KB's KETO Diet Study

(KB Keto) #84

Added the first How-To-Make Video to the site. (This is not me but a good friend of mine and really funny guy).

Let me know what y’all think?


I’ll be trying that when my fast is over!

(KB Keto) #86

what did you think of the video?

did it add to the value of the page, take it or leave it, or just jibberish that you’d rather not see?

EDIT: I had to revert back to an old, lesser theme because the new one i was using seemed to not be mobile friendly.


Definitely liked seeing the video. I’m a visual learner and I will always check out recipe videos if they’re not long. This one was just the right length and he’s a funny guy. Only thing I would try to change is making the video horizontal instead of vertical, but other than that, I thought it was a good addition.

And it sure made me want to try that drink!

(KB Keto) #88

Good morning. Yesterday was one of those days that I just really had a craving for something sweet or carby. Of course I didn’t give in but it ended up being a much higher calorie day… Which is fine. I’ve found a lot of success with calorie cycling.

To satisfy my sweet tooth and enjoying the fact it stopped raining. I made a couple whiskey floats and enjoyed my yard with the dogs.

Here are my numbers from my fasted blood and yesterday’s diet.

Did 30 minutes of “cardio” this morning. Ran 1 mile at 7:15 and walked the rest of time for 2.41 miles in 30 minutes. Feel better after a lazy weekend.

(KB Keto) #89

UPDATE: I got my near the End of the Study Dexascan this morning (And my 2nd muscle biopsy)

Results are mixed but I was assured fairly normal for someone like me (I’ll explain after I post the numbers.)

Starting Weight 197 3 May 2017
Today’s Weight 181.6
Total Loss: 16.4lbs

Starting BF% 27%
Today’s BF% 24.2%
Total Loss: 2.8%

Starting Fat in pounds 50.8
Today’s Fat in pounds 42.2
Total Fat Loss: 8.6lbs

Start Lean Mass in Pounds 137.3
Today’s Lean Mass in Pounds 132.4
Total Lean Mass Loss: 4.9lbs So here’s what I want to talk about.

keep in mind, the study was not intended for weight loss and my prescribed macros were for maintenance.

So we all know that keto is a protein sparing diet… and i lost more than expected in lean mass… but here’s why its not surprising to those running the study (and makes sense to me as well).
2 Reasons

  1. I trained more with weights and less cardio then I did in the study period. Decreased resistance training and increased cardio led to a slightly higher loss of lean mass than expected.
  2. During the study - they prescribed the lower end of the protein numbers. of which, many times I was hitting under 90 vs over 90. I should be over 100 most days and around the 120g range on lifting days.
    Plus when you lose weight (ie calorie deficit) a portion of it is usually going to be muscle - So I am not overly concerned nor do I think I should be.



Just catching up. Thanks for the results post.
From the researching I have done, strength and resistance training are far more important for muscles than cardio. Cardio helps your heart, not so much your muscles.

I hope you are happy overall with the results they seem like good ones to me.