Ilana's beef binge buster thread

(mole person) #1

So I had a birthday icecream. I followed that up with a week of eating whatever I wanted. Lots of ice cream, and pretty much all the dates and coconut products that I still had in my house, and surprisingly there was still a fair bit. I also ate a 500 ml jar of honey and a lot of blackberries and a few apples. It was party mode but it’s over now. I wish I understood better why I do it, it makes me feel pretty bad by the third day, so you’d think I’d at least stop then.

Anyhow, as of today I’m up 7.2 pounds in less than a week on my tiny frame, from 104 lbs to 111.2 lbs. A full 7% of my total body weight.

I’m interested in seeing how fast my fatty beef protocol works on such a big gain.

So as of today I’m on a pure beef and beef fat ‘fast’ (along with up to two creamed coffees). I’ve been having tremendous success with this protocol lately when I’ve put on 2-4 pounds but I’ve been wanting to really quantify it. This will put it to the test.

The basics of it are that it provides everything the body needs nutrient-wise and is perfectly tasty but you don’t feel any compulsions to eat beef seasoned only with salt except when you are actually hungry.

Absolutely nothing is added except salt and protein is kept to the moderate levels of a ketogenic diet. The rest is made up with solid beef fat. The beef fat is not rendered and is eaten just lightly warmed up and salted. I find satiety is highest when the fat is taken in its complete cellular matrix this way AND when some protein is consumed with it.

Here is my chart starting with my birthday weigh-in of 104 and ending this morning at 111.2 lbs. I’ll track my weight, ketones and food daily.

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(Edith) #2

I’m sure you’re not the only person who does that. If you figure it out, you can write a book about it. It would probably help a lot of people.

(Susan) #3

This is actually a great idea! You are very good at explaining things and so helpful in all of your posts, Ilana, not a bad idea at all!!

Happy belated birthday and best wishes getting back on track and back to your normal weight =).

(mole person) #4

It’s funny, now that I’ve finally committed to stopping the carbage binge I’m really excited about getting back to feeling well. After the second day I was so tired all the time and felt like I was fighting an immanent cold. My keto mood was also gone (probably in part because I was feeling so otherwise terrible).

Another thing that struck me was how quickly my tooth sensitivity ramped up. Before keto, for years, I had to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth. But keto made it much better and Carnivore seemed to completely wipe it out. I haven’t used the toothpaste in years now. By the end of this week I could barely tolerate the pain of touching my toothbrush to multiple spots in my mouth and flossing was horrendous. I’ve noticed this before but this time was by far the most extreme reversal, but it was an equally unusually extreme sugar binge. I’m interested in seeing how quickly it diminishes.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #5

After being in ketosis the carb cycle feels like crap doesn’t it? I have never gone off course for more than two days but I couldn’t wait to clean up the aftermath of the binge. I never went as far as you did though. I cleaned all the dates and honey and things like that out of my house almost a year ago now, getting rid of that stuff was cathartic and strongly reinforced my new choice in food. It’s good that it’s gone now @Ilana_Rose and I wish you a speedy recovery to your former level.

Eat fat 2 lose fat! :cowboy_hat_face:

(Edith) #6

My big carb binge occurs about every three weeks when we go to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. I just can’t say, “No,” to the corn tortilla chips, and I can’t only eat a few. I haven’t noticed any trouble the next day except for some bloating. I have noticed my workouts are more energetic after the chip free-for-all.

Maybe, @Ilana_Rose, when you go off the deep end, try getting in some tough workouts.

(mole person) #7

@David_Stilley This issue with binging is relatively new. That jar of honey has been in front of my face for two years and I’ve never touched it once and that’s in spite of my absolutely loving honey. And suddenly I ate the whole jar in one day. I think carnivore has a duel effect on me. It makes day to day abstinence easy as pie but when I go off the rails I just want to cram in ALL the sugar. In fact, even on the week off I was fine just eating, day to day, maybe a single icecream, a few berries and an apple, until I came to what I’d decided was the last day.
That’s when I ate the jar of honey and then the next day I came up with an excuse to do it again with an insane quantity of dates (this one made me sick enough that stopping the next day was easy, thank goodness).

By the way, I saw your progress pics last night on your accountability thread. You are really killing this!

Thank you, @VirginiaEdie. Tough workouts are an excellent idea. But man, I wish I could just stop my brain from the crazy excuse making.

(mole person) #8

So day one of my binge buster diet went pretty perfectly. Other than my two creamed coffees I never got hungry until dinner time at around 5 pm.

I ate just a couple of meaty beef bones that my butcher sells for soups and which I like to bake slowly for a few hours to soften all the healthy connective tissues enough to eat. I actually love eating these bones, the are extremely fatty and delicious. I added a couple of big hunks of beef fat and some gelled bone broth.

It wasn’t a lot of food but more than enough. My stomach is still not recovered from the idiot binge and felt crappy for hours after I ate.

In positive news, I’m not as completely exhausted as I usually am for days after these binges. I don’t have my happy keto high yet, but I’m a functioning brain again. :slightly_smiling_face:

My teeth sensitivity is improving quickly too. I went from barely being able to touch toothbrush to teeth to only having my one most sensitive spot still bothering me in a single day.

Lol…sugar is such total shit.


One of the things that I thought of when I read your post is that we’ve had long stretches as humans in which that honey and blackberries and apples would have been a wonderful day, and likely in the context of exactly what you’re eating the rest of the time: lots of hunted meat, with great value placed on the fats and organs. There are indigenous communities who eat a ton of honey when they can get their hands on it (which is not very often!).
I know that you feel lousy and it’s great to see you with such a clear plan back to get back on track, but in the context of our human history your binge makes sense. The problem is that now - with the incredible availability of high-sugar foods - it can happen at any moment and with virtually no work involved (no trek across the plain, no climbing the tree where the hive is …), so we need to use will power/conscious decision-making to not eat like that all the time.

