Keto and physical appearance

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What about his whiteboard? Who would win in an appearence contest?

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I can’t believe you even have to ask this, how insulting to the whiteboard!
You can see it’s healthy white sheen from a mile away :wink:

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Did you try this yet? Inquiring minds want to know.

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I did. It was strong but I liked it. Drank some water after. Lol

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And…? Are you continuing to test? If not, to do a test, eat about 10-15 grams every night for a week about an hour before bedtime. Simultaneously, cut back calories by about 200 per day. There are multiple ways to determine whether your metabolism accelerates or not. If you don’t have any devices to measure ketones directly one way or another, you could use a scale and tape measure. Note whether or not you feel hotter than usual, or whatever; any noticeable physical changes. Or maybe you already have your methods. Let us all know what happens! Thanks.

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Well I can take it nightly however I’m not counting calories and I don’t want to. Lol. I’ll keep trying to feel any differences.

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Wait…Whatt? You put ginger, ACV, MCT, cacao and pink salt in a single cup of coffee in the morning? Wholly Zest Moley!!

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@Diygurl19 In that case let me offer a suggestion based on my experience. I seldom feel hunger of any sort, even when I miss my daily calorie target by a wide margin. If I under eat for two or three days in a row I’ll start to feel a little hungry, but still nothing serious. Generally the way I notice is that I start to lose weight, rather than feel hungry. So feeling hungry gets my attention.

When I first started to eat ginger root I noticed that I felt hungry the following mornings! That in fact is what prompted me to investigate ginger root as a possible metabolic accelerator. So if you don’t want to count calories I suggest you make no changes to your eating routine, and start with 10-15 grams of ginger root for a few days. If you DO NOT feel hungry in the morning, then eat 5 grams more each evening for a few days. Continue upping the quantity until you feel distinct hunger in the mornings. I would not go above 30-35 grams, however. At that point you’re starting to consume significant carbs just from the ginger root.

Alternatively, you could stay with 10-15 grams of root and reduce the amount of food you eat a little each day until you start to feel hungry in the morning.

Once you start to feel the morning hunger, make no further changes to whatever you’re eating, but STOP eating the ginger root. You can then expect the morning hunger to go away after two or three days as your metabolism returns to its previous level. If in fact this occurs, then you have added evidence to the hypothesis that ginger root accelerates metabolism. If not, then you have added evidence to the contrary.

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I’ll give it a go!

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Tried to squeeze a lime in but that was just too much… so I stopped

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I’m new to keto but am retaining fluids. Swollen ankles. Does anyone have any advice to lose water retention?

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@Ely that is being discussed in detail on this thread;

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Yay David! High fives!You are definitely an inspiration to this newbie. :grin:


I think there is a point where if you lose too much you can look quite aged. This happened to me when I kept losing when I was meant to be in maintenance (should’ve upped my carb intake really).

There is a sweet spot for me when losing (and as far as aesthetics go) where I always stop at 10.8 stone (I’m a 5ft8.5 woman). Anything below and my face looks haggard.

Need to find some pics of the difference between my goal weight 10.8 stone and below when I reached 10.2 stone. Stark difference.

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This might be a little off topic but I am down 50 lbs and down 4 pant sizes but still same golf and t shirts 2xl. I am 6,3 aboutn255 . I know I can’t spot reduce but it’s not my waist it’s my chest that seems to still feel tight. Button up shirts are better .

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No doubt… body composition changes without much scale change. People have said I look like I am losing weight but, I really have only lost a few lbs. I am not gaining muscle. but maybe less outer fat and more inner… I dunno. But I look weirder than before and that’s odd…so very odd.

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Make and drink bone broth. Make your own so you know what is in it. Bone broth contains collagen ina very digestible form. This is the stuff that gives your skin elasticity and makes it smooth. Use unrefined coconut oil as your only moisturizer. Also makes your skin youthful, and you will see the wrinkles ease up and be less deep.

If you are trying to deal with dark bags under your eyes, this could be your liver or thyroid… have them checked.

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Great advice. I’m going start using the coconut oil on my face today.

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word of caution, coconut oil is comodogenic which means it can clog your pores and cause breakouts. I learned this the hard way!