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Well all of these names agree on nearly everything – the main bone of contention is fasting because the evidence isn’t yet there. I’m not saying I think it’s definitely bad for us, we just don’t know yet. Saying that IDM has helped thousands of patients is fine, but that’s not randomized and it’s not controlled. I’ll believe it when I see a metastudy of multiple RCTs.


It doesn’t make your wife or a cat “doctor.” But since chiropractors receive a degree that is a doctor of chiropractic, it does make them a doctor. And since PhDs receive doctorates, it does make them doctors, and entitled to refer to themselves as such. It does not, indeed, make them physicians.

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you mean like the 10 cups of vigitables advice.

but nothing hurt me in my long life more than the medical establishment advice which is doctors with medical degree.

I just do not have the guts to devalue some of good things I learned through him. He does not have to invent things from scratch for me to respect him.


Yes I know and I can call myself a doctor too, that’s one thing, but it’s another thing if I start acting like I am a medical doctor trained in that profession with all the appropriate qualifications.

I’m not saying he was deceptive, it could all just be my mistake, but if someone hadn’t pointed it out here I wouldn’t have known he was a chiropractor. (And anti-vaxxer)

Yours truly,
Dr Alex.

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Hi OldDoub,

Can you elaborate please. I am very curious to know what he was wrong about.


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Omar, I wasn’t thinking of that. I’m not saying he’s always wrong, though I think it’s pretty silly if he’s giving out advice to eat 10 cups of vegetables, in the context of a ketogenic diet.

In one video he talks about artichokes having 269 grams of carbohydrates per cup, when a cup of articokes does not even weigh that much. When he’s so obviously wrong, and when he is selling worthless or nearly-worthless, expensive “supplements,” then it’s hard to have any respect for him.

He doesn’t do any peer-reviewed research, he just copies what other people have done. There was a lot of other stuff on another thread: What do you think of Dr. Berg’s teachings on keto? I’m not saying he has not done any good for any people, but he does not present anything unique, and he’s a Scientologist. There is plenty about him and Scientology on the internet - and there used to be more. Some stuff, especially damning, has been removed, like comments from people who used to work at his clinic in Virginia.

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Scoffing at autophagy, overstating the amount of lean tissue lost while fasting, not realizing that lean tissue includes skin and other things than muscle - acting like any lean tissue lost is necessarily muscle. These are some of the things I’ve noticed.

I don’t mean to be hard on him - he’s certainly put in his time, and more, brought huge amounts of good information to light.

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I understand the other side point of view

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I concur… i think im going to start calling myself Dr. Meyer now…


It definitely has a nice tone to it. It just sounds so right.

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I know :slight_smile: I dont know why i didnt think to become a Dr sooner. I scoff at all those people who must die in debt due to education. I can just add a Dr in front of my name and BAM! I am set!

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Nice to meet you Dr. Alex


Ok, thanks for the reply.

About the skin versus muscle loss, maybe he’s just over simplyfing it for the lay persons in his audiences? Maybe muscle is the largest component or something like that?

I dare say if it was so important he’d be tempted to devise a study to measure what’s going on and get some real data on the subject.

But then again as Westman puts “it all the science is still in toddlerhood” - so there is plenty more to be done.

Speaking of more to be done, is there in science (or massive clinical experience) with fasting? I’m not up to speed on the subject.

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Dr. Fung certainly has massive clinical experience with fasting - no question about it. There is a painful lack of studies on human fasting since there isn’t much money in people not eating or taking drugs. It’s also scorned by a good bit of the medical community, even to the point of it being unethical to have a group of people not eating at all.

There have been some studies on humans, but a LOT more on mice.


Fair enough. I’m just doing vanilla keto at the moment. I haven’t got time to explore fasting.

I’ve still got some joint pain, so I need to track down a solution for that. Keto has massively lowered my inflammation levels, but I think my autoimmune system is still gunning at something.


In this chat Phinney speaks quite favourably of autophagy, fasting and the such like.

Also says Volek and his team are doing some tests and research …

And here is the other side of the two-edged sword:

I wouldn’t want to challenge him on this.

And here’s the blog

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Just an FYI there was a lot of research done on humans with having them fast in the early 1900s and in Russia in the sixties and seventies. Most of which would be considered unethical now.

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Its been studied a bit just maybe not published in English and there do seem to be fasting "hospitals 'in non-english speaking locations…