Keto women over 50

(Patricia) #785

I’m very happy to hear yours is getting smaller. Mine seems to not want to go away (I’m 67), and it’s one of my biggest challenges for finding pants that don’t look weird on me. It doesn’t help that I still have a lot of fat around my midsection. I’ve been on keto for over 3 years and lost 55 pounds, but I have been stuck where I am for months, and I still need to lose another 20-30. I’m not good at fasting, so I don’t know what else to try. I’m not sure compression garments would hold me in enough to make a difference. Maybe there is hope for me that the skin will shrink.

(Failed) #786

It’s been a month since I measured last. Today the overhang is only 1" 2.54 cm, so it has shrunk .5" 1.25 cm total so far. I’ve only lost 3 lbs 1.35 kg in this past month, but that’s ok because my body is doing other things.

(Susan) #787

You are doing great, Dee =).

(Wendy) #788

That’s amazing Dee!

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I have the same problem; fast once a week for 48 hours but I don’t think that is enough to promote autophagy. I just bought some shapeware undies. They make a huge difference in how my pants look. I know I have a roll but everybody else doesn’t need to know.

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Wow; that’s awesome! Do you do a lot of fasting?


You should be getting a big increase in autophagy from that! Hang in there.

(Marianne) #792

You think?!

(Edith) #793

That’s why I love clothing!!!

(Susan) #794

Hehehe!! Me too, even if I was already at Maintenance and looking okay naked, I could never be a nudist! Clothes are great.

(Patricia) #795

What brand do you buy? I seem to have a double roll, which is not a great look.

(Marianne) #796

I got these from JCP. They aren’t heavy duty control, but enough vs. regular. I like them, too, because they have full coverage in the fanny so you don’t have any lines. They were less than $1.75/pair, which wasn’t bad. Wasn’t going to pay more than that. I think they run on the small side.

There are also shapers, too, that might provide more coverage than a brief.

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Oops, forgot to include the link:

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I am Relaine. 80. Most people think I am 60. I have this lifestyle for over 50 years. I keep my weight low approx 52 k.
I intensified keto living last year because my tests showed a small amt of fat in my liver and some plaque in arteries. The doc said great for my age, but I am not satisfied. Next test this coming week.

(Edith) #799

Welcome! You will find we are a very friendly group.

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Hi Relaine, very welcome. How was this lifestyle known 50 years ago?

(Rebecca ) #802

I believe the Ketogenic began being used in the 1920’s for about 40 years until the epilepsy drugs became available.

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That dog is so cute! I miss my dogs so much. They both passed away 3 years ago, and we can’t have pets in our rental now. We will probably move when our lease is up just so I can get a dog.

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Everyone has plaque in their arteries after a certain age. You are doing great. Some changes are inevitable.

I highly recommend the book by Dr. Nortin Hadler - Rethinking Aging: Growing Old and Living Well in an Overtreated Society.

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Not sure if there is a moderator on this board, so I just decided to reply to gingersmommy, because she has a cute dog. :grinning:

If you live in states where Braum’s operates, they have a delicious, inexpensive bread called Carb Watch bread. The label states that 2 slices (43 g) have 16 g of carbs and 9 g of fiber for a net of 3.5 g carbs per slice. I sure hope that is accurate, because it’s yummy and a lot cheaper than other low carb breads on the market. We don’t have Braum’s locally, so I stock up whenever we visit family in Oklahoma. It keeps well, and I freeze extra loaves. The slices tend to stick together when frozen, so it’s best to defrost and keep in the fridge before use.