How often do you have a "cheat" meal?


Not only that, but also likely not what you were expecting, either.

(Scott) #124

I haven’t had one yet and almost a year in keto, I will need to get back to ya. (I hope craft beer doesn’t count)

(Jeffrey Hendricks) #125

I’m most susceptible when traveling to places where I don’t have to pay for the food. However, it’s never worth it because of the unenjoyable trips to the bathroom for the following week or so.

(traci simpson) #126

I skipped a work goodbye luncheon because I ate breakfast and I wasn’t hungry and I didn’t want to go and eat just because so I missed it and got a cold brew instead.

(Jill Carpenter aka space coast spinster) #127

My cheat is vodka red bull total zero.

(Keto life n' a little hippie ) #128

I don’t plan to cheat. As I am a sugar junkie. Gives me cravings. But I will enjoy a drink with friends one night every other months or so. For that I am thinking no more beers. Maybe home made Schnapps and Liqueurs or Vodka coffee? I don’t drink much, meaning I don’t drink myself to oblivion. So few glasses with friends I will indulge in once every 6-8 weeks. Some good tunes, a few guitars, great “camp fire songs” or just hang out and have a chat with a glass or two.

(Robert Desrochers) #129

Never ever don’t want to go back on insulin

(traci simpson) #130

I have more “cheat” snacks instead of meals. After a meaty lunch on Sunday I had a brownie and it didn’t taste as good as it used to. After our work picnic I wanted some tortilla chips and I had two lime flavored and they were pretty gross too! I think I’m more sensitive to things now.


I have a ‘cheat’ meal, once every couple of weeks. Unplanned and usually when I’m out at a restaurant etc, rarely at home. My wife and I shared a slice of Dime cake at Ikea and after a couple of bites I couldn’t finish it because it was too sickly sweet. Back in the day we’d usually have a slice of that cake each.

(Rapj234) #132

Hi all. I’m new to the group and fairly new to keto. So ive been doing keto for about 2 months, but I would fall off the wagon every couple days and start up again. This time I stuck to a strict 20 net carbs a day for about 2 and a half weeks. I’ve lost nearly 20lbs, but today I decided to take my son to have some pizza at Peter Piper Pizza and I had a few slices. A couple hours later, I was sick as a dog. I felt bloated, felt like vomiting and just felt super down. Does anyone else get sick like this? I kinda see it as a good thing because it shows my body was adjusted to eating healthier and it’ll make me think next time I want to pick up something loaded with carbs. Now I just want to get back into ketosis and stay on it.

(Susan) #133

My last cheat meal was May12 for Mother’s Day dinner at a Sushi restaurant, I was still careful though, didn’t go hog wild.

The next day I will go off at all will be in October for a concert night out when I will have 3 ounces of vodka with water, that to me is still a cheating expedition for me, so won’t be severe. I plan on staying on course and only having any cheat days on special occasions once I reach goal weight =).

(Susan) #134

Welcome to the forum @ralph_Pruitt

It is good that you have recognized this for yourself! That is good, please try and stay on target now, your body will thank you for it.

If you keep to 20 grams or less of carbs, sufficient protein, fats, NO sugar, sufficient salt/electrolytes and lots of water, your body will get back on track. Please check our recipe section on there, there are tons of great recipes to give you variety, and a few different pizza recipes. So you can have Pizza, but make a Keto one =).

It is great that you realize yourself the error, and are getting back on track. The next time you want a pizza, make a Keto one. There are tons of alternatives for the carby foods, that are Keto friendly!

Check out the thread called “What did you Keto today?” as well, for lots and lots of great ideas that people are making for their meals daily.

(Rapj234) #135

Thank you. I will look into the recipes. We’ve actually made a keto friendly pizza and it was great. I just wanted to take my son to play around at the pizza place and saw the buffet. Plus it was my favorite pizza, so I figured, why not. I’ve made keto lasagna, keto banana bread and a few others. But I’m always looking for recipes. Thanks again and sorry for the grammar. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Susan) #136

You do very well with your English =) much better than I would do in your language =). This forum has people from all over the world, and everyone is very welcome. It makes the world much more interesting when we share experiences from different cultures and countries. We are glad that you found the forum, and we will certainly be here to encourage your Keto journey =).

(Parker the crazy crone lady) #137

I have cheated three times since I started about 3 1/2 months ago. Each time, I ate the food I desired waaaay past when I was satisfied, on purpose. I got an oh my ungodly amount of extra calories, but absolutely did not want that food again the next day. Not sure I’d recommend this, but its so far worked for me to be able to get back on track right away. Aftere first two times, it took three days to get back into ketosis. The last time, it didn’t knock me out of it, but took me into light ketosis.

(Misty Foley) #138

I was very strict keto for the first 6 months. I am not T2 or terribly resistant. I have lost 33 lbs so far but still have quite a bit to lose to get where I want to be. I find it hard over the summer. although I was suprised to have no interest in may things I “loved” before keto I am now allowing myself to try some of the things that I still think about (I wouldn’t really call them cravings as they seem more about the memory than a need for them). I try to space out trying these things to no more than 1 during any few weeks so hopefully it will gradually allow me to adapt faster. For the most part, what I find is that the thing is no where near as tasty or enjoyable as I remember and I likely won’t bother to ever have it again. My Keto WOE is so much tastier than what I was eating before now that I have been away from the constant carbage and my tastes have changed.

(Susan) #139

Yes, this!! When I started Keto in February I figured that along the way I would have cheat days; but the only time I did was in May for Mother’s Day (and that was at the Sushi restaurant that my girls took me too, and I was still pretty careful and didn’t gain weight). I had some rice, but either wise I kept on Keto as much as possible.

I thought back then that on my birthday I would cheat, but now that my birthday is coming closer (Nov 4) I really have no desire to cheat when it comes. I might make some Keto icecream as treat, since I don’t like cake; but that won’t actually be cheating, and I will work it into my macros for the day =).

(Dirty Lazy Keto'er, Sucralose freak ;)) #140

Dont remember if I already replied to this…

But a cheat ? Who are you cheating ? I eat stuff all the time that one would swear was a keto cheat… Tonight for desert, I had a good sized bowl of peanut butter chocolate mousse… But sweetened with Sucralose… And since my dinner wasn’t huge, I went on and made a couple of slices of buttered cinnamon sugar (okay, more Splenda) toast… (On home made yeast risen keto bread)

And washed it down with a Shasta diet soda :wink:

Now tell me, why in the world do I need to cheat ?

But to answer the original question, not once in the 9 or 10 months I’ve been doing Keto. And I really use zero will power.


The cheat threads are on constant rotation in the forums. Interesting to see them rise up about 6 weeks in from the flying start to a lot of new year resolutions at a peak chocolate industry feast day of St Valentine’s Day. Then rapidly leaning in to the biggest chocolate dump of the year, Easter. When many of us confront stories of life and death, which can trigger an existential crisis and the craving for a comforting beverage with a biscuit. God we are manipulated by societal norms, conforming community expectation, food industries and those story pedlars, religious institutions.

But to the point; straying from what one dreamed up as a ketogenic eating plan. Many of the cheat justifications above are cunningly correlated to them being in the plan, hence they are no longer cheats. The human mind is brilliant. Those that are curious sway toward and consume the higher carbohydrate containing substance, observe their response, signify by being seen to eat the thing they have confirmed and conformed their position in the human social group, then back it up with an objective measurement of nutritional ketosis the following day. And on finding a trace of ketones in blood, breath, or pee, gain their absolution and their seat back in the saddle of the Keto-way-of-eating horse (Whoah, WOE). :carousel_horse:

In recent months, I have entertained some of these required mental gymnastics to maintain a predominately Keto-carnivore way of eating. And I’ll be danged, if some other aspect of me has gone and loosened the saddle straps. So horse falls see me landing back in standard Keto, amongst some allowable fruits and dairy products. So the cheat in this circumstance of levelling up to ketocarnivore, or ketotarian, or marineketo, or paleoketo, or any number of variations that the autocorrupt spellchecker can’t handle, the cheat, becomes standard whole foods Keto.

Level up is the answer. Dive deeper into the ketogenic diet universe. When that inevitably changes the fallback is not the standard agrarian diet.

That’s probably enough. I won’t dig into what food is, as compared to drugs and biochemistry, and that cheating may actually be a drug issue, an addiction symptom, rather than a nutritional one. It’s the horse falling off theory du jour, and cheating is the trigger pull.


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