Keto and physical appearance

(Darran Rees) #1

Hi there. I tried keto a long time ago for the first time and failed miserably. Since then I have been practicing intermittent fasting regularly (about two years). On my best days I can comfortably fast for up to 36hrs because the appetite goes away and I feel amazing and actually forget to eat. I have also dabbled with OMAD.

I have been trying Keto again for the last two weeks with much better success ; presumably after all my IF training. I wanted to give up sugar entirely so it’s been a bit of a struggle through the withdrawal! I managed two weeks straight of zero sugar and roughly around 10-15g carbs a day from green vegetables. Insomnia was the worst withdrawal symptom but that passed by day 12.

I’ve noticed this week that I am just looking 10 years older! I just suddenly look wrinkled and haggered - has anyone else noticed a change in appearance doing keto? I’m drinking water with added salt continuously as I didn’t want to suffer keto dehydration but I look constantly like I need a good meal inside me and a good sleep when in fact I feel the best I have ever felt! Depression, anxiety and eczema cured. Yet why do I look so s**t! I don’t understand. From experience, if I went on a bender of high calorie foods for several days I go back looking ‘normal’ and seem to even out.

I could be chronically under eating and I think this may be the problem? I’m eating plenty of keto foods and I try to eat intuitively - as in eat until I am full and wait until I become actually hungry several hours later before eating again. I no longer practice the IF as I think I’m putting my system under enough pressure. Fats and proteins are so satiating however so I find it impossible to eat up to my ‘sedate’ TDEE of 1800 cals (I’m 5’3 and 130lbs).

Interestingly, I snapped yesterday and ate approx 60g of sugars between biscuits and an Easter egg. Moment of weakness but I didn’t dwell on it. I’m lucky enough to work in hospital biochemistry lab and have access to ketone meters. I checked my ketones this afternoon out of interest and registered as 2 mmol/L ! I didn’t expect to be in ketosis after that binge!

Anyone else’s observations of how keto makes them feel would be much appreciated!

(David Brown) #2

When you YouTube keto I’ve noticed that all the people who advocate it look like crap. I feel great on the inside but I’ve been told many times that I look colourless.

There is just about to be a wave of people saying how good they look and you’re probably missing this and missing that from your diet but I understand completely where your coming from. I will watch this thread closely and steal some of your suggestions

(Scott) #3

I suppose the combination of losing water weight and weight in general is going to reduce that puffy look and at least short term produce some wrinkles.

(George) #4

Total shot in the dark but maybe you don’t have much to lose? At 130 lbs, I think you’re right around where you should be for your height, so maybe losing more and more weight brings out your bone structure causing people to think you’re not eating enough?

As long as you feel good, I wouldn’t worry about it.

(Darran Rees) #5

That’s really interesting David! I have noticed the same. I see gym bunny types in Starbucks etc enjoying their post workout muffins and sugary lattes and they look the healthiest people on the planet…flushed with colour and overall shiny…and then many of the keto people on YouTube and even many vegans…look utterly dreadful. I seem to be heading down the dreadful route lol!

(Darran Rees) #6

Thank you,yes you’re probably right. I don’t want to lose any more weight…I’m very lean everywhere except around the waist, where the fat just won’t disappear…having said that two weeks on proper keto and it’s looking much leaner . I’m rather hoping my weight will settle where it wants to be , rather than forcing things

(Darran Rees) #7

That’s really interesting, I hadnt thought of that aspect.

(hottie turned hag) #8

Yep, this.
You don’t realize how much fluid retention carbs cause until you remove them. Fluid retention makes skin look nice :blush:

(Darran Rees) #9

Small compromise to pay then for long term health and feeling great !

(a student of the health benefits of keto, fasting, and lower carb meals) #10

If you weren’t a guy, I would suggest my strategy for when I look tired—spruce up my hair, dab on some foundation, add a little bit of blush to my cheeks, and put on a brighter turtleneck under my grey jacket. It cheers me up a bit. When I can’t be bothered to do any of that, the remedy of last resort is to smile more at people. It’s a bit of trickery I employ when I need to look better than I feel.

Sorry for the unhelpful suggestions! I’m interested in what people have to say about this subject too.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #11

Women have known forever that when they lose weight their wrinkles become much more clear. That’s why some plump with injections and other things. Fat under the skin puffs things out here and there and when you lose it the wrinkles show more. Same with circles under the eyes, the less fat you have, the more you can see vessels and the color of underlying anatomy.

Have you considered a topical moisturizer daily? Soap can dry it out. The point being that look at ways to work within your new parameters. If you love keto because it makes you feel good, get into skin care that will help with your new challenges.

(Jill F.) #12

I have noticed more wrinkles than ever before since I have lost weight, especially on my neck and chest. Not filled with fat anymore I guess! I will take it though!

(Diane Dupree-Dempsey) #13

Interesting to read that some people see the Keto advocates on YouTube as looking bad. One of the things that convinced me to try Keto was that the folks who were pro Keto looked vibrant to me while the people talking about how terrible it is looked pudgy and out of shape.

At my age, I expected wrinkles as I lost weight. The only true regret I have is my turkey neck but better that than being fat and unhealthy.

I have heard some people have a Keto glow about them. I feel healthier so hopefully I look healthier too.

(Liz Ellen) #14

I don’t know that I’m glowing, but I sure feel a hell of a lot better.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #15

Yeah, my skin has never looked as good as it does now. The color is not red faced or blotchy and the acne is gone, so it’s been great for me too.

You look great!

(Monique) #16

I went through a weird patch a few weeks ago where my skin looked dreadful, face and body. Really dull, scaly and dry. It had zip to do with keto and everything to do with not drinking enough, colder weather and increased heater use, basically a lack of humidity in my environment. Not sure if that rings any bells for you? I’ve done four things to combat this:

  1. stayed on top of my hydration better (I was allowing thirst too often)

  2. exfoliated A LOT

  3. Started using a humidifier

  4. Switched up my skincare routine- now using a much richer face moisturiser

I am now glowy, fresh faced and plump skinned again.

(Jay Patten) #17

I went through a phase were my skin got super dry. Super dry and super itchy. My back especially. But after a couple of weeks it went away. We hear about strange things like this happening when we accept Keto into our lives, lol.

(Troy) #18

Same here
Off and on as well

I was walking through through Macy’s to get in to the Mall
In order to do so, the marketing floor plan funnel or vortex takes one right through the cosmetology section.
Idk, kinda weird, all the booths/salons/sample people. All dressed in black. Scared me😳 I walked faster
HERE I am this scaly - dry skin individual passing right through…Prime possible candidate
Thinking, I am sure one of the 100k products may help?
free samples
Who knows…

My point
I will just use a loofah and exfoliate
Moisturize I think

Is there a GROUPON for that?:joy:

Done rambling now sorry

(Jacqueline Porter) #19

I have to say my skin improved when I started Keto. I lost a chin (or two) and rediscovered my jawline and cheekbones!
I am conscious, however, that whilst slowly melting off the last lbs I may start looking a bit craggy, being a lady of a certain age and all that!
I’m hoping for a good bit of autophagy!

(Jules ) #20

Dr Eric Berg springs to mind. He looks colourless and sadly his personality is not colourful enough to brighten him up either :wink: