HOW TO: Post anonymously(and revert to normal)

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REMEMBER: Everything on the internet is public, as soon as one other person can see it you should assume that every other person can. If you do want to post something embarrassing, or personal on the internet it is best to do so anonymously.

We have enable a feature on the Ketogenic Forums that allows anyone with a basic level of trust to post anonymously … as I am right now.

You just have to go up to your user icon in the top right and click on the little fat spy icon … and you will be anonymous.

You will temporarily lose extra privileges that you had. But anything you do while anonymous will affect your trust level. So if you do something anonymous that is tagged by community moderators then your actual user will lose a little trust, and if you get a like then your actual user will get a little extra trust.

Anonymous mode is temporary, and you will revert back to your named account after a week if you do nothing, but you can manually drop out of anonymous mode manually by clicking on the “No more Anonymous” icon

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