November 2018 ZornFast

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #1


November’s Group Fast!
Starting THIS THURSDAY November 15th through Sunday November 18th.
The Ketogenic Forums monthly group fast, ZornFast, always starts the third Thursday of the month and runs through the following Sunday.

This month’s group fast.

I started practicing monthly fasts February of 2016. I still gain great benefit.
Zornfasts are normally the third week of each month.
Join if you’d like, we’ll support each other here.
I always do a water fast. (water/ black coffee & tea). The definition of a fast is open to your interpretation and needs. Some will need to do a fat fast. There are benefits to that type of fast as well. I fast to target visceral (organ) fat and to promote autophagy. Fasting also releases HGH for muscle growth. I follow Dr. Jason Fung. Matter of fact, his book "The Obesity Code " is what started my venture into fasting nearly two years ago.
Because of the ketogenic diet I am no longer diabetic. Fasting managed to further improve my health dramatically since I have included it in my health regime. It has increased my insulin sensitivity.

(I want to you remind you guys to please use the blur spoiler if you want to talk about food. This is so the fasters can have a safe place to come and read and get support without having to think about or hear about food.
NEVER post photos of food in this topic or any fasting topic!
(Click on the little gear symbol in the text box of your post as you are writing, top right, and a menu pops up. Choose the blur spoiler.)

You may want to include this drink during your fast (or some version of it). I drink 2 bottles a day while fasting.

KetoAide homemade recipes, Recipes, RECIPES

It is very important that you check with your doctor before consuming Lite Salt, as it contains potassium. Do not over consume Lite Salt! I normally only drink two bottles of KetoAide a day and only add 1/4 teaspoon Lite Salt to each bottle. Do not supplement this with additional teaspoons of Lite Salt! That’s too much potassium! Again check with your physician before consuming Lite Salt. [image] [image] 290 mg sodium 350 mg potassium 75 mg magnesium

It is very important that you check with your doctor before consuming Lite Salt, as it contains potassium. Do not over consume Lite Salt! I normally only drink two bottles of KetoAide a day and only add 1/4 teaspoon Lite Salt to each bottle. Do not supplement this with additional teaspoons of Lite Salt! That’s too much potassium! Again check with your physician before consuming Lite Salt.
One 24 ounce bottle of KetoAide contains 290 mg sodium, 350 mg potassium and 75 mg magnesium

Do you know any of the tricks that can keep you from breaking your fast earlier than you would like? There are several. One is make sure you have your salt on point. Measure out a teaspoon and a half in the morning (this equals 3450 mg of sodium) and take pinches throughout the day. Make sure you hydrate. KetoAide has helped quite a few people. Try not to watch movies or TV that have food commercials. Try not to go into stores or smell food if you can help it. If your stomach growls drink sparkling carbonated water, this helps a lot. And one more thing… caffeine can suppress appetite. Use coffee or tea. Green tea has special properties, it contains a component called catechins that actually suppress ghrelin, the hunger hormone. Use one or all of these strategies and you should be able to fast longer. Remember, fasting is more psychological than anything else.

November 2018 IF / EF Chat ALL WELCOME
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(Final thoughts/recap as I reach the end) Time To Try An Extended Fast! 21 Days or Bust
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(Susan) #2

I am with you on this one Brenda. My longest fast so far has been six days. I started fasting early on Monday so today is day 3 (or does that mean it’s day 4 if i count Monday?) I am feeling great and not feeling hungry. Coffee, water, potassium, magnesium and sea salt. I am off work now till Sunday night, so i hope to make it to Saturday. Good luck everyone!

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #3

You can say the number of days but you’ll find that most people around here count hours even minutes LOL

(What The Fast?!) #4

Woo hoo! I did a 72 hour fast (counted minutes for sure :rofl:) from Sunday to Wednesday. I ate a big fat :cut_of_meat: last night and started another 3 day fast as of 7:20pm last night.

Fasting is the ONLY thing that drops my weight! Dropped a handful of pounds during the first half of the week and hoping for 3-4 more by Saturday. I leave for Mexico Saturday night, will break before I go so I don’t have to deal with any potential digestive upset on vacay. :slight_smile:

(Mike Glasbrener) #5

In. I will adjust schedule to meet my needs. I’m counting seconds this time from last to first swallow!:innocent:

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #6

I’m in this month, as usual :sunglasses:

Started after dinner last night, so in 14 hrs. so far, I plan on doing 84 hrs. breaking at Sunday breakie.

Welcome to all the newbies, and welcome back to past Zfasters as well.

Remember to just do you, if you need to refeed, do a single refeed meal, and start fasting again. Salt is your friend. If you are near or at goal weight, you might need some HWC or coconut oil in your coffee. Listen to your body and stop the fast if you are feeling ill. Any concerns, just ask your comrades here, communally we have seen/done just about anything related to fasting. If you are not feeling well, stop.


Hi!! I’m already on day six so will fast on through with you all. I have just been listening to my body and had a bit of fat when needed (I’ve found doing intense exercise makes me very hungry a few hours later). This has allowed me to keep going and ketones have continued to rise and weight continued to drop.
Off to a Zumba class this morning, then spending the day decluttering our spare lounge and garage. What are some other ways to keep busy? I’m not working at the moment due to a wrist injury (I’m a doctor so I reeeeally need to be able to use my hands).

(Lonnie Hedley) #8

17:13:05 into the fast. Leaving work early because of the snow.

(Ellen) #9

Hadn’t planned on it but not hungry today, so guess I’m in, see how long I manage.

(Susan) #10

69 hours in i had to eat something with my advil for a migraine. I was using enough salt and took electrolytes. The something i ate ended up being a bunch of keto snacks. I am starting over at hour 0.Sleep eating again.

(What The Fast?!) #11

Ummm, so I’m legit ravenous today! Ha!
After completing 72 hours on water, salt, and black coffee, I ate just about a 16 oz steak, half an avocado, an egg, and some ghee, plus some Enlightened ice cream for dessert. I thought that would keep me going at least to 24 hours, but I’m Starvin’ Marvin’ over here!

I can push though, and I will, but man oh man, today is a STRUGGLE! I did strength train yesterday and today (TRX and then pilates), so maybe that’s why. I have a cardio session tomorrow (Step Aerobics woo hoo!) and will do one more strength + cardio session Saturday morning before breaking my fast on Saturday afternoon, probably around 64 hours.

I think refeeding with just one meal makes it more of a mental challenge…and maybe physiological too, since you only get to “feast” for a short period and your body is like, whoa! we’re already back to fasting mode?! Anyone else have this experience?

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #12

This is fine unless someone has been doing an extended fast (multi-day). Then it is best to refeed at least two days before starting another extended fast.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #13

I do Zumba and decluttering as well. I find I love ready on my Kindle or just regular books. I do lots of walking while fasted too. I do genealogy research. I find choosing a topic about anything and googling it can get me through when I am thinking of eating. Distraction is a key weapon in fasting.

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #14

I like to listen to podcasts related to fasting and read fasting books or books related to low carb or YouTube lectures. There are many Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramos’ YouTube lectures. If you want some reading go to and there are public blog posts. IDM is all about therapeutic fasting.
The other things I do is exactly what you’re doing. I organize and clean. I also like to lift weights and walk. It’s amazing how much time we spend buying, preparing and eating food, isn’t it? We almost don’t know what to do with ourselves anymore when we’re fasting.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #15

I do this if I am less than 40 hrs. into a fast, if I am on final days of 4+ days fast, I will just stop fasting, since I don’t want to slow down my metabolism. I often break up the monthly fasting here at some point with bacon and eggs or a huge bowl of salad, then continue on with the fast. Seems to work well.

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #16

As I said above, refeeding for 2 days after an extended fast is recommended. There are many physiological reasons for this, one being that feasting is just as important as fasting to keep your metabolism revved up.


30 hours in a 72-96 hour fast, and I’m feeling good. Something stressful happened an hour or so ago and I thought briefly of breaking, but went and did yoga and showered instead!

(What The Fast?!) #18

Thanks I didn’t notice that. Question on this - I meant to do a 6 day fast but decided to eat halfway though and then keep going. I’ve seen others talk about having to break a fast with something small and then keep going as well? Is that counterproductive regardless of meal size?

(Lauren Lake) #19

I’m in. Probably will do 36 hours. Should be interesting as I’m on a cruise surrounded by buffets.


I’m in hour 44 of a planned 72. Hopefully it will break this *#^% stall.

I got tantalizingly close (.6 away) to my max goal weight, then bounced back up 4.5 lbs. I thought I was going to make goal before a wedding I’m going to on he 2nd where I’ll see people I haven’t seen in a few years. They won’t care if I’m not quite at goal, but I wanted it!!!

Oh well. I know I’ll get there eventually.