Keto women over 50

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I’m looking for women in my age group to support each other on the keto diet. I have never been one to join a group or ask for help. I always try to do it alone. It hasn’t worked, so I want to try something new- joining with other women to support each other as we work toward our goals. Anyone else out there like me?

Hungry, but NEVER "hangry!" (And introduction)
Any 40 year old women out there?

Hi PNW Girl

I’m 53 and started keto 4 weeks ago.

Love your name. I will be moving to PNW in a few years!


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Hi! I’m 53 and started 3 weeks ago. How are you doing? I have been (mostly) strict, aside from a couple of very off days and I haven’t lost any weight at all. I can’t say I’ve always been under 20 net carbs, but I’ve been close. I like to say that I struggle to lose weight because I’m over 50, I’ve had a hysterectomy, I have PCOS, I’m hypothyroid, I’m insulin resistance, and I eat too much and don’t exercise. :slight_smile:


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I am a 53 year old pre-diabetic woman, dawn phenomenon (high fasting glucose), high blood pressure, post menopausal (thanks chemo), cancer survivor, about 30 pounds overweight, no energy, brain fog, I could go on. I am converting to keto WOE to hopefully prevent a cancer recurrence, improve my BP and my fasting glucose, losing the extra pounds will be an added benefit.

After chemo I went into menopause and over the course of a year I gained nearly 30 pounds. The weight is around my midsection and I hate it. The loss of estrogen causes post menopausal women to gain weight as estrogen is a metabolic hormone that regulates weight, so with you having a hysterectomy your estrogen is low especially if they removed your ovaries too.

I have lost nearly 10 pounds. I have been strict with my carbs and staying under 20 net every day, maybe once or twice I went over. Depending what I eat, some days I am able to wait 10-12 hours before eating. I am really trying to only eat when I am hungry and listen to my body.

I have read to be patient because even though the scale may not be moving in the right direction your body is working on internal issues. Have you noticed body composition change? I noticed that I can really feel my hips now and my waist is shrinking.

I guess our body gains the weight over time and it takes time to change as well.

Regarding exercise, I do, but I find when I exercise it makes me more hungry and I actually stall in weight loss. I somehow think too much exercise is not good. I cant believe I said that.


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Don’t forget to check out the Vintage Ladies thread

(hmmm, guess I cant post the link to the thread LindsaySue mentioned.)

I personally would love to see a separate ‘room’ for those of us females who are more seasoned. :slight_smile:


Yes while I really like the Vintage Ladies Thread, any thread that gets over 100 I find reminds me too much of Facebook and I lose track

I would prefer if we could address specific questions


Same here. Perhaps instead of just one massive ‘old ladies’ or ‘vintage’ thread with many intertwined topics, we could just start a separate thread for each topic of interest, and put a qualifier such as (vintage women), or (women over 50), or something like that in the thread title.

And instead of waiting for permission, we strong old broads should just do it. :sunglasses:


Just had my 50th birthday last week! Been doing keto about a week now. Glad to find some women in the same boat as me. My goal is to lose 20 pounds. Have slowly been gaining the older I’ve gotten. Lost 50 pounds and when I was 22 and have kept it off for the most part. Just recently had to take an antidepressant (Paxil) and I almost immediately gained 10 pounds in a matter of 2 months. I’m looking forward to walking (maybe jogging) this journey with you all!

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Oh yeah, I also have high blood pressure. I forgot to mention that with all the other ailments! I haven’t really noticed any results at all. I know it takes a long time for me to lose anything, but I was hoping that with this plan it would be different. However, I did a urine test today and it said that I am (finally) in ketosis, so fingers crossed.

I just don’t see many places where people our age are trying this new was of eating. Lots of Cross Fit, young hardbodies, but not many like me. So, this is good. Nice to meet you all!

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I love the idea of different threads for different topics. Great idea!

If anyone is interested, so far today I had 1/4 cup cottage cheese, 1/4 cup almonds and two tablespoons of sauerkraut. Also, coffee with half and half. I start my day with this about 5x week. I’m wondering if the cottage cheese might not be a good idea? What do you all eat for breakfast?


I do not eat breakfast, heavy whipping cream in coffee an hour or two after I get up, then maybe lunch around 2. Unless get your coffee out, skip the half and half and get some heavy whipping cream. Check the carb content as they vary. Since it is so heavy in fat I prefer to get organic whenever possible.

Depends how many carbs your cottage cheese has and whether you actually like cottage cheese (I personally do not and no longer see a reason to eat it but if you enjoy it figure out if the carbs are worth it).

Try to reduce your eating window by either skipping breakfast or having an early dinner.

I have been stalled for 6 months although it has only been 3 months in terms of recomposition. In my first 6 months I would lose weight mostly through fasts of 24 hours to almost 6 days (would still drink coffee with HWC and water). I lost about 35 lbs that way in 3 months and have mostly kept that off but I have at least that much still to lose. I should start fasting again but have not wanted to lately. Keto does not help me lose so much as maintain and be less hungry


I would be careful with cottage cheese - too many carbs. Half and Half the same.

I was using half and half and switched to heavy cream.

Do you or can you eat eggs?

I don’t think you are eating enough for breakfast.


Enjoying this thread. I’m hypothyroid, too, and will be 50 in June. It’s been an interesting ride. My blood says I’m in ketosis, but my hunger levels don’t. My body and clothes say I’m losing weight, but my scale doesn’t. My energy levels and digestion say I’m getting the benefits but my energy level and sleep do not.
I’m remaining calm and continuing on. I dont count or measure, I just eat as few carbs as possible, and that still works out to near 20 with incidentals like those in cheese, bacon, coconut milk, etc.
I feel better than I did even with all this so I’m keeping on keeping on. But it’s a trip


This is a real journey of discovery for us older girls, that’s for sure!
I am a 61 yr old with 15 kegs to lose.
Three weeks into serious Keto (after fluffing around the edges for a few months) and still gaining weight.
I have not yet restricted my fats but I am def in ketosis - bloods consistently above 0.5 and up to 1 mmol.
As a coeliac, giving up carbs was pretty easy, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I am dairy intolerant.
I get serious heartburn after any dairy, even cream and butter.
That is going to suck!
Doing a trial of elimination to see if it is true.

I wonder if my lack of weight loss so far is due to inflammation from previously unknown dairy allergy?
Cheers all…


Hi all. I’m heading towards 51 this summer and need/crave some support of this sort, from similarly situated ladies. I started Keto at 229, dropped to 217 in 9 days, and crept back up to 221—been there for about a week or so. Absolutely frustrated beyond belief as my macros have been close to stellar 80%-15%-5% range, with very small deviations. I know the scales aren’t supposed to be the guiding light here, however, my measurements have stalled as well as the weight loss. I’m staying with it, because I know it should work.

History: I was getting my weight under pretty good control( >200#) in 2015-2016, until our home burned to the ground. As a mother/grandmother, one tries hard to be the glue which holds everything together. I internalized the stress, and rapidly grew a tire of fat around my midsection. Following suit, my BP skyrocketed, weight blew up, energy was zapped, etc. My doc put me on the Whole 30 diet for a month, and I dropped 13 pounds, BP dropped back to normal range, blood work improved, etc. . I tried hard to stay with it, but speed and convenience turned into a necessity while we were rebuilding our house; and dinner - more often than not - was pizza or subs. Our whole family was exhausted, and stressed. I just happened to put the weight on for the whole family.

Around the time we moved back into our new home, I turned 50. Not sure when the peri-menopause hit, but I am sure the stress had something to do with it after the fire. I take all the right vitamins- mainly on doc’s orders. I’m pretty active…still have 3 out 5 kids at home; 4 grand babies that come for visits, and two businesses to run. One I run myself, the other is a family business. Its not like I’m sitting idle constantly.

I’m just at a loss right now as to what I can do differently. I do planks every morning, sometimes add in leg exercises, and other days (if weather permits), I walk a few miles. But sitting here at 221, and being 5’8" with this tire of chubb around my middle is driving me nuts. I keep telling myself that I didn’t put all this weight on overnight, so its not going to come off that fast. But still…just a teensy bit of progress would be nice!!!

Sorry I just wrote a novel there, but I had to vent my frustrations. I was so geeked when I started, and now I’m, well, not so geeked. I’m in for the long haul- and I very much appreciate the company on this trip! Blessings to you all!

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I do eat eggs. But usually for lunch. Two boiled eggs and half an avocado. I have to say that this way of eating is so contrary to everything that I’ve been taught since I was young that it kind of makes me worried sometimes that I’m doing something bad for myself.

Those of us in this age group know that it has been drilled into our heads that we are to eat low-fat, lots of grains and little meat. This is vastly different from that. But the other options have never worked for me. And I have found that after I turned about 45, after having a hysterectomy at40, and having been hypothyroid since my early twenties, that the weight has just crept on. I am over 200 pounds now. And it is shocking to me every time I step on the scale. When I see pictures of myself it’s always a shock. And not a pleasant one. But I’m determined to change that. I’ve actually thought about having surgery. In particular, the sleeve. But I’ve had a lot of surgeries in my life, and I would like to be able to do it without going to that extreme. So here I am.

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That is exactly why I started this. We all need support each other. It is so far out of my comfort zone you have no idea. I don’t ask for help and I don’t share my problems. But I decided that maybe, at 53, it was time to try something new. Let’s do this together!