Keto and physical appearance

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I hate when people do that to us =(((. My brother is always like that -I don’t speak to him anymore unless I am in a situation where I have to. He lives in an apt with my mom, that my mom pays for, she is 91 so if I call there, he usually answers, but that is about all I speak to him. I hope that your visit will not be too stressful. You are a lovely lady, so try to ignore what she says (I knowww this is easier said then done) from my own experience, but try =).

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Thank you Susan! Everyone on this forum are special! Beautiful people with Loving hearts! And kind words! Means the world to have the unconditional support! :heart:

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Just a personal note here on tumeric. I was supplementing daily with tumeric as an anti-cancer agent and I found that my testosterone levels plummeted. Even though ladies have lower levels of testosterone compared to men, perhaps it’s helpful for those aiming for faster body re-composition to not reduce testosterone levels artificially with tumeric supplementation.

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Prayer and affirmation are a good approach. I hope the day is better than you expect.

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Thank you ! I will go with a positive attitude. And hope for the best! And keep the conversation light. If it ends up uncomfortable, I will just escape, back to my home! Thank goodness it’s only 2 blocks away. I’m sure my son and daughter in law will understand.

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Well Thanksgiving! 2019! :grimacing: started out with the usual Judgements, and you might call "bullying "
Went to dinner with the family. And it started. Said to myself, I will ignore " the sister in law " tomorrow, so with that I said few words or acknowledgement. Kept it to small talk. Feeling the anxiety, I didn’t eat much throughout the day. Dinner, I made the turkey and gravy… they spent the whole day in the kitchen making a huge production. Find it strange how some people make such a huge production over food. And how its displayed. Had some dark meat turkey and a small green salad with Ranch. And some cranberry salad my daughter in law makes super yummy. Only without my knowledge has alot of sugar in it!:grimacing: well as the day dragged. I washed up the dishes and wasnt feeling well so,decided to bring the stuff out to my car to get ready to leave. Started feeling hot and clammy and nauseous. Next I knew I was on the ground by the car. My husband and son were trying to remind me to breathe. Well finally, they helped me up into the car. Finally with help got into the house. Bp was fine, blood sugar was alittle low. Still felt like crap. So pretty much figured,the combination of anxiety, and sugar,I havnt had since April just about through me in the hospital. So today black Friday… I was planning on working. But my shoulders and back are in so much pain. Decided to do nothing. But sit on the couch with ice packs. Guess it’s due to the anxiety yesterday. So… think I have decided, not to have anymore contact with the “bully sister in law”
And swear to have a great Thanksgiving next yr.
Hope you all had a Wonderful day yesterday. I am Thankful for the support and understanding.

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I’m so sorry you went through that with your sister-in-law Wendy. I agree with you to cut ALL negative people from your life! You only live once, it shouldn’t be filled with anxiety. Especially from a bully. Bullies are filled with insecurity and self loathing. Sister-in-law needs to find her own peace without dumping on you. I haven’t read the whole thread but I’m sure you’ve had support before going into this nightmare. I quoted a famous poet in a previous thread, but quoted him incorrectly then. It’s a mantra I use ( I also deal with anxiety and occasional self loathing) but it helps when I repeat “be BOLD, and mighty forces will come to your aide”. Say it over and over…all of sudden my back is straighter. I can take on the world (for about 10 minutes). Repeat. Stand straight and repeat mantra. That’s my medicine for many situations. Hugs to you Wendy, I feel your angst!

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At the risk of being thought an inconsiderate lout (well, OK, I’m already thought an inconsiderate lout by many :innocent:), some day your sister-in-law will be obese, type 2 diabetic and probably have other metabolic diseases - and you will not. The best thing is you won’t have to say a word.

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Thank you!! I went into this visit with an open heart. And mind. But guess that’s why it effected me the way it did. Was hoping that a 65yr old woman was mature enough. But guess not. She will no longer be a part of my life. Really she never was! I just need to get past it now.

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Thank you! Shes a know it all! Has no clue! Guess she deserves what her life has in store. Karma :grimacing:

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18 months ago I got serious about fitness and health. In may be 4-5 months reduced body fat 30-40 lbs with low carb, time restricted eating and calorie deficit. At the bottom I weighed in the high 130’s. People said I was to thin. I liked it but they were right. Today I’m 155 lbs, may be 12 lbs of that is muscle. At the bottom my face was wrinkled and there was some scary stuff going on around my middle. I’d say the lose skin took 10+ months to mostly go away. But looking good is not just about body shape and wrinkles… Combined with exercise my nervous system is different, posture changed, eyes more alert, skin tone is different, literally more spring in my step, etc. Exercse was necessary to get the good result. Nobody ever says to a guy (at 70), gee whiz you look great. What’s changed is I’m treated with more defference. It’s nice. I think the best word to sum up what I got is healthy.

PS A big part of my success was significant time on a Schwinn Airdyne. I don’t think there is another stationary machine that generates so much cardiovascular work with so little wear and tear. As mentioned in another thread, they can be found in perfect running order for less than $200, a steal.

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This is really interesting! How far apart were the two tests? How large was the drop?


My experience is that I look younger on keto. Fresh, less crinkles because of enough fat, no red and shiny nose, and that very little hanging cheek, whats a first sign of aging, disappears.

If I Tell someone my age (I’m 40) I usually earn a “WHAT? REALLY??”

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Lol…reading the first few posts way back in may about how gym bunnies drinking sugary lattes look better and more healthy than ketoers. The OP has never met me. :wink: this carnivore keto gym bunny isn’t humble. I’ll say it.i look good.

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Good for you!! You probably feel 10x better emotionally and physically!! I’d be pretty proud too!! Hope I can get comfortable in a swim suit agian someday?? I live at the Colorado River!!

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I’m around 80lbs down now and while I’ve only lost a few more pounds since my thread, I’ve lost my love handles. Definitely trimming up.


Like the gada mace. I’ve got a couple but I wouldn’t dare use them inside my house.
Look awesome @April_Harkness good job!
Oh and a one armed swing with that thing is badassed! That’s at least a 15lb isn’t it?

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I disagree

Looks like you ADDED another ”Love handle”

How precious and cute
Blessings…and keep a ”handle of Love”on your newest addition!:heart_eyes:

Great NSV😉

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Nick, it was a performance related issue that resolved completely once I stopped supplementing with tumeric.
I was supplementing to the level of 1.8 grams per day as recommended on the supplement label.
I made the comment to highlight this issue also to females who may be supplementing while trying to gain muscle and failing due to suppressed testosterone levels.