Ilana's beef binge buster thread

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For me cheese is definitely a problem. I’m not sure about butter. I lean towards thinking it should be alright though since it has no proteins or carbs and is just a pure fat. When I’m not doing pure beef, salt and water and I loosen up to have a few other meats I sometimes cook with ghee which is basically butter and haven’t had issues with it.

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Okay, great =). Thanks, I bought 6 of them a few weeks ago when they were on sale for about $3 at Costco =).


Just a note for everyone following this thread: butter contains some milk solids. When doing something like the Whole30, folks eliminate dairy but clarify their butter (ghee is clarified butter cooked longer to intensify flavor and reduce any remaining water). If you can easily handle small amounts of dairy it probably doesn’t make a difference, but if you think you might react to dairy and want to do an accurate test, it’s better to use clarified butter than normal butter.

@Ilana_Rose Ilana I rarely post on here but I love your thread and have learned a lot from it! Good luck as you recover from your cream excursion.

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@Madeleine Thank you!

Soooo, I went to get my morning coffee yesterday and ordered it black and the same bloody thing happened that started it all. They gave me beautiful cream! I collapsed. But today I AM sitting here with a black coffee.

Note two more days of steady weight gain since that last post. This is why I weigh every day. For me at least, it’s very helpful for figuring things out.

I had another little life matter that will force me to go off plan a bit in the next few days or have to throw out good food which I won’t do. When I do these beef binge busters I still cook other things for my husband. He never asks but I know he likes it so I do.

I made him chicken the other night. The man loves his chicken so this is a sad story. He ended up in hospital. It looks like he had a very severe allergic reaction to chicken meat. Apparently this is something that can just pop up. Anyhow, there is still a half a cooked chicken in my fridge and it’s not a food that hurts me so it seems just wrong to throw it out.

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ugh, I hate throwing food out. I am also still learning (very slowly it seems) to buy and cook less! Apparently I have fears of food not being available that I didn’t really notice because there was always tons of food in the house.
I do think one of the (many) reasons I sometimes over-eat keto foods is because I don’t want it to go to waste.

Also I hope you spouse feels better soon and finds things he loves as well as chicken

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Thank you @cervyn. My husband is fine. They treated him in hospital with three intravenous drugs to combat the reaction and he was fine three hours later.

I’m still hoping for his sake that maybe there was something else going on and he can still have chicken again. There were no other ingredients other than salt so it’s nothing else he ate but maybe it was undercooked? I read that some people have allergic reactions to undercooked or raw chicken but not to well cooked. Another possibility is some sort of contamination from the food packaging. He has an anaphylactic allergy to all fishes.

I don’t have a fear of food not being available but I have something similar. I can’t pass up good deals on the meats I like to eat and even when I have plenty in my fridge I go to the stores to look. :roll_eyes:. Right now I have way to much meat in my fridge and this is a more common occurrence than not.

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Sorry you hear about your husband getting ill. Might have been a histamine sensitivity reaction. I have read that can develop. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Oh wow, I am sorry that your husband had that weird allergic reaction, that is really scary. That could happen to any of us. I am so glad that he is okay.

Chicken is still carnivore so you are okay eating it? I know it is not your usual just beef, but will it adversely affect you if you eat it?


SAME here! on both accounts, the Mexican carb load up and awesome workouts after.


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Thank you @David_Stilley and @Momof5.

Chicken doesn’t adversely affect me. But I do really like to have solid fat now and the fats tend to render out of cooked chicken. It just doesn’t make me feel as good as beef does, but I do like the taste and it doesn’t make me sick so I will eat it.

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Boom. Bye bye cream. It’s like clockwork how my weight responds to dairy.

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What about using butter in your coffee? I was thinking of trying this in my tea today, instead of having it black, since I haven’t used any cream either since Friday.

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Thanks @Momof5 but I take no added rendered fats in my diet. I don’t find they help me. You can see from my food logs that I get all the fat that I need from meat. I find this more satiating and it keeps me from overeating.

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Oh okay! I wasn’t sure if you did or not, as I have noticed some carnivores still eat butter. It is awesome that you know your own body so well and what works and what needs to be avoiding though =)! I hope that your hubby is feeling all better now =).

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He’s 100% again. Thanks for asking. :two_hearts:

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That is wonderful, I am so glad =).

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I know some people don’t think that heavy cream alone would stall weight loss, but I think my own example, which I’ve now seen repeated multiple times, shows that the effect can be quite dramatic. In fact, when I’m right near my maintenance weight even a single cup of creamy coffee a day will cause actual weight gain.

Now there are multiple possible explanations for this and I don’t know which is correct.

  1. I have a sensitivity to a protein. This seems plausible since the reversal is swift when I drop cream which suggests inflammation rather than added body fat.

  2. The added insulin pulses are keeping my body out of fat burning mode for too much of the day. Again, very plausible. When I have creamy coffee I indulge. It’s at least 150 calories which essentially makes it a ‘snack’. Also, more often then not, when delicious cream is ‘on the table’ I tend to have another coffee in the afternoon. Thus, just from adding cream, my number of ‘meals’ and concomitant insulin pulses goes from two to four.

  3. The extra carbohydrates and/or the higher insulin caused by dairy is leading me to eat slightly more at other feeding times. I don’t actually think this is happening. I feel my meal sizes are about the same and I’m not hungrier when I am having cream in my coffee.

  4. The extra calories from the cream alone is a factor. Super plausible. While I don’t think the cream is making me hungry, neither is it satiating in the least for more than an hour or so. My two meals are every bit as big with or without the cream and so I’m basically just chugging 300 extra calories (and eight extra grams of carbs) a day when I have my two creamy coffees.

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This is interesting, I wonder exactly how that heavy cream was manufactured and what’s in it?

It could be the lactose in it?

I would like to see you try an experiment with real naturally aged hard cheese which has less lactose in it and see what happens?

…And what kind of carbs are you eating?


HWC does this to me too. My normal weight (pre-keto and currently) is 145 lbs. If I eat anything with hwc, I have an overnight gain of 2 lbs. but other dairy doesn’t do that to me. I’ve used different brands or hwc, organic and non-organic, etc. and it happens every time.

Saturday evening I made a dish that had a 1/4 cup hwc (approximately 33 calories and less than 4 g of carbs per serving). I weighed myself Sunday morning and was up to 147 but was back down to 145 on Monday. Yesterday I ate a small bag of Cracker Barrel Cheddar Jack cheese cubes at lunch (210 calories, 1 g of carbs), half a cup of mozzarella at dinner (320 calories, 8 g of carbs) and 6 oz of cream cheese (pms lemon cheesecake fat bombs!, 600 calories, less than 6 g of carbs) and was 144 this morning.

This is why I weigh myself daily - it helps me figure out which foods work for me and which don’t.

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I may do this soon. I avoid cheese in general because I have a tendency to binge eat it at dinner time when I allow it in my diet. But I know which cheeses set off this behaviour and good aged cheddar does not. So I may try bringing back just that one cheese to start, and run an experiment with a daily very controlled amount and see how my weight responds. But this will have to wait a while. I’m not adding anything until I m completely rid of this chest cold (getting there!).

No carbs. I’m carnivore.

Same. I find daily weighing one of my most powerful tools currently. It not only helps me with fat loss but with understanding what foods lead to inflammation, and in my case that’s a large list.