Fixing Broken Metabolism - Dr. Berg

(Carl D Black) #1

Hi. My Keto journey started and continues with this guy. Here’s an excellent video on insulin resistance and IF that may be helpful. Please watch and let me know what you think.

(Allie) #2

I’ll duck out of sight and hide, knowing what’s coming…

(Always a subject guaranteed to stir things up :grimacing:)


Dr. Berg is the most polarizing person on this site. I’m not a fan, haven’t watched any of his videos since I learned he was an anti-vaccination Scientologist.

(bulkbiker) #4

OK I’ll do it then…

(Oli) #5

he’s a bit of a one trick pony IMO… but kind of bearable.

(Karen) #6

Hiding behind the rock with you. I happen to like Dr. Berg but I know people are funny about him. Let the mudslinging begin

(Carl D Black) #7

Lol… Like I said, quite a journey… Well, I didn’t really know his bio, but I don’t really care. If what he teaches helps me achieve my goals then… whatever.

(Carl D Black) #8

Welcome to our modern culture… I just want to not be obese anymore! Lol


I was disappointed to find out he is not an actual “Dr”, I feel he was pretending to be one, but that could’ve been my error? He’s a chiropractor. Anyone can call themselves a doctor, is “Dr Dre” a doctor?

None of the information Berg gives is original, that is perfectly OK, it doens’t have to be, it’s OK to be a “messenger boy” - but these days you can get the original information straight from the horses mouth!

So I much prefer:-

Dr Eric Westman - Been on it for 20 years, important medical practice. He has a great little Q&A series on YouTube. Plenty of insights there!!!

Dr Phinney - cornerstone - a real medical scientist (Stanford, MIT, Harvard)

Dr Volek - cornerstone

Dr Robert Lustig - “The Bitter Truth about Sugar” (not a keto but anti-sugar message. Keto is also anti-sugar).

Nina Technolz

Ivor Cummins

DietDoctor web site

William Davis and Tom O’Brian. (Issues with leaky gut and wheat)

So many others - all brilliant.

(Carl Keller) #10

All are great people to learn the ins and outs of keto from, but I think you forgot to add Dr Jason Fung. Either you forgot or you haven’t come across any of his literature or videos. Look him up if you haven’t. :wink:


Chiropractors actually can, and most do, call themselves doctor. I always called my chiropractor Dr. I also call my dentist Dr. Also have had some non-physician professors called doctor.

(Running from stupidity) #12

I can call my wife “doctor.” I can call my cat “doctor.”

Possibly not surprisingly, that doesn’t actually make them a doctor.

Berg is a salesman of quackery, a Scientologist and an anti-vaxxer. But by all means, call him doctor.

(Omar) #13

as I said in the other thread about doctor Berg

I learned a lot from the 2dudes. I think they do not have a medical degree.

I learned a lot from people in this forum who do not have a medical degree

the question is very simple

Is Dr Berg adding value or he is not?


Oops, yes I should’ve mentioned him. I read a few chapters from TOC but after I had already covered all that material from the others. Jason is definitely good value.

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #15

Very interesting but the science on extended fasts just isn’t there yet. Phinney disagrees vehemently on this point and contends that the existing scientific literature militates AGAINST fasts of longer than 24 hours. (Then again, even Fung and his clinic don’t advocate extended fasts for anyone who’s not a patient of theirs.)

Perhaps the occasional extended fast is healthy, perhaps it isn’t, but, though I like the man (and both he and Megan Ramos are a joy to listen to on podcasts), I wouldn’t put Fung up there with Phinney, Westman, Volek, Lustig, and Taubes.

Dafuq? Really?

(Doug) #16

Sometimes, although he has contradicted himself a lot, and some of his videos have embarrasing errors in them.

When he does “add value,” the same thing can be found from other people, without supporting Scientology.

(Carl Keller) #17

Suum cuique.


Yeah apparently he donated about $250,000 to the Church of Scientology in 2016. So there’s a strong chance that everyone giving him views on YouTube are sending money that way.

(Doug) #19

I don’t know about the last four. Phinney has been wrong about a few things - seems to me he’s a bit rooted in the past. He also is more focused on metabolically healthy people, while Fung is often aimed at those with metabolic syndrome/obesity/diabetes/kidney problems. All the above people have produced good information, but Fung has helped thousands directly as patients, and vast numbers of people with his books, blog, and other venues, like his Facebook group(s). Fasting may not be for everybody, but it’s been a near-miracle for a whole lot of people.

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