Remember this forum goes public Jan 1st

(Richard Morris) #1

On FaceBook we were able to vet incoming people, in fact @matt got the nickname “The Doorman” because he personally vetted and admitted almost half of the people in the FaceBook group.

On January 1st we’re going to be accepting logins from anyone. Not just people from our FaceBook Group.

This means that anything we post in the forum can be seen by any member of the public. We have added the ability for people to go Anonymous when discussing personal or private subjects.

Since anyone can get an account and get into the forum, we have made a decision to allow Google search to be able to index the site (as of Jan 1, 2017). This will allow more people to find keto, but it means we may need to be more aware that this is a public place and act accordinly.

(Richard Morris) #2

(darlee44) #3

Me…post something embarrassing??? :dancer: I’m really going to have to monitor my mouth here. I’m not that strong with the mouth filter. But thank you very much for the info/insight. I’ll try to behave :woman_singer:t3:

(Stephen Price (Lythix)) #4

You need to put a link to the new Ketogenic Forums site on your page. Keep forgetting the url.

(anonymous123) #5

Testing the fat spy icon.

Nice! Easy to use!