Cheryl's 90 Day Carnivore Challenge: Started on Nov 01 going through to Feb 29, 2020


I mentally pictured the servery bar in the kitchen with the smoke alarms going off.


Salty bone broth 9 am and half a roast duck breast

Had 2 coffees today (another computer day) with cream

Made 4 x omelettes with 2 eggs in each fried in ghee
roast duck breast to total about 300g
200g jar of liver pate
2 omelettes for lunch breakfast at 2pm
And 2 for the road trip home to the country

Supplements = magnesium citrate 600mg plus 500mg Vitamin B3 Nicotinamide morning and night plus a small dose of zinc. Some days I also add 4000mg fish oil and 1000mg krill oil.

I’ve been having some oxalate dumping symptoms now that I am back in the ketocarnivore groove: joint pain in hands and feet, crusty eyes, pin & needles prickling feeling on my face, Occasional heart palpitations. But I add extra magnesium as the magnesium ion binds the free oxalate. It seems to work. An extra 300mg of magnesium citrate at lunch helps. The magnesium doses are for elemental magnesium (the mg does not include the citrate salt)


FB I saw that coffee is high oxalate but the list of ‘worst offenders’ was instant coffee so I have no clue if ground fresh coffee is the same as instant cause I am not a coffee hound at all, hate the stuff and never bothered with it in life.

just saying

but seems like you are working thru the toxin dumps with your body so that is a good thing! Reading up on ox dump again and I have to say it can be quite nasty. I was so low carb, extreme low and into carnivore for years now so all that nasty is over for me, I forgot reading about how it can be for others as such a rough journey.

reading your food you are doing so darn good!!

I haven’t had duck in so long. Always loved it. Not an easy buy around here, not many stores carry it, just not a local area purchase. I told my hubby over and over to take up duck hunting cause he is a hunter and he won’t do it. has no interest in duck hunting, like omg, go do it for me so I can fill my freezer with yummy duck LOL but sadly he doesn’t wanna do it. bleck.

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I had two lamb cutlets and the damn things were tiny :pensive:. So I also had three boiled eggs and a hunk o f brie. I thought it looked really small but I was so full. Wish the cutlets had have been bigger though. I’m sort of addicted to lamb right now. I love it rare and juicy.:blush::yum:


key thought there B is eat the meat :slight_smile: and not what one might think LOL cause longer on plan I can tell easily ‘small amt of meat’ is not good enough for me.

fry up always more than ya think cause no telling what the appetite your body wants will be :slight_smile:


Made my own coffee and it shows in the link below.


Yes we are FB. Why I also think that one has to be very committed to a plan change. You must want these lifestyles of keto and zero carb. I mean keto and zero carb give up a lot, well keto not as much but thing is there is a ton of crap in the world around us at all times. But the thing is that makes it ok for me is truly that the food being offered is getting SO MIUCH worse out there. Chemical product fake food. I mean if one truly dissects what is in this stuff it would truly make us sick to see it let alone really want to eat it. At least that is where I am at, I am more valuable to myself than sucking down fake chemical processed foods. I put the value on me, not some easter candy or mass produced restaurant slop :slight_smile:

It just boils down to personal choices with food in our lives. Where do you want to be? How do you want to live your life? What do you want to suck down your gob on a daily basis? It is just a super personal choice of how you wanna roll is the final end of it all for me. I committed to how I want to roll and am doing just that for myself. I think everyone has to hit that crossroad decision of how they wanna progress thru their years into their older years. Older years is when all the bad eating catches up with ya LOL and we have to do something about it. Might as well pick something and commit if you truly want great body changes to happen :slight_smile:

but yea FB, I swear almost everything in life works against us instead of with us LOL


food yesterday was

1.5 lbs. snow crab legs with butter
about 1/2 lb. cheeseburger patty
2 beef sticks

doing wonderful on zero carb. loving it and I can’t believe that Feb is rolling thru and this challenge time is ending as a challenge :slight_smile: but this thread will rock on I am sure!!!

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Day 12, still battling with the changeover symptoms from 3 years keto to animal foods only. Body aches have somewhat eased but I have a terrible headache! I will not give up because I know what lies on the other side is worth it :slight_smile: Taking electrolytes, salt, water, milk thistle. Had cold chicken, liverwurst, cold bacon and a hard boiled egg for lunch. Yum! Sometimes I like tinned herring or sardines as well.


@LizinLowell My “changeover” took around 2 months and I was really surprised because I had been strict keto for 3 years before starting carnivore! I dumped a lot of oxalates and had the headache symptoms off and on during that time. This yucky stuff will pass!

