Increase Your Brown Fat (BAT) to Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

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Increase Your Brown Fat to Maintain a Healthy Body Weight - Dr. Axe

How do your fat cells shrink?

Human Fatcell


  1. Central Neural Regulation of Brown Adipose Tissue Thermogenesis and Energy Expenditure

  1. Burn Fat and Increase Energy with Nutrients that Stimulate Brown Adipose Tissue “…Ongoing research shows us that various nutrients may help activate or even remodel white adipose tissue into beige and brown adipose tissue. This is called a “browning effect”. The discovery that white adipose tissue can transform into beige and brown adipose tissue cells has scientists excited. It opens up the understanding of how to make unhealthy white adipose tissue into brown adipose tissue for improved fat burning and weight loss. This offers life changing knowledge. …”
  1. Eicosapentaenoic acid regulates brown adipose tissue metabolism in high-fat-fed mice and in clonal brown adipocytes
  1. Fish oil intake induces UCP1 upregulation in brown and white adipose tissue via the sympathetic nervous system
  1. Brown Adipose Tissue and Nonshivering Thermogenesis in Stressful States
  1. Brown adipose tissue made transparent
  1. Hypothalamic regulation of brown adipose tissue thermogenesis and energy homeostasis
  1. Novel aspects of brown adipose tissue biology
  1. Cold Thermogenesis Easy Start Guide - Dr. Jeff Banas
    Note: If you develop cold urticaria at this time, this is a sign you have high levels of tissue and serum omega six content. Stop the experiment and adjust your diet until you have a blood omega six to three ratio that is below 10 to 1 using a ketogenic paleolithic diet. - Dr. Jeff Banas
  1. Interview with Dr. Jack Kruse: Neurosurgeon, Cold Thermogenesis, and Leptin Reset: “…Jack does extreme biohacks… He has been known to write blog posts outside in below-freezing temperatures buck naked, inject himself with staph infections, and pack himself in ice for hours. This is not a normal man. And that’s one of the things I like about him. I even heard him sloshing around in the background during the interview. I don’t want to know what was going on the other end, although I’m guessing nakedness, an icy bathtub, and shrinkage might have been involved. …”
  1. Tim Ferriss on IceBaths & A.R.T
    “…Tim Ferriss describes generally the benefits of ice baths and contrast therapy on Joe Rogan’s podcast. …”
  1. Wim Hof (the Iceman) on Defeating Extreme Cold & Attenuating the Immune Response “…Dr. Rhonda Patrick interviews Wim Hof also known as the “Iceman.” Wim holds the world record for the longest ice bath (1 hour and 53 minutes and 12 seconds), just to name one of his many impressive feats. Dr. Patrick and Wim talk a bit about Wim’s back story that culminated in him trying out cold water immersion, the relatively recent 2014 scientific publication of the “Wim Hof Method” which includes cold exposure during training, exposure to bacterial endotoxin, Wim’s breathing techniques, and meditation…” DATA: Voluntary activation of the sympathetic nervous system and attenuation of the innate immune response in humans.
  1. FNDC5 (Irisin)

  1. FNDC5/irisin, a molecular target for boosting reward-related learning and motivation

  1. Irisin: Lose Weight, Increase Cognition, and Fight Aging
  1. Why do people with insulin resistance lose more while fasting than others?
  1. Two types of insulin resistance IR:

Lowered metabolism - why is this a problem?
Ketosis, IF, brown fat, and being warmer in cool weather
Malt Tea, Sweet Wort and Furmenty
Interesting phenomenon - is this a thing?
Why are thin people thin?
Dr. Benjamin Bikman - ‘Insulin vs. Ketones - The Battle for Brown Fat’
Keto Depression

Wow, this is quite a collection of resources here, on a fascinating subject - thank you!!! I hope to be able to return to it and properly study when I have the time. I’ll just use the search bar and search BAT :smiley:

Why do people with insulin resistance lose more while fasting than others?
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Published on Sep 9, 2017 Insulin, Brown Fat & Ketones w/ Benjamin Bikman, PhD: Dr. Ben Bikman shares his latest scientific findings in this field and the synergism between the ketogenic diet and brown adipose tissue activation.


