August 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #85

42hrs fasted. Doing good today. A little less stomach talking to me than yesterday. If typical holds true I will make it to 48 hrs and usually at dinner time my hunger disappears. So that means 60 hrs is going to happen.

Then I will push if needed to about 70 hrs.


Your results are great! I absolutely agree that it’s not just for weight loss. In fact, many people on these forums actively discourage people from using keto to lose weight at all, saying that it’s not for weight loss and that’s just a side effect. (Not sure whether I should be inserting an “LOL” or an eye-roll, there.) However, there are lots of people here who have successfully used keto diets to manage a range of neurological and psychiatric conditions including ADHD, MS, bi-polar, etc. I’m not sure I’ve met anyone here who’s using it for epilepsy, but of course it’s one of the original purposes of the medical ketogenic diet.

(Cancer Fighting Ketovore :)) #87

I agree. However, it shouldn’t always replace medicine. In some cases it’s a great complimentary therapy (always consult your doctor).

I’m trying to stay in theraputic ketosis, but find it’s very difficult to sustain it over the course of a day (or longer).

Any advice on that?

I’m planning another 48hr fast soon. Looking forward to some good autophagy and a low GKI.

(Mame) #88

Wrapped up fast at 45 hours with a big cobb salad..

Not sure if that is it for the day or not. Very full now.

I think this is it for my fasting this week aside from my normal daily IF anywhere from 19 to 24+ hours…

Cannot believe it is only Tuesday. It’s been a nice leisurely week so far.

(Kristin) #89

Broke mine at 47hrs. Had a strong fluttery heart beat and felt weird, intensely so … So I decided to stop. I did a weight work out this am at 40hrs fasted and think that’s what did it. My heart settled down but hunger started that would not stop for 4 hrs. Anyone else have that heart beat thing happen?


Count me in… Skipped dinner, and simply came home and cleaned up storm debris in the yard for an hour, and then mowed the grass for a couple hours after that. - So just getting back in the house and so I guess I started a Fast earlier today.

Happy Fasting Folks … :+1:

Keto women over 50
(Carol) #91

I have had this happen. I usually eat some salt and drink my electrolyte juice. I keep trying to get away from the electrolyte water when I’m eating but it seems I need to drink it fairly consistently to keep things running smoothly. I don’t know that this is the issue but it seems to work for me.

Well, dang, forgot all about meat less Monday. But, I’m 30 hours into what will probably be a short fast. My antibiotic script says to take with or without food so, I’m challenging that. I’m hoping without food the meds can really dig in and do their job. N=1 are so interesting. :smile:

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #92

58hrs fasted. Going to take this to ~70. At least that is the goal.

Best sleep ever this far into a fast. Lots of short vivid, in color, dreams. I feel rested. Off to the gym in 30 mins for some rowing and walking. Today is my easiest day in the gym.

Now for some :coffee:

(Jason ) #93

34 hours fasted, and feeling great! I’m going at least to 48 hrs (7 pm tonight) but depending how I feel I may extend longer. I made some dinner for my son last night, and then washed up the dishes while he ate. The evening meal is always the most temptation for me, but last night wasn’t too bad! Hoping for a great day for everyone…


I do get that, I have some salt & it seems to help…
One 42hr fast done this week, now into anothe one hopefully!

(Jane) #95

All you fasters are doing great!

I’ll be in Ft Worth again next week and not walking in 100+ F heat so going to join you guys for a 72-hr fast starting after dinner Monday night.

(Mame) #96

a short ‘fast’ here. At 21 hours and going to 26 hours or so. Not really planned just how the day is shaking out.

numbers this morning bg=76, bk=3.7, gki=1.14, may get a new low on the scale today with that GKI, we’ll see.

good wishes to all going strong this fine Wednesday. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #97

Okay broke fast at 64. Went early with a little stress here with oldest getting a full time job offer as librarian in a sketchy place. So I went home to help her work through the pluses and minuses. She turned the job down (and her Mom and I agree that was the right choice).

But the fast was great. Minimal hunger till the stress kicked in. Great sleep last night.

I’m down 1/2 inch in the last 6 weeks in my largest stomach girth for a total of … wait for it … 10 inches in 14 month. 51.5 > 41.5 inches.

Fasting has made a world of difference on body recomposition. Plus lower carbs and more meat protein.

(KCKO, KCFO) #98

Fantastic results daddyoh, keep it going.

Glad your daughter is willing to listen to your job advice too.

(Susan) #99

That is really awesome, Eric! 10 inches lost in 14 months is super duper amazing!

I am glad that your daughter made a good choice for her, and consults with her parents, that is lovely too.

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #100

@Momof5 @collaroygal She made the decision but wanted our nod of approval. Getting full time librarian work is hard. She has her masters and graduated with a 4.0 from grad school. But it is very competitive.

Also BG was 80 before breaking the fast but I’m sure it was lower earlier in the day till all of this happened.

(Susan) #101

She is a very clever young lady. I hope a really great opportunity will come along for her soon =).

(Jason ) #102

Just got home from work, and 46 hours in. I have hit a new personal best for me in terms of ketones in the blood! I typically bounce around between 0.7 and 1.1, and that is with OMAD. Tonight I am up at 1.9, with a blood glucose of 75, giving me my new low GKI of 2.19. I am feeling a bit tired, but just drank some water and going for a walk with my son in the sun to perk me up. I think I will extend this out another 24 and see how I go!

(Susan) #103

Awesome Jason!!

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #104

You go Jason.