Your lunch sounded good and bacon, hot or cold, is always a win. I’ve been thinking about tinned sardines lately. What brand do you like?


@LizinLowell I can empathise. This challenge has been real. I’m going through headaches and joint pain again these last few days. They come in waves, with calm in between. I even get teeth pain, which is different than tooth ache, it is sharp pain like a needling into the tooth. I think of, my online health guru, JP Sears and his celery juice detox video day 6 where he has all the ill symptoms and is overjoyed because it means his celery cleanse is working. Today, Saturday, I woke up at 9:30am! Slept so deep for almost 12 hours.

Yesterday felt off colour and it was a hot, humid summer’s day
I didn’t feel like eating but it was midday and I had a meeting looming at 1pm
Ate 2 eggs scrambled in butter with tinned tuna and some seaweed
Black coffee with MCT oil
As is normal metabolism, I felt hungry enough when I started eating due to first phase insulin release. But on reflection, I could have not eaten.

The meeting went well.

Hot work day on the block after the meeting. The surf was no good but the ocean was calling for a swim. This is the time of year when the large white sharks are closer to shore. It’s the start of the late summer salmon run and those schools attract the 2m sharks that attract the dangerous 4m sharks.

I found a nectaplum on the ground in the food forest. It was blushed, sun warm and delicious. Paleo carnivore man would not walk past a food offering like that.

I drank litres of rain water and sweated buckets. Plenty of pink salt on my dinner.

6pm dinner. Did feel hungry.
300g scotch fillet steak
17 tiger prawns pan fried in butter
20g dark chocolate as could feel oxalate dumping* so I rationalised the eating. I really don’t think it helped at all. It was just in the fridge. It just confirms to me not to have any of those addiction foods in the house. Clean eating needs a clean home environment. As Fangsy might point out, it could also be a factor of the fruit. We just don’t know unless eating is kept on plan. All the supposition is wasted thinking, and the practical thing is to stay on plan.

Biomarker notes. Both Yesterday’s and today’s morning fasting blood glucose was 5.9mmol/l (106) and blood ketones 0.1mmol/l. I find these higher blood glucose levels and low ketones when in these dumpings.

I like to think of them as dumpings in the surfing context, when the metabolic wave gets hold of your health outside of all one’s planned manoeuvres and throws you down for a bit of a turbulent struggle.

*oxalates unverified


Ahhh, another sardine gal. Love it. I like them too. I literally know exactly when I want them. I stop, say ‘I need sardines’ and eat up a tin and feel so good afterward. Not sure why I need them when I do but they come in handy as a go to food for me when I want them. I don’t want them that often now, I used to eat a lot of them, but when I want them, I want them :slight_smile:

Great report. Adaption time stinks for all of us. Just take your time and treat any symptoms mildly and what is on the other side of detox is a wonderful great world of health for you :slight_smile:


Great update FB.

I know I sound like a broken record a lot of times but it is so true that one can’t comment on the carnivore way of eating unless they are doing it. No plant material allowed LOL You know a caveman guy would walk by that fruit if he was stuffed on eating mammoth meat and had leftover meat. A full belly is a full belly no matter what decade we are chatting about.

Thing is we can have all kinds of changes as we progress in zero carb.
I did. I would love one meat and eat the heck out of it, like living on chicken wings and thighs and then dumping them and never wanting another wing or thigh in my life…and eating what I hated to eat now, skinless boneless chicken breast. I mean tell me years ago it would go down like that and I would have told you heck, no way LOL but it did and it still leaves me wondering a bit on why the body changes so much on zero carb. I think it is so truly natural and healing that our body tells us all the time what it wants. I think with the brain fog that lifts we listen so much more to our body’s signals.

I was inhale bacon like it was candy. Now my bacon consumption is way down. I also don’t ‘do bacon’ on the side like before. When I want bacon I tend to fry up the whole lb. and eat it all and done with it for a while after that.

Then I found detox times strange for me. Around month 7-8 I was so energized and woke up SO exhausted. Could barely move. Thought oh heck this is gonna take me down this weirdo zero carb eating, but held firm and napped a lot and woke up like 3 weeks better healthier than I ever was. Never happened again tho which is fine by me but I never had any idea why that happened?

