KB's KETO Diet Study

(Mary Ann) #41

I’ve been following this thread. Interesting data! I’m wondering if you see any trends with your ketone readings (time of day, when you last ate, etc). I’ve just started keeping track of my ketones and I’m trying to tease this out of my data. Thanks!

(KB Keto) #42

so a few things I’ve noticed, most of them not surprising as I do research once it happens:

  1. If I eat too much protein in one sitting - my numbers will be lower by quite a bit and my glucose #s will be high.

  2. If I dont get enough fat, my numbers end up lower (tho high fat doesnt counter the overdoing of protein - ive tried)

  3. If I finish eating earlier, my numbers are better in the morning (ie a longer IF)

  4. Exercise really helps with getting my ketones where I want them and few times much higher than I wanted. My belief here is this: a lot of people believe in doing a 24-48 hour fast to really get into ketosis early on - I believe that a long (2 hour plus) endurance type exercise (in my case biking) does the trick - in the end it depletes what glucose you have in your system and forces your body to find fuel and the longer your on keto, the more likely it will seek fat first.

(Mary Ann) #43

Thanks! These are interesting observations.

(Dany Bolduc) #44

Great observations.
On #4 you said: “… the longer you’re on keto, the more likely it (your body) will seek fat first”

I don’t think your body will ever look for fat first. If there is glucose available (above what the body likes as a minimum) it will burn it first.
Otherwise it would try to store it (as fat, given the availability of insulin).
That preference of the body for glucose is the reason that to stay in ketosis, you must maintain a keto lifestyle.
And no matter how long you stay in ketosis, years even, it only takes 1 big carb-up to be temporarily kicked out of it.

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the statement was referring to being glucose depleted and once being keto adapted your body will then seek fat over muscle. But thank you for the clarity for everyone else.

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So I havent posted the last few days. So here are some updates.

Saturday did a short 10 mile bike with my daughter in tow.

Then a decent diet over Saturday and Sunday.

This morning, I did another 4x4 workout.

Squats at 230 and Bench at 185 again.
Then some conditioning work

Here are my numbers

Sunday’s Blood Test
Ketones = 2.6
Glucose = 66


Blood Test (Yes, that was 3:57 am)


(Mary Ann) #47

Interesting that the ketones are 2.8 in the middle of the night. Great data point. Folks say that early morning ketone readings are going to be lower. Not sure if we turn the corner at some point in the am. 2.8 seems high still.

Also I see you had a whiskey keto float. I’m going to search around to see what exactly that is! My guess: whiskey, carbonated soda, and HWC?

(KB Keto) #48

1-2oz Whiskey
12 oz Diet A&W
1 oz HWC

(Mary Ann) #50

I guess I don’t understand when folks advise not to test in the AM because of low readings. I’ve been only testing in the afternoon. I’ll make some of these experiments myself when my new ketone strips come in. Thanks!

(Mary Ann) #52

This “high” might relative to the person. My afternoon readings have been varied: 1.4, 3.9, 1.6, 2.6. I don’t have too many readings yet but my diet has been very consistent. I eat the same things every day.

I’ll check out what my am readings are as well.

(KB Keto) #53

Yes @MaryAnn - for my study - every morning first thing I do (other than lets the dogs out and a quick bathroom stop (hence the 3:57am)

But @CanKeto, I’m going to try and test my ketones in the morning and night a few times just to see. I get them as part of my study, so I can probably do it a few times without them giving me shit! or maybe they’ll appreciate it and just dont assume people want to prick their fingers multiple times a day… all in the name of Science!

(KB Keto) #55

The numbers above are all waking/fasted levels. I haven’t been doing the afternoon/evening numbers.

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(KB Keto) #57

Good Morning. Here is my update from Tuesday and Today. Was at a conference all day yesterday so I missed out plus has to really work to find food that was decent. Settled for a Subway Salad in the end.

Here is the report for Tuesday
Diet and Macros from Monday the 12th

Glucose and Ketones from the morning of the 13th

Here is today’s numbers
Yesterdays Diet and Macros



I havent eaten anything since about 845pm last night and had a dentist appointment this morning at 7am. I plan on eating once all the numbness wears off in the next hour or so. I am also planning on taking another blood test today before I leave work. Some of y’all have gotten me curious to see what my ketones are at in the afternoon after eating some.

(KB Keto) #58

Good Afternoon

Today, I was hungry all morning. I had my BPC, some eggs and bacon, a delicious fat bomb, some pepperoni, some peanut butter and celery and some cheese… but since lunch’s salad with chicken at a luncheon, ive been full. so that’s good. not sure where the carnage came from this morning, but food stood no chance.

Anywho, here are my dailies

Glucose - (still higher than normal - I’ve been told that it’s possibly still the effects of the 8 wing smash on Tuesday)

Ketones - and as my glucose is higher than normal, my ketones are lower.

(KB Keto) #59

so after a short break. I may go back and sum up those days but there’s really nothing significant to report so i may not.

Here is today’s report

(KB Keto) #60

Good Noon!

So I forgot about yesterdays workout report:

Squats supersetted with Deadlifts: 3sets of 12. Squats were at 165 and deadlifts and 185
Lunges with a 45lb plate overhead and some hip flexor work with a rubber band
3 Hill Sprints (yea those were fun…)

This morning I went to the gym and did some back and bi’s work. Pullups/lat pulldowns/1 arm dumbbell rows/cable rows and some variations of curls. Added in about 25minutes of uphill walking at 4mph (4-12 incline variation).

so that’s that. Here are the other stuff to include blood tests from this morning.

(KB Keto) #61

So Today I am doing a 24 hour-ish fast. I finished dinner around 630pm-ish yesterday and am doing a water fast with a little salt. The morning was rough but right now I feel alright.

Here are my numbers from yesterday/this morning

(KB Keto) #62

Finished my 23+ hour fast last night with some Buffalo Wild Wings hot wings! Ketones this morning were an awesome 3.6!
However, and im not sure the fast had anything to do with this or just Monday’s workout? but this mornings workout went from an intended squat, deadlift, front squat to mobility work (which hurt way worse - foam roller and tennis ball torture is more accurate). I had some burning in the the hamstring/glute area during my warmup that lingered so the adjustment was made. Still feeling it (Calves are THE WORSE)

Anywho, here’s the daily.

(KB Keto) #63

Good Morning. Been busy the last few days and I havent been posting my study updates… or maybe that mobility work I was given knocked me out of commission!

The numbers of the weekend were pretty standard Keto numbers

Glucose: 79
Ketones: 2.2

Glucose: 87
Ketones: 1.7

Glucose: 87
Ketones: 1.8

And today… back to normal posts.
Today I did 4 sets of 4 on squats and bench with some conditioning and mobility work after.

Squat Weight was 225
Bench Press was 185 which I cant seem to get past on this diet. I do pretty well now on the lighter weight higher reps than I did when I first started, but the end strength on 4 has been a struggle. Curios to see how this will be effected when I transition to olympic style lifting in the coming few weeks.

I also started a little project that is still in it’s fledgling state but I’m hoping to see some progress on it. Please let me know what you think! I’d love to look back at this post one day and reminisce about where we’ve come from.