Published on Oct 17, 2013 Ceramides key to losing weight, fighting diabetes: Fats called ceramides build up in cells, damage mitochondria and lead to obesity and diabetes, says a BYU researcher. By inhibiting ceramide, Benjamin Bikman reports that they could prevent weight gain and diabetes in animal models, even when animals were given high-fat, high-sugar diets. Bikman reports that ceramide causes long, connected strands of mitochondria to separate and the smaller damaged mitochondria aren’t as efficient at burning energy (which leads to weight gain). Although no ceramide inhibitor is currently available for humans, Bikman says diet and exercise have also been shown to inhibit ceramide.

BAT/WAT - Ceramide Ref:

  1. NIH Directors Blog: Brown Fat, White Fat, Good Fat, Bad Fat Posted on March 26th, 2013 by Dr. Francis Collins*
  1. The Scientist Harnessing ‘Toxic Fat’

Published on Jun 9, 2014 Dr. Paul Lee: Treating Diabetes and Obesity Through Brown Fat - Garvan Institute of Medical Research Dr. Paul Lee presenting "Fighting fat with fat: Harnessing brown fat to treat obesity and diabetes"


Mapping of human brown adipose tissue in lean and obese young men


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What Is Brown Fat? 8 Key Facts to Boost Your Metabolism - Readers Digest

•Because they are so small and lie deep under the skin, they don’t appear as bulges, like love handles.

•Cold temperatures activate brown fat. …

•Brown fat improves your blood sugar metabolism. …

•Brown fat can increase your metabolic set point. …

•To activate brown fat, expose your skin to cool temperatures. …

•Exercise in cool temps.

8. Eat more apples—with the peel on: Ursolic acid—a substance that occurs in high concentrations in apple peels—increases brown fat and muscle mass, while at the same time reducing obesity and improving glucose tolerance. Other foods that contain ursolic acid include cranberries, blueberries, plums, and prunes, as well as the herbs oregano, thyme, lavender, holy basil, bilberry, devil’s claw, peppermint leaves, periwinkle, and hawthorn. Animal studies have also found that the herb bitter melon appears to increase brown fact activity.** …More

Apply with CAUTION over a period of time (BAT sights) not on bare skin e.g. gel filled medium. IMPORTANT don’t want skin too cold for too long a time. Try this before attempting a cold bath or diving into a bath tub full of ice cubes:


  1. A critical appraisal of brown adipose tissue metabolism in humans

  1. The Implication of Brown Adipose Tissue for Humans
  1. Brown Fat in Humans: Turning up the Heat on Obesity
  1. What determines longevity: Metabolic rate or stability?
  1. Inefficient fat metabolism a possible cause of overweight
  1. Matured Hop Bittering Components Induce Thermogenesis in Brown Adipose Tissue via Sympathetic Nerve Activity

Insulin, weight gain and skinny diabetics
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great topic


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See also: My Carb Nite Solution Experiment - No Judging Please

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Do you think carb nite will help with browning fat?
Editing to add: just went and scrolled through some of the summaries you posted there. It sounds like yes, spiking insulin greatly once in awhile can be a good thing and will help to brown fat.

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Yes! I think it is part of the answer to the stubborn weight loss maybe even THE ANSWER? Keeping an eye on this research because it resembles a more natural occurring process in relationship to our ancestral hunter gatherer roots world-wide?

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Ice baths are supposed to be good for brown fat but may be less “yayhowfun!” than carb nites.

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Hahaha. I’ve done some cold baths as well, but not legit ice baths.

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Nice chart that shows variations of brown fat (BAT) in sequential stages (adipogenesis) of browning white adipose tissue (WAT) in contrast to the more iron-rich-midochodrial energy (UCP-1: does not store fat but uses it as energy instead) burning BAT.

Regulation of Adipogenesis: Toward New Therapeutics for Metabolic Disease

image image image


UCP1 in Brite/Beige Adipose Tissue Mitochondria Is Functionally Thermogenic Summary: The phenomenon of white fat “browning,” in which certain white adipose tissue depots significantly increase gene expression for the uncoupling protein UCP1 and thus supposedly acquire thermogenic, fat-burning properties, has attracted considerable attention. Because the mRNA increases are from very low initial levels, the metabolic relevance of the change is unclear: is the UCP1 protein thermogenically competent in these brite/beige-fat mitochondria? We found that, in mitochondria isolated from the inguinal “white” adipose depot of cold-acclimated mice, UCP1 protein levels almost reached those in brown-fat mitochondria. The UCP1 was thermogenically functional, in that these mitochondria exhibited UCP1-dependent thermogenesis with lipid or carbohydrate substrates with canonical guanosine diphosphate (GDP) sensitivity and loss of thermogenesis in UCP1 knockout (KO) mice. Obesogenic mouse strains had a lower thermogenic potential than obesity-resistant strains. The thermogenic density (UCP1-dependent oxygen consumption per g tissue) of inguinal white adipose tissue was maximally one-fifth of interscapular brown adipose tissue, and the total quantitative contribution of all inguinal mitochondria was maximally one-third of all interscapular brown-fat mitochondria, indicating that the classical brown adipose tissue depots would still predominate in thermogenesis. …More