I ‘feel’ food in my body now. I ‘feel’ what meats/seafoods give me the best of the best and the meats etc that kinda leave me hanging. I know me now thru this journey.

oh man I got to rambling a bit…LOL talking zero carb can do that to me HAHA

great post FB


food yesterday was

10 oz ribeye steak
2 small chicken breasts
1/3 lb. cheeseburger patty

salt chat again. I find I am salting less and not truly thinking about it.
I noticed last time I salted my ribeye heavy I got some stomach burn after. Lately I am letting up on the salt shaker and that little tummy burn is gone. I think I need to cut back salt as I am doing cause I find it is just better for my tummy and not working against it. I only get this little tummy burn if I oversalt food and it is a direct line for me on that one. So salt again is in my sights. I know Bob went no salt pretty darn quick. I tried and notice now I am more involuntarily working toward way less salt in my day than ‘attacking using less salt’ as a forced issue for me. So that is cool, I am more naturally walking away from salt now and I think that might be why I was walking away from bacon more over these last months. I think bigger sodium is messing with me now. I don’t think my body wants it like it did. So final thought is just follow my natural wants for my body, follow when it says eat up or start to drop by the wayside, salt is slowly dropping by the wayside for me. huh…being such a salt addict truly I never thought I saw this one coming also in a natural progression for me. cool.

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Ok thanks for sharing your similar experience! I’ll hang in there. Meanwhile, ouch!

I’m realizing now I’ve always eaten King Oscar sardines drenched in olive oil but now I guess I’ll need to skip the olive oil & get them in water? The Bar Harbor tinned fish I like is in water and very tasty.

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Thanks for the kind commiseration! Sorry you suffer too. I saw all your symptoms in your posts, the pins & needles, the flaky skin, etc. I had achey joints & tooth sensitivity which has eased mostly (a strong reminder of how I used to feel all the time pre-Keto!!). I can’t believe you’ve braved the transition more than once, it’s worse than the time I quit coffee imo! Lol I’ll never do that again :smiley: I hope you can get past the symptoms soon & enjoy the rewards.

My addiction is intense so yeah, I have to live in an environment without any of the foods I might rationalize eating when my addictive brain is in charge. Luckily my family is all Keto so it’s much easier, I feel for you!

I find the less wiggle room of animal foods ONLY has made it easier to stay on plan. Keto has a lot of wiggle room for my bad decisions to work with heh

(Liz ) #965

Love your rambling!! I learn so much

Thank you for the kind encouragement! I’m a believer and I’m sticking it out. I want improved skin, better mental health, a leaner look, and no carb cravings. So far I’m getting little bits of all of that! Very exciting


That was me on atkins. I did old school 1972 atkins and only thrived on ‘induction phase’ and learned I could drop the ‘little salad or pickle’ he put on the list of food to eat and flourished on all meat and seafood, as much as I wanted. I never knew back then it ‘was a plan called zero carb’ HAHA When I tried to walk the carb ladder back up as recommended I couldn’t do it. My ‘wiggle room’ just sent me into a nightmare of vicious ‘dieting insanity’ again and again. That is how I walked this way.

Key thing is it took me a very long time to learn me and what I needed and where I thrived…and I fought it darn it…tooth and nail cause I wanted to eat crap I like, I mean who doesn’t, but in the end I had to face of truth of me. Where I belonged and where I flourished without a dieting nightmare of insanity tagged along with it. Zero carb gave that to me and of course being a meat and seafood hound to the ultimate made that happen easier than I would have thought coming this way in my path. :sunny:

just take the time it is for you. take the time to know you. know what works for you and not against you and how you feel your best at all times. that is all we can do for ourselves in the end if we truly want to follow that line…go for it and rock it out and live live live darn good on zero carb! LOL


@LizinLowell I’ve got a King Oscar can of sardines in water at the ready for my meal later on today. :smile: I’ll let you know how they are. Before carnivore I also ate fish in olive oil so now I need to find new favorites of tinned fish that are packed in water instead. Tinned fish come in handy when an emergency shows up and one has to have something ‘safe’ to grab and go with. :+1: I haven’t tried the Bar Harbor tinned fish in water. Thank you for the info.

@FrankoBear YES! I’ve observed that these oxalate dumps come in waves too, but I never thought about connecting a higher glucose reading with one of those dumps. Interesting! I had bad teeth and gum pain at the beginning of my carnivore journey but that hasn’t returned so far. :smile:

@Fangs You don’t sound like a broken record to us! Those of us just starting, and having to deal with detox issues, really appreciate your posts cause they are so informative and encouraging! Reddit has some carnivore websites and the other day there was a thread full of carnivores who’ve been at this a while explaining how our bodies will continue to heal. One guy lost all of his floaters after a year of eating carnivore. Floaters are another health issue, among many others, that I am excited to see leave as I continue the carnivore/PKD way. You just keep on reminding us, Fangs. :heart:


@LizinLowell Liz, I tried the King Oscar sardines in water today and they were good. This is the “bone in” sardines. I haven’t tried the boneless but I didn’t even notice any bones today and the calcium is 30%.