HOW TO: User profiles and Privacy

(Richard Morris) #1

REMEMBER: Whenever you post something online, even if you think you are posting in a private forum, as soon as it can be seen by one person, you should assume it can be seen by EVERYONE.

The Ketogenic Forums is a public forum.

Please be aware that this is a public forum. Anyone can read this information, so unless you are absolutely certain that you want the world at large to know how to send you an email, or call you, or visit your home address, then don’t mention ANY of that kind of information in your profile, or in a public post.

If you want to send that kind of information to another user, then please use the PM (Private Message) facility.

Google Search

Topics and posts on the KetoGenic forums are visible by the public, and are indexed by Google’s web crawlers and may appear in Google search results.

Please be careful with what information you share online (here or on any online service)

Anonymous mode

We have enabled a feature where you can temporarily post anonymously. You should use that feature if you want to post potentially embarrassing or personal information.

Your Email address

If you want to keep your email address private, then the only place it should occur in your preferences is in the “Email” field. This field is only visible to the system, moderators/admins, and yourself.

The email address that you gave the system is not visible in your publicly available profile. Some people like to add their email address to the “About me” section of their profile. Be aware that anyone can read your “About me” information.

Before and After pictures

We have set the #winners-and-losers:transformation forum to be viewable only by users who have reached Trust level 2 - so real people (not Google) that have been using the Forums for at least 2 weeks.

There is no guarantee that someone won’t earn high enough trust to get access to that forum and then copy your pictures and post them elsewhere.

We suggest watermarking images like the following so unscrupulous people don’t use your photos and use them to sell their weight loss plans and supplements.

Remember this forum goes public Jan 1st
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(Mark Lewis) #3

I signed up for the forum using Facebook. At work they block Facebook so I can’t sign in. Is it possible to have both a forum login (username/password) and a FB login? If not is it possible to switch and retain user profile data?

(Mark Lewis) #4

I figured this out for anyone else that may have the same question.

If you go to your profile and change your password, it seems to convert the account to a site account from a facebook account. I can not login while on networks that don’t allow facebook.

How to change User Name