Is the “too much protein turns to sugar” a myth?
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See Also: Rutin PCOS & Brown Fat (BAT) Activation


Re healthy stress to strengthen equilibrium/homeostasis and thus recomposition, the ketogenic researcher Cristi Vlad’s book Stress & Adaptation In Physiology: Perturbation - Between Poison and Medication compiles some fascinating studies, and he works within a framework that values a certain degree of randomness as being pivotal not just for resilience, but for a whole other level called ‘antifragility’.

Along with cold showers/immersion - even just drinking iced water in-between meals can provide enough of a jolt to invoke the physiological response. I hate cold therapy in winter though, and am of the opinion that a certain amount of cosy hibernation is A-OK.

It’s intriguing and majestic how agile & regenerating the body is designed to really be! I’ve experienced heat-producing thermogenesis spontaneously from deep ketosis as well as from supplementing with the Drs. Eades brew called Metabosol (biotin/tamarind (garcinia)/chromium picolynicotinate and other good stuff). But I’ve yet to induce extended shivering cold exposure type of fat burning…

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I think the whole ketogenic and the fasting process encourages browning of fat in itself! But it is always good to know other little anomalies that do the same thing!

Thermogenesis is really fascinating subject because whether it be heat or cold there is a need for energy expenditure going on especially in the case of coldness and physiological response to adapt and survive, but in our modern world as soon as we sense the slightest chill, our first inclination is to grab a coat or jacket or we will get sick which leaves the burning question why do we get sick when exposed to cold? Maybe that is not the wisest thing to do if we want to lose weight? The thought is to keep the body at a constant even temperature year round and that may be a bad thing?

Like in the case of thermonaut Wim Hof (the iceman) and exposure to bacterial endotoxins or Dr. Jack Kruse who injects himself with staph infections and did not lift a finger to excercise and lost all the weight he wanted through cold thermogenesis, structured water and grounding?

As well as Jeff Bannas (once 270 pound morbidly obese man to 8 time Ironman Triathlon Finisher) and Tim Ferris, all thermonauts!

What is good for the goose must be good for the gander?


Yeah! Vlad references Kruse and Hof a lot - thermonauts, love it!

The nervous system’s sensitivity levels to cold & heat depending on a variety of conditions and conditioning is amazing. It seems that indoors sedentary people with climate-control thermostats have to create lots of new challenges in order to reclaim anything close to what our nervous system potential is.

The range of adaptation possible is mind boggling to me sometimes.

My great and great-great grandparents who were traditional peasants and/or indigenous in pretty cold/damp climates didn’t wear shoes much, all year round! Their feet callouses were their protection from a lot, plus their acclimation and conditioning.

I think that traditional hydrotherapy foot baths help mimic some of that systemic conditioning, when one does the cold-warm-cold thing. I’ve never gotten into a training routine for footbaths, have only used very warm ones for creating a circulation surge to alleviate cramps or head cold symptoms or headaches. But apparently the cold-warm-cold thing was used in traditional medicines to boost elderly or otherwise vulnerable folks’ immune systems and circulation - it helps to have an assistant for it thought!

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This is a great thread. I’ve been walking in temps 40°F to 55°F with a t-shirt and shorts only. I don’t shiver and I’m getting more used to it. These exposures range form 20 mins to 75 mins. Several times a week right now.

I’m thinking I am activating some brown fat. There are days when it is windy or I just want to be warmer on my walks.

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75 minutes at 40? I’m not sure I could handle that…:wink:

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #18

It’s taken me several weeks to build up to that.

(Bob M) #19

I have noticed that I’ve been able to go out when it’s colder without as much “pain” as I used to have.

Have you tried higher saturated fat? While I don’t think the theory is perfect (know multiple people who gained weight trying The Croissant Diet), I do find one benefit is higher body temperature. If you can afford (cheapest online) and can choke down cacao butter, try some. I have found it helps increase my body temperature.

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #20

I get plenty of sat fat with eggs, beef, cheese. I do know with my protein intake I’m warmer. Today I should be able to get in 150g protein.