How often do you have a "cheat" meal?

(Bansaw) #1

Once a week, once a fortnight?
Or as seldom as humanly possible?

I’m guessing once a fortnight I can indulge a little and it wont affect my keto state. I’m not taking about downing a whole pizza and ice cream, but more like a cup of rice, or a few potatoes.

How often do you “cheat” if ever?

Maybe once a month, depends really. A cup of rice or a few potatoes in reality wont do much damage, but if you’re food addicted and haven’t been doing this long it can fire back up that part of the brain and could trigger a carb binge. Gotta make sure you trust yourself with that, because when that happens you’re not in control.

(Allie) #3

Whenever I want one, no rules, no plans, but it’s rare. Maybe two or three times a year.

(Bansaw) #4

I’ve been on Keto 3 months and am surprised to have almost no cravings. I use a drop of stevia and 100% dark chocolate and thats about my only comfort food.
BUt when in in the same room as other people enjoying pizza, or can smell fresh bread, thats a challenge!

(Wendy) #5

I don’t have a planned time but I would guess I have non keto type meals every month or two. Usually it’s been for some planned occasion, like my anniversary desert . But the other day I just decided I wanted some Junk food. I’ve been doing keto 8 months now. I’ve never been a binge eater and am happy with my current weight. So all these things I think factor into how I choose to eat. We each have to do what works for us.

(Ethan) #6


(Lonnie Hedley) #8

Whenever. It’s my life, I’ll do what I want. Tuesday this week I ate half a pizza, bowl of pasta, and half (or more) of an order of breadsticks. Wednesday I was back to keto. The problem is when your “cheat day” turns into weeks, months, etc. If you can’t control that, then it shouldn’t be an option.

(Frank) #9

Maybe 2-3 times a month I’ll have a meal that includes something that I normally don’t eat. Like maybe having the bun with the burger for example. It’s usually not the whole meal and it’s never 2 meals in a row unless on vacation. I loosen the rules in that case and just tighten up before and after vacation. Feast fast.

(Pete A) #10

Never. And don’t much think about it. Non keto foods do nothing for me.

(Todd Allen) #11

I set goals which I periodically adjust, every few months, that I can stick to. Currently they are: keep blood glucose 2 hours post prandial below 95 mg/dl and always below 120 mg/dl, keep my breathalyzer above 0.02% BAC and blood ketones above 0.3 mmol/l and to lose 1 lb/month. In the past 6 months I had a single reading of 122 mg/dl BG and twice dipped below 0.02 % BAC. I don’t measure blood ketones often, only when BG is high and/or BAC is low and they have stayed within goal at those times.

Most people’s definition of a cheat meal would trash my BG and ketone goals and could make meeting my fat loss goal more difficult. Zero interest in wrecking my carefully established and important to me goals. However my goals are set modestly enough that I find I can incorporate small amounts of keto unfriendly foods such as a few cashews, or a baby potato, or a peach or an apple many if not most days. This for me is a sustainable approach that I’ve been able to live with even when traveling, and on holidays, etc.


Rarely - but don’t I don’t call it a ‘cheat’ and its usually not by much. (E.g. a portion of starchy veg). I just acknowlege the carb count and move on. However I find that its not really an issue - most of my carb cravings have hugely subsided on keto. Also - because I feel so good eating keto - I really don’t want to feel any ill effects by going overboard with something worse (e.g. some fructose containing bags of brightly colored treats). I’m no angel though, and more subtle in my ‘not so on days’ and can overdo protein which can bump things off - and I still like wine/spirits, and more than what is helpful. But same thing - just all part of the week/month. You have to get to know your own vulnerabilities and how your body reacts. After that - its up to you. And no guilt. Own it and enjoy it no matter what the decision!

(Irene ) #13

Seldom but some people can have more cheat day than some. It all depending on their situation and the reasons behind their keto lifestyle. For me, I have to be more careful because I get my A1c tested every 3 months and don’t want to deal with my doctor telling me it’s time to get back on meds. (I’m determined to control my diebetes the natural way) I have learned that if I do decide to “Splurge” here and there the best time should be the first month after my A1c and then lessen it each month thereafter. The month before my A1c needs to be more disciplined as this is the month most of my numbers are counted in my A1c (I know seems a bit manipulative) but it works for me and still gives me the freedom to enjoy a cheat day here and there.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #14

I had a crème brûlée for my birthday, with no ill effects, aside from being tired the next day, but I know what you mean. I’m capable of bingeing on keto vegetables; a doughnut would send me off to the races for sure. No way I could eat just one, even if it did fit my macros.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #15

I don’t either, but that bag of gummi bears my niece left in the living room is sitting there, calling my name. Loudly!


I had tiramisu cake recently because it’s my birthday this week. :relaxed:
Otherwise, not often. I usually check in and think about it for a week or two before having a cheat meal. Sometimes even if I think about it, I don’t know what I’d rather eat. Haha!


Since going no sugar Jan. 22 and keto in March, I’ve had one small cheat day (about 50 carbs), one big day (my birthday, 3 slices cake), and one cheat long weekend (Labor Day…a LOT of carbs). I think that’s about it but there were other days that I likely went over 20 carbs, or ate a ton of keto food, but I didn’t consider those cheat days.

Edit to add: the only one of those I regret is the three-day weekend, and even that, I don’t feel that bad about because I had planned for it, but what I didn’t like was the out of control binge-y feeling I had.

(Kerin ) #18

Thank you for bringing this up! Sometimes I feel like I need fruit. I even feel sad about not having any. This is a good topic to keep open for support.

(Casey Crisler) #19

Never. Not with non-keto food. A cheat meal to me is pigging out on low carb food. Like salami slices with cheese and pork rinds after I’ve already had dinner.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #20

I have a glass of milk every few days - that is the one non-Keto food I really miss!

(Susan) #21

I consider a tablespoon of Adam’s peanut butter once a week cheating. The jar is 2/3 empty, I won’t buy more. Let’s see if I can be this strict at the end of the month when my 20 year old pizza loving grandson comes to visit.