This conflict between our instinct for sweet things and our current food environment (which is so different from the one in which that instinct made sense) is something that drives me a bit nuts. I feel like I can’t just rely on pure instinct when eating, that there has to be a fair amount of discipline involved to keep eating in a healthful way (though I love Keto foods and think they’re delicious!).

(mole person) #10

Thank you, @Madeleine. That actually makes a lot of sense and explains the pattern I’m seeing since going carnivore. I’m just wonderful as long as my mind has non meats firmly in the non food category but I turn into a carb monster the moment I allow a taste or two.

I think that’s also why this protocol works so well to get me off the ledge. It takes away virtually all the choices so i can’t really make any bad ones.

(mole person) #11

I forgot to put my my stats earlier.

No ketones yet as of last night.

Morning weigh in:109.8. -1.4 lbs.

(mole person) #12

Day 2:

I ate two meals yesterday. Both identical. Baked fatty, beef bones, and gelled bone broth. I’m eating the two meals about 5 hours apart. I’m not counting any macros. I eat when hungry and until satiated and I eat as much beef fat as I can enjoy. Unlike protein my body has a hard stop if I overdo the fat. It just say “gross, no more”. What’s good about this is if I eat fat to that point I’m never hungry enough to overdo the protein.

I’ve decided to make yet another attempt at getting rid of coffee. Right now I’m shrinking my second cup. It’ll be only a single espresso shot without any cream today. Tomorrow it’ll disappear and after that I’ll start to shrink the first one too.

My urine ketones were still absent last night and I’m really feeling the lack. I’m still very run down and tired post sugar binge and completely lack my normal keto buzzy, happy high. If I still don’t see any sign of them this evening I might switch to only eating the beef fat until they appear.

In more positive news my weight was 108.6 lbs this morning. -2.6 lbs after two days.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #13

After this amount of time I think you are back in ketosis regardless of what a pee stick says. You have to already depleted the glycogen after two days. I’m sure you’ll feel better by the end of the day. :cowboy_hat_face::cut_of_meat:

(mole person) #14

Probably I’m at low levels already, but it’s not the level of ketosis that I’m generally at or that I feel good at. Usually that shows between 4-8 mmol on the urine sticks at my 5pm measurement.

(Susan) #15

I am sure with what you are doing, you will be back on track in no time =).

(mole person) #16

Wow. Still no ketones. I don’t feel like doing a fat fast but if I don’t see them at this evening’s test I will start one tomorrow.

Yesterday i ate my two fatty beef bones for lunch and then a couple of beef ribs for dinner. I added fat and bone broth gel as desired to both meals.

Not much weight loss today but I was headachey and didn’t sleep well. I’m still recovering from the idiot binge. I am feeling less exhausted this morning so I’m hoping that it’s presaging my return to keto-normality.

Tooth sensitivity is 100% resolved. This makes me think that it’s all about sugar exposure (for me at least). Good to know!

Day 3:
Ketones: 0
Weight: 108.4 lbs. -2.8 lbs.

(Khara) #17

I’d be interested in seeing a picture of these. I always try and visualize the foods you mention. They sound… creative, or… advanced(?). It’s like you’ve taken keto/carnivore to another level. I always just think of ‘normal’ food… chicken, steak, salmon. So, your food choices are intriguing.

Anyway, I’ve been considering going carnivore. And, mainly for the reasons you brought up in this post. I think my personality needs simplicity. Needs all other options taken away. Otherwise I continually hit these times when a major slip happens and it always starts with just one bite, and usually during a family celebration. If I were single I’d clear out absolutely everything non keto from the kitchen but unfortunately that’s just not an option. So, that honey bear in the pantry that goes untouched by me for a year suddenly becomes a problem unexpectedly one day. I’m imagining my entire fridge with nothing in it but a weeks worth of fresh meat. I think that’s what I’m needing.

Thanks for the post. I appreciate your sharing and look forward to seeing your progress.

(mole person) #18

Thank you very much, @KBG. I will start taking some pictures of the meats I buy and post them. I’ll tag you when I do and describe the preparation although I keep it extremely simple.

My basic philosophy has been evolving. I don’t want to be a foodie. I don’t want food to taste “the best it possibly can”. That’s what gets me in trouble. Meat is delicious. Perfectly delicious even with nothing but salt. Why does it need to be better than that? How does that help me at all? It doesn’t make me a happier person, and it’s certainly not something that I even want the moments of my life to revolve around.

Unfortunately, this is easier to think about than to practice in the world we live in. But I’m working on developing some habits, and I go through periods of relative success.

Right now my plan is to stick to beef and salt and get off coffee. I hope to continue at least until I get back to 104. After that I’ll reintroduce some seafood and some lamb and some liver. Where I go wrong usually on carnivore is I start adding flavours and honestly I don’t want to. I don’t want to do things that make the food more delicious. It’s already delicious, I’m just courting overconsumption when I do this.

(Jane- Old Inky Crone) #19

Wow, this hit me between the eyes. I am a bit of a foodie. I love to cook and experiment with new creations in the kitchen. Perhaps this is (a huge) part of my problem in trying to lose this fat…

(Edith) #20

You’ve been keto for some time now, and I’m sure you’ve seen it mentioned that the urine test strips are useless after following this way of eating after a while. You may be in ketosis, but you are no longer producing excess ketones. The urine strips really only measure what your body doesn’t use.