Keto and physical appearance

(Ellen ) #121

Thanks MooBoom. My skin is so dry. No pimples or clogged pours yet.

(Wendy) #122

:grimacing: I was taking. Are of my neighbors yard while she was away for 2 weeks. When she got back she said “you look 10yrs older” dont loose anymore weight! Geeze that made me feel good!! But then a client at work said " you look 10yrs younger" that gave me the boost I needed forsure! Kinda forgot about the comment my neighbor said. The poundage lost,and the way I look in the mirror is encouragement enough to continue!!! I have quite a collection of moisturizers and serums. Living in Az is a challenge in its self. :sunglasses: 20 to go!

(Katie) #123

I have discovered that I look quite a bit older. Dry one used to say I didn’t look anything as old as I was…not any more.

I have lose a lot of weight and I think my face is wrinkled quite a bit more because of that. But…I am 68. I think there is not enough time to erase the wrinkles I get now. Skin just isn’t elastic like younger folk.

Before jumping on this…I have been doing bone broth everyday with a bit of collagens added. I use unrefined coconuts oil for moisturizer, take b12 and the electrolytes everyday. Boost my diet with omega 3 and extra vitamin C and K2. Yep…D3 also. I eat a lot of fish and eggs, but take extra just to be sure.

Anyway, back to skin. So I look older than I am. I can live with that because of the other health benefits, but sure wish I could have the great youthful skin and the great woe. sigh


How long ago did you lose the weight? There was someone on here who found his face suddenly aged and haggard after the weight loss but then a few months later posted again and he looked great, and I think a lot of people chimed in to say that they had seen similar patterns.
Our skin just takes longer to catch up…

(Katie) #125

I am still losing weight. I do not know how much because I don’t own a scale…just judging by the drop in pants sizes

Started last April.

So there is still hope. How long did it take him? 1-2 years?

(Scott) #126

I think the combination of weight loss (fat) and water loss is a double whammy at least in the short term but I will take that over a puffy face anyday.

(traci simpson) #127

My Mom told me yesterday that I Iook younger !


I’m sorry - I don’t remember his timing. But, yes, I’d say there’s hope :slight_smile: Fasting will probably help (along with the collagen and everything else that you’re doing).
Skin brushing is supposed to help quite a bit with skin health, and you can do it on your face as well. I do facial massage - started a while ago and now do it habitually (much to the amusement of my family) when watching a film or even reading something online. I think it probably helps a lot with firmness and resiliency but beyond my own experience I don’t know much about it.

(Prancing Pony) #129

I apologise if someone has suggested this (I skimmed a lot of the replies) but have you considered getting a full blood panel? Hormones, vitamins and minerals. You may be low in something that you can adjust for and the skin always shows that first. The quality of the ingredients make a huge difference.

As for me, apart from when I’m dehydrated my skin looks the same. (I do look more smug now) :joy:

('Jackie P') #130

You look lovely :hugs:

(Prancing Pony) #131

Awww thank you :heart_eyes:

(mole person) #132

You look way younger, actually. I thought I looked younger too but my husband definitely did look older and more haggard for a while. It reversed though after a few months and now he also looks better than in a decade at least.

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(Marianne) #134

Dam - she need to get a filter! “If you don’t have anything good to say…”

(Wendy) #135

Yeah made me feel even more conscious about my appearance. Not really looking forward to Thanksgiving. My sister in law is supposed to be there. And :grimacing: scared to death what her comments are going to be! My husband has lost 65# and he looks Great! Even shaved off his beard. That was gray. His hair isnt gray at all!! Who knows what shel have to say… she saw a photo, of him and said he needed to shave off his beard. Cause it made him look like a skinny old man!!! Last time I saw her, was before Keto and 45#s ago. And she is still able to make me feel like that ugly teenager… no kind words! Talk about one who NEEDS a filter! If it’s too uncomfortable, I will just have to make the visit short.

(Marianne) #136

Screw that. I’d consider the source - and she is not a nice person - so I’d give even less credence to anything she had to say about me or anyone/anything else. Where do these people get off thinking they can be so hateful and say anything they want with impunity? Heaven forbid if someone did that to them. It is a sure mark of a classless person. Love yourself. Try to train yourself to not give a crumb about her opinion - on anything.

Assuming it’s a bigger sized group, can you avoid being in her presence and concentrate on the other guests?

(Wendy) #137

She, over the years hasnt had anything nice to say. She lives alone. And hasn’t been too involved with the family. For years “her choice” well now at the age of 65 wants to be big buddies! Well dosnt work that way for me. She really dosnt know us. My sister is my husband’s sister too. Shes been more supportive over the 40+ yrs than his own blood. His sister was aware of us doing the Keto lifestyle. And had nothing but advise. Agian she dosnt know us… my husband has been on Keto since last November. And I started in April. He is all about the research and science. He knows what hes doing.

(Wendy) #138

Unfortunately I can feel the anxiety starting. I will have to say alot of prayers. And lots of good affirmations. Before the visit.

(Wendy) #139

Thank you for the kind words! :blush: of encouragement.

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You look beautiful and so much slimmer and healthier, @Prancing_Pony ! Way to go =)).