How often do you have a "cheat" meal?

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Books and covers, buddy. Books and covers.

(Brian) #104



2 days a month, kind of a entire day, but not crazy!

(Empress of the Unexpected) #106

I am pretty much there (no shiny and glittery stuff) but so much wanting to accept it.

(Garry (Canada)) #107

Good for you!!
I’ve been doing this 18 months now and have yet to need a cheat meal. My wife is 6 months in and no cheats either. What’s the point in cheating…We enjoy this WOE and see absolutely no need to eat cake, potatoes, rice, carbage.
Everything can be made to fit keto/LC. It just takes effort and conviction. Something most folks lack unfortunately.
We keep our net carbs 30-50 range and that works perfectly for us.
40yrs and under= eat for pleasure.
41yrs and over= eat for health!!!

Keep up the good work. :+1:

(Kim) #108

I have had only 2. One was a dumb chocolate atkins bar, and one was a real pizza. The atkins bar i had before i knew what all the ingredients were to avoid, such as malodextrin. I ate it as a treat for losing 25 pounds. It bumped me out of ketosis for almost a day. The pizza was super dumb because it didnt taste anything like i remembered, and i could have just had keto pizza. Lol. That was back at halloween.

The only thing i might consider cheating for would be mellon in the summer. I probably wont, but cantelope sounds good.

(Susan) #109

I am here at work for my nightshift. I have had an ongoing issues with cookies here, my client with dementia bakes them almost daily. On the advise of some wise members I cooked up two packages of bacon and boiled 8 eggs to stop me from eating the cookies for the next 4 nightshifts. Low and behold the cookies now have chocolate squares for company. BEHOLD the power of BACON. (I will let you know tomorrow)


Ok, what happened, I’m at the edge of my seat on this saga!
I’d try to hide that stuff, as I get tempted still w/ good cookies and chocolate.
Bring a few sweet fat bombs to work, that helps me!

(Susan) #111

BACON RULES! I must confess i opened the box of chocolate squares a couple times and didn’t take one. Hopefully tonight the chocolate will be gone, cause the cookies didn’t hold a candle to the squares. Being a chocoholic and having low impulse control were overcome by Bacon and boiled eggs (and willpower).
@juice I found your thread last night. I hadn’t come across it before so there was a fair amount of reading. I must say I am enjoying it, and it and the rest of the forum kept me well distracted. Thanks Ketogenic Forum!

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(Deborah ) #113

This!!! 6 months in and no cheat days so far. No plans for any, either. :slight_smile:

(John) #114

Still true. Didn’t eat off plan over the holidays. I actually lost about 10 pounds since Thanksgiving as of today’s morning weigh in.

(Susan) #115

Last night was a disaster. Move along, nothing to see here. Happy New Year. It’s a coincidence cause it’s a perfect day for a new start.

(David Hagy) #116

Realizing how eating carbs make one feel, why have a cheat meal? You’re only hurting yourself.
Now I was at a friends the other night and pasta was served. I had a serving but In my mind it wasn’t a “cheat meal” it was merely social eating. Learn to live without them. It’s a mindset.
I’m not ragging, I hope, just speaking my mindset.
People say “oh you can’t have that” but I say “I choose not to eat that”.
My body my choices!

('Jackie P') #117

I don’t like the word “cheat” it’s so negative. I very occasionally have a slight “considered deviation”, like you, in a social situation. But people know how I eat now so I never feel bad refusing dessert!
Also, not so much now I have learnt better, I have made so much of how well I feel and how my hunger is reduced, I would be ashamed!


I don’t call it “cheat,” but rather willingly going off plan.

I have only done it a couple times since starting Jan. 2, at least that I remember. I once had two pieces of pizza, although I didn’t have much else to eat that day, so I don’t think it did too much even though I can’t be sure the # of carbs in it. I was easily back in ketosis.

Then on my birthday and Mother’s Day I had a slice of tiramisu – my favorite. The piece from my birthday was lovely. But oddly the one I had a month later on Mother’s Day seemed much too sweet. Same box from the freezer. I couldn’t finish it.

I don’t feel comfortable going off plan without, well, a plan. This way I find it is easier to not let one carby food spiral into two or three. (Plus it is something to look forward to and no regrets.)

(Randy) #119

Not once in 24 months.

(David Hagy) #120

Ain’t it cool how ones body adapts. I love that you didn’t finish that 2nd piece.

(traci simpson) #121

I was at a function where they were giving away entire cartons of girl scout cookies and I wanted one and they kept trying to get me to have a carton but I said I just want ONE cookie! Samoa’s!!! It was so sweet, I couldn’t believe it!!! One was enough.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #122

I may have already posted something to this effect in this threat, but for me, a “cheat meal” on keto is a lot like a “cheat drink” when sober. It’s highly risky, and the result is usually the opposite of good.