Ilana's beef binge buster thread

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Have you looked into Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies? She has a quiz.

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So my question is if you were to start having one coffee with cream right after your meal as part of said meal, will you continue gaining weight or would you add 1.5-2 lbs. and level off, or possibly not gain at all? I would think the cream as a snack or third and fourth meal as you put it would be the real factor keeping insulin higher for more hours of the day . I think that was my issue with HWC, having it early rather than keeping my IF window clean. The casein and lactose are pretty low on cream so what’s left and the main event with cream is FAT. Fat shouldn’t cause a stall or weight gain itself unless you are heavily over consuming it I would think. As far as cheese the scale is my friend, I always weigh what I consider a reasonable portion and I just stick with it. I haven’t had cheese binge problems because I take a serving and put the rest away. If I overdo it I start to have psoriasis issues but I am fine with a couple oz per day. If I push that up for a while consistently the psoriasis acts up so I have a natural controller but it would probably be better to rarely eat it or not at all. But I enjoy it. :roll_eyes:

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Thanks, that was interesting.

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Thanks @David_Stilley. I’ve been thinking today about how to weed out some of those possibilities and find out whether the fault is with the cream itself, the meal timing, or the added calories.

Your suggestion is one very good option. Only have the coffee right after the first meal inside the feeding window. Probably even better would be to have it first so that any satiating effect can prevent overeating.

A second way to test is not to use cream at all but instead to have 150 calories of fatty meat at those two other time slots and see if the gains happen.

They are both so good I think I’ll try them both. They should give some clarity to the above questions.

I’m ordering my keto mojo finally today. I’ll wait until it arrives so I can track blood sugars and ketones during these experiments. What fun!

@pamplemousse. Can you guess what my dominant Tendency was? :face_with_monocle:

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Are you a Rebel?

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Questioner. :joy:

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That was my second guess. Does not surprise me :slight_smile:

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@pamplemousse. Btw, your nickname happens to be my favorite word in any language. The sound of it has always made me giggle. I’m curious why you have it for a nickname? Are you French? Quebecois?

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me too! Took the quiz years ago (and questioned every single question) LOL

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People tend the crave the things to which they are allergic.

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@VirginiaEdie This seems to fit me pretty exactly. I binge on nuts whenever I’m exposed to them and they seem to really hurt me.

My weight today was the same as yesterday but I was expecting a rise, to be honest. I’m eating my husband’s leftover chicken finally and non ruminant meat has an inflammatory effect on me. It’s not serious, but it’s why I mostly stick to beef and lamb in general. It will take another day or two for me to finish that chicken so no major scale move is expected for a couple of more days.

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I’d like to add a post about beef fat.

Eating beef fat has marked a revelatory improvement in my keto/health journey. Standard keto made me much healthier then I had been on the SAD but didn’t cure any of my serious neurological pain ailments. When I went carnivore all of those cleared up but many of the things that improved so well on keto got much worse again. Things like brain fog, tiredness, mood improvements, achy knees, skin conditions, and peckish hunger all came back.

The reason was obvious. My measured ketones were much lower. So I started trying hard to increase my meat fats. Initially I just started preferencially buying only the fattiest cuts, but the more meat fat I ate the more my body wanted even more.

Anyhow, I finally started asking all of my town’s butchers about buying just the fat. They were all willing to sell it to me, but one of them refused any payment for what they said was just a waste item.

So now I get what amounts to about 1/3-1/2 of my daily calories for absolutely nothing. The cost savings are so crazy that I can afford rib eye daily if I like now in spite of being on a fairly tight budget.

Now obviously I got lucky. But for others interested in eating fat it’s very worth asking. You may not get it free but I bet in most towns there will be someone selling it with glee for very little, since selling it for little is better than getting nothing.

Leaky Gut test and the impact of PKD (By dr. Boz.)
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I have heard this about foods that cause inflammation. It triggers endorphins I think and your brain will tell you to eat it for the endorphin fix. So you become addicted to the offending food endorphin release cycles. :cowboy_hat_face:

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No I am American, but I was going through a La Croix phase when I created my account and I had the grapefruit in front of me :slight_smile:

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I finished the chicken last night and im glad it’s gone because I didn’t really enjoy it. I’m so happy to get back to my beef and fat it’s actually a bit funny. I’m super excited about my lunch today…lol.

I’m surprised that I lost some weight. Between the chicken and doing some exercise yesterday I expected a pause. But I was 104.8 lbs today.

I’m getting close to my goal and my cold is almost completely gone so I will be loosening the reins a bit soon. I bought a big fatty pork shoulder and I’d like to eat a bit of it. Still, I don’t need to cook it for at least two more days.

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If your goal is 104 that .8 lbs could mean you drank a glass of water or need to go to the bathroom. Isn’t it completely normal for weight to fluctuate 1-2 lbs even when maintaining your weight? It’s kind of impossible not to have some fluctuations considering digestion and hydration isn’t it? Sometimes I think you’re too hard on yourself about holding that 104 everyday. I bounce around a 3 lbs range all week and never have the same weight two days in a row but I am not gaining and I’m maintaining a 32” waist bouncing between 146-149 lbs. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I think that David has a good point that .8 of a pound is not really significant and that you are too hard on yourself. I am sure that you look amazing =).

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I don’t try to stick to 104 every day. But when I go off plan I always make myself get back to that number before I stop the binge buster. It’s just an accountability thing. Also, it’s no hardship. I love my beef and never calorie restrict. If it’s water weight than I’ll see 104 lbs within two days.

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Really impressive. That’s close in size to my husband. I like a lean look on a man. :yum:

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Free fat in America too! :hugs: