounds like a winner! :+1: I would definitely be game for that. :slight_smile:

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I’m going to track myself on the November ZornFast thread instead of this KetoAide thread.
It’s more familiar to me, and I might be posting a lot so I guess it’s more appropriate over there.


Not a problem, I frequent there, as well as the monthly IF/EF as well. :slight_smile:

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Yes, that IF/EF thread is great.