Keto women over 50

(Edith) #744

I have never liked coffee. I love the smell and could sit and sniff a cup all day, but I cannot stand the bitter taste.

Although, I do like coffee flavored ice cream. Really, enough cream and sugar makes most things tasty!


OMG!!! Finally broke through the 192-197 scale-bounce!!! We hit 191 this morning!!! (LOL…I sound like Smeagol!) We’s did it !!! :joy::joy::joy: YAY! Absolute new low.

I went entirely carnivore for 2 days, OMAD, with a late snack of a 13g fat beef hot dog. I did have my Keto-coffee in the am, which is not carnivore, but all the actual eaten items were. Going to do it again, working a shorter shift today, and hoping to keep up the good vibe!

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Congratulations!!! :tada::tada::tada:

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Yeah girl. That OMAD plus carn or “almost-carn” really does it, just ask me and @Ilana_Rose
Going by a few of us on here it works nicely for us older gals :grin:

Good going, SB.
Have some cutes

:unicorn: :hamster: :koala: :hatching_chick: :frog:

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You go girl! Carnivore rocks for stable, reproducable weight losses. I don’t know why.


:clap::clap::clap: Breaking through one of those set points is so worth celebrating! I’ve been at one of those myself for a while and every time you think you’re dropping again, that same stupid three or five pounds comes back to taunt you for a few more days. The mental challenge is almost worse than the stupid scale.

(Susan) #750

Congratulations!! That is wonderful, well done =).

(Parker the crazy crone lady) #751

Ok all you carnivores, is cheese allowed? It’s an animal-derived food. Hwc and butter too?

(Edith) #752

I call myself a keto carnivore because I do use avocado and olive oils and I use seasonings such as pepper and garlic. I also eat eggs. I can’t eat dairy so that’s not on my menu. Some people say dairy is fine since it is an animal product. Some people are more strict with only meat. I guess it depends on your why. If you have food intolerances, you may want to only eat meat. If you are trying to break a stall, seasoning and dairy could be fine for you.

I am currently reading The Vegetarian Myth. In it the author mentions that dairy contains chemicals called exorphins, although in small quantities, that are addictive. They activate reward centers in the brain. Maybe that’s why so many people have a hard time giving up dairy.

(mole person) #753

About half the carnivores eat dairy. No question though it’s easier to lose weight without it. I have cream in two cups of coffee a day. Nothing else. Cheese sets off my carb monster.

(Parker the crazy crone lady) #754

@Ilana_Rose and @VirginiaEdie so if I understand correctly, dairy is mostly avoided due to its causing cravings, and as certain people don’t tolerate it will (food sensitivities).

(mole person) #755

For whatever reason a lot of people find that it causes them to stall. In my case I just end up eating too much and overdo calories when it’s on the menu.

(hottie turned hag) #756

This is the case for me. I tolerate it fine! Too well!

I think you’ve read my #pecangate posts, yeah? Well that insanity was 100% no question, triggered by the reintro of CHEESE and VEG.

I’d say if it doesn’t mess you up cravings wise it’s no problem. You have to try and see.

(Parker the crazy crone lady) #757

Cool. Yes, I read about that! Interesting. It was the cheese that started that…hmm. My brain being weird, I am not (yet) finding anything that triggers a craving, except when I allow an idea of a certain (any) food to roll around in my thoughts. If I don’t, I don’t have cravings. So far.

I do however, have trouble sometimes, when I have foods just sitting there, ready to be eaten. Doesn’t matter what it is. Getting rid of all carby food at least keeps me from overeating on those.


And herein lies the tragic story of my life…


The rules are … there are no rules. They are certainly not plant foods. But only you can ascertain what works for you though, through trial and error.


I figure, if it came from an animal, it is a carnivore product. So yes, I have a bit of cheese some days. I also use heavy cream in my coffee. I make cream cheese fluff with a block of cc and a stick of butter. Mostly though, I eat some sort of beef, with salt and butter.

And, that little gem (the fluff) - is what got my daughter started on keto last week! She’s not fully gotten the hang of it, but, she has lost a few pounds, acne is clearing up, and she is feeling better.

(Parker the crazy crone lady) #761

Thanks everyone. :hugs: I’m not at a point where I’m ready to eat carnivore, but if/when I do, I want to know how. Cheese, butter, and cream and I get along well, so…yay!

(mole person) #762

I’ve read studies that suggest that fiber does impact significantly on insulin independent of glucose. Many things can lead to insulin secretions that don’t involve foods that necessarily turn to glucose. Has anyone seen evidence that fiber doesn’t cause an increase in insulin, because I’ve definitely seen studies suggesting the opposite?

This is a genuine question. I don’t know the answer and would like to. Hmm…going to ask in “Show Me the Science”.

(Libby) #763

I have thought sometimes that sometimes my “hunger” is a disguised craving for salt and water.