Dr Berg or Dr Berry?


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So, I found dr Bergs videos and I liked them till he tried to sell me "his"wheat grass. Really? Then I really liked the down ro earth Dr Berry but a few of comments say he is a charlatan. What say you good people?

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@Regina said “Dr. Berg has he personality of funeral director” and I tend to agree. Dr. Berry is more of a carnivore man but I love how he calls [spoiler]bullshit[/spoiler] when it comes to age old medical mantras about “fat is bad”, “eat less, move more”, “salt is bad”. He’s definitely a better speaker than Berg though.

My favorite YT keto guru is Thomas Delauer. He’s more of a workout guy but he has a great video personality and is easy to watch.


He gives good advice but his vids could do with a few less random shots of himself flexing with his shirt off. :laughing:

(Carl Keller) #5

Haha yeah, especially that one scene that’s in a lot of his videos where he’s eating macadamian nuts… I suppose that’s mostly for the female viewers. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Empress of the Unexpected) #6

Berry, of course. What do you mean by the above?

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Yes!!! Spread the word.


I completely agree. But if I looked like Delauer does with my shirt off, I might look at things COMPLETELY differently. He sounds like he knows some stuff however…and maybe he does.

But I much prefer either Dr Berry OR Dr Berg over Thomas Delauer, with a slight nod to Dr Berry.

But if the titles interest me, I’ll listen/watch most any YouTube Keto Friendly vids.

(Bird) #9

“he’s eating macadamian nuts… I suppose that’s mostly for the female viewers.”
Depends on what brand of Macadamias!
The comments I refer to are on YouTube.
Thanks folks.


Most people who claim that on Youtube have some warped vegan agenda.

There seems to be a fairly well established anti-Berry sentiment on youtube amongst the hardcore vegans.

(Cindy) #11

I’ve watched quite a few of Dr Berry’s videos. Hasn’t seen anything that makes me think he’s a charlatan. At least, his videos seem to have sound keto advice…whether or not he’s legit in his medical practice is separate from his YT videos.

It was a Dr Berg video that introduced me to keto. I’d heard about keto, but it seems like it was information from long ago…like eating nothing but pork rinds and butter. So when I saw Dr. Berg’s video detailing meat, greens, good fats, I thought it warranted further research. I never got to any of his sales pitches though.

(Running from stupidity) #12

Berry, daylight, funeral dude

(Empress of the Unexpected) #13

Dr. Berry and Dr. Berg are two different animals. Dr. Berry wins hands down.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #14

And keep in mind, Dr. Berry is an M.D., “Dr. Berg” is a chiropractor.

(Karen) #15

Berry for information, Berg for encouragement. No one likes to be pressured to buy something, but he believes in the product then perhaps it’s worth trying. I wonder if anyone has bothered to try the product

(bulkbiker) #16

Berry every time…

(Jane) #17

Berry fan here. Haven’t watched any Berg videos so can’t comment on him.


Is Dr. