Keeping a Grocery List

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A shopping list can help in the beginning- especially if you’re feeling unsure of what you can eat, when you’ve unexpectedly run out of food, or are hungry at the grocery store. For my partner and I, I hear a lot of grumbling about “I can’t eat anything!” and “there’s nothing to eat!” A look at the list - on our fridge- acts as a reality check. Crisis averted. I’ve included a link just to show what I created for us. It takes into account our food likes and dislikes, and the meats are divided because my partner can’t have high purine meats like pork and sardines.

Example of a shopping list

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I like the example, it’s hard for a lot of people to visualize and tools like this are helpful.
This is a discussion that people shared what is on their keto shopping list and can provide ideas to consider.

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Nice way to start! There is also a thread full of member’s typical grocery items here-