Keto women over 50

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I have a question, can stored oestrogen slow down weight loss? I’m struggling, and have thought the issue was NASH, or long term stress, all of which I am addressing, however, I keep forgetting 0estrogen. I’m 51, probably post menopausal, but not sure ( I have a mirena, did have peri symptoms some years ago, but now nothing). I haven’t had a period due to mirena in over 17 years. I also have a rather large fibroid ( about the size of a jaffa orange - last time it was scanned). When I have dabbled in low carb years before, I often had spotting, and took that as a sign of oestrogen release from cells, as it coincided with weight loss. Does anyone else have similar issues and suggestions of how to deal with them?


Well, here is something I find interesting… Checking through my weight loss tracker, almost every segment where a mini-stall or bounce has been broken, occurred about halfway through the visit from Aunt Flo. So, what my hormones are doing exactly- during that time, I do not know - but it makes me wonder if there is indeed some relationship between hormone fluctuations and the body’s willingness to relinquish its stored fat.
As of yesterday, I was halfway through the period. The last bounce between 192-197 was broken yesterday - which brought me down to 191. Today, I am 190. (For the record, I don’t weigh myself everyday - but - I was curious about this trend, and wanted to see what, if anything, might have happened.)
It feels like things are shifting around a bit inside my body, primarily around my midsection - which is really wonderful, because at 52, to feel this sort of thing is pretty awesome! Its been over 20 years since I’ve been this weight, and I’d forgotten how good it feels to feel good!! And, even then, I don’t think I felt as good as I do now, because I was still eating kinda bad then as opposed to now.

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My periods stopped in December 2016, I was 52 in November of 2016, so hopefully yours will end soon too =). I always gained about 5 pounds during my period, and lost it right afterwards. I think most women have their weights fluctuate during that time of the month.

You are doing great, getting down to 190, congrats and best wishes for the rest of your Keto Journey! =).


I hope they stop soon, but I am totally fine with dropping a few extra pounds in the midst of the cycle! Thank you, lovely lady!!!

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I agree, dropping pounds is always awesome! I was just trying to encourage you, that hopefully soon Aunt Flo visits will disappear, hehe =).

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Love the stuff! I may be a Brit but my day really can’t begin without a big mug of strong black coffee also useful to up my fats with a little mct but I was surprised by butter…mixed well it really does add something.
Used to only drink caffeinated but will happily slurp decaff after 6pm if I have the yearning.

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Hello all, I apologize if this has been discussed already. Does anyone know the best fasting regime for us older ladies who only have the last 10 pounds to lose?

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It depends if you are used to fasting or not first. When I started Fasting, I did 24 hour ones, then moved to 48 hours, and then the 72 hour ones, the longest I have done so far is 74 hours. Drink lots of water, and Electrolytes, Black coffee and tea as you like =).

There is a special section of the forum (two different threads on fasting, where people are actively fasting and discuss their fasting while they are fasting as well).

This is the main one and we do a Forum Fast that a lot participate in, on the Third Thursday of every month called the Zorn Fast, and they always make a new thread for that one too.

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I’m an experienced faster and have done up to 4 days. I was wondering what’s most effective for weight loss when one doesn’t have a lot to lose… 24s? 48s? Or longer ones.

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That’s very interesting. I haven’t had nearly as much dairy lately. Haven’t wanted much cheese, sour cream lately. I’ll always want butter and the only reason I even have HWC is for my coffee.


Here is my own personal experience-I started reading this because I saw the fiber discussion. I started increasing my fiber 3 months ago to decrease my LDL. Use Chronometer to track. I hit 30 grams MINIMUM a day and Lots of days 40 plus. Its fiber, it cant hurt right? Ha. I was doing psyllium husk daily, eating a keto “noatmeal” with hemp, chia, and flax and eating a flax seed bread several times a week, plus my vegetables like cauli rice, broccoli, spinach. First thing that happened was my GERD got totally out of control and I spent weeks getting that straightened out, then I noticed everytime I ate anything with erythritol in it my gut did NOT like that either. I have been using erythritol for over a year with no ill effects. then I got my labs drawn and not only did my LDL go UP-so did my A1c. Not by much-but it did. And I havent lost a single ounce in 3 months. The way I see it, the fiber affected my gut flora in an undesirable way causing these issues. My gut had actually been very happy on Keto for over a year and I was losing, A1c was great at 5.1, until the fiber. That little experiment is OVER. (and I will admit, when I started it, the rebel in me said “hey dummy-Doctors and nutritionists say this is good for you, do really believe that?” ) My personal experience only, but lesson learned as far as Im concerned.

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I’m 62. Starting keto again. My primary struggle is the competition for my eating habits from other friends and family.

Enough!! Why do I allow myself to hurt,and bloat when I know the answer…

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I noticed the carb count in Chia seeds was higher than I expected. I made some chia seed pudding and I’m afraid to see how many carbs that is.

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Welcome to the forum, Mary. Best wishes with the hassles from friends and family and staying on the Keto pathway =).

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My props!

I’ve lost fifty pounds probably 6-7 times since I was 22, and exceeded that up to 80 lbs., my highest weight just before starting keto.

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I’m going to be 70 in a few weeks. I started keto on June 14, 2019 and have lost 24 lbs so far. I have an apron of loose skin that folds 1.5" (when measured a few weeks ago) from losing 70 lbs many years ago. The other day, I measured again and the depth is now 1.25". I’ll actually believe it when the measurement is 1" or less, but for now, it gives me some hope.


That must be a lot of chia seeds! Last time I made pudding with chia I used about 1/4 cup for the whole recipe–so maybe 4 net carbs total divided by four servings. I’ve figured out I don’t really like the stuff, so when I use up what I have I probably won’t buy any more. It’s like…bitter tapioca.

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I thought I’d read a higher amount on the package. (12 grams per 2 tablespoons, 8 grams fiber)
I don’t mind the flavor but like it better in my yogurt than in the almond milk recipe I tried.
I eat it for the Omega threes in them since I have a fish allergy.

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I had the same symptoms from not taking in enough salt.

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Well, I started another thread quite some time back documenting my heart palpitation trouble. For me, it turned out to be magnesium. I really had to up my magnesium. I’m currently taking 800 mg of magnesium glycinate a day. I seem to keep salt and potassium under control by supplementing 1.5 teaspoons of salt plus 3/8 teaspoon of No Salt daily plus what’s in my food. I know if I’ve forgotten my salt mix or just didn’t take enough because I get light headed and cramps in my calves.

The symptoms I mentioned in my post from not eating enough and feeling cold, yadda yadda yadda, don’t seem to happen now that I eat more towards carnivore. :woman_shrugging: Actually, I’m currently having the opposite trouble with tons of hot flashes lately. Thank you perimenopause! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: