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Love your cocktail and other recipes, thanks!

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Hey thanks! Right now, that’s what I’ve been putting up content wise. I hope to continue to grow that, work on the layout some and add some more content other than recipes!

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This morning - DID NOT WANT TO GET OUT OF BED! so, I slept in until 6am and then went to work instead of the gym. oh well. Tomorrow is fasting day! maybe i’ll do a little cardio pre-fast and see how that goes!

Here’s today’s update. Also - I thank everyone who’s provided some input / advice / support for the website I just started.

thank you!

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Today is my 2nd 24 hour fast. Started last night at 630pm and will go until Dinner tonight. The hunger has hit me a bit earlier this morning than usual, but I have my trusty black sea salt and am about to grab some black coffee.

I’ll post my normal update a bit later today. Have a few meetings I am about to roll into.

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So I’ve been surviving on my salt, bad coffee (ifs free at work) a cup of tea and lot of water. I did start off this morning with 30 minutes on the treadmill at a 4 incline and 4mph. Nothing too strenuous going into the fast, but something to help.

Here are my numbers for today HA!

AND Here is my real numbers from yesterday and this morning.

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Alright - back from a much needed vacation. Here we go.

So I’ve been busy trying to work on my new website on top of training and eating right. Vacation had a few days of more than the normal drink or two, but nothing crazy and I ate right keeping my ketones above 1.0. I added a little content to the website to include a resource guide (which of course links to this forum). I always welcome any constructive criticism or guest writers to the site a well.

This past Monday I did a just pad mid-way strength test. Squat is up from 240 to 270lbs but my bench did not budge from 215. Apparently this is common on bench as there is that drop during the initial stages and the chest is a much smaller muscle group than the muscle groups the squat engages. Everyone, to include myself, was impressed with the 30lb increase in squat weight tho. Especially since I lost 11lbs during the study (which is not the goal, it just happened) I now transition into more of an olympic weightlifting type training for the remaining 4-5 weeks of the study.

I was reading the post

and have found some interesting touch points that I may experiment with once I complete the study. But before I get too far off topic here, let me post my numbers

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Good Morning.

Yesterday I conducted my first day of olympic lifting. The weights were not overly heavy but the technique has improved substantially. Good hour long work.

This morning I did about 45 minutes of Cardio. Feeling good.

My ketones have been hovering between 1 and 1.5 lately. The last few days I had a few more carbs than normal and saw my first drop below 1 ( but still above .5 so not terrible) I expect to be back over 1 by tomorrow. Just interesting to see how little changes in diet can change ketones.


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After a good weekend and a morning personal workout just to get moving this morning… I’m feeling great!

Here are my numbers:
8July2017 Blood Levels

8July2017 Macros

and Blood Levels for the morning of the 9th

9July2017 Macros

10July2017 Blood Levels

I realize I have gotten away from posting my diet as well. I’ll start peppering those back in for those who are interested in the type of diet I am eating more than just the macros.

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@MaryAnn - have you had any results testing in the mornings? I’m curios.

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I must try this.

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Yes, I have been testing. And my readings are higher in the AM than the PM.

AM readings are around 2.4-3.6
PM readings are 1.4-1.8.

The AM readings are fasted readings mostly.

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Interesting - isn’t this the opposite of what you were told would happen?

(Mary Ann) #77

Yes. Yes, it is. :slight_smile:

I’m probably at my “target/normal” weight (+/- 5 lbs). Not sure if that affects fasting ketone levels in the blood.

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So like I said - I had gotten away from posting what Im actually eating and just was sharing the macros.

Here’s a few days of catchup on Diet and I’ll try to be better at posting the what I eat along with the normal stats.

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7/11/17 Blood

7/10/17 Macros and Diet

7/12/17 Blood

7/11/17 Macros and Diet

7/13/17 Blood

7/12/17 Macros and Diet

Also - as a side note. Friday, I’ll be taste testing and posting on my site my Bacon Whiskey!

Best Times to Test for Ketones?
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Did someone say . . . . Bacon Whiskey?

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oh yes. I’ve been so busy lately I havent been updating. I will get a post up again by Monday on how my progress is doing. and it’s all good news.

Here’s the Bacon Whiskey by the way.

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I’ll go back over the missed days and update as well but here’s been the past few days glucose and ketones along with weight readings.

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My Progress from 15 May to 15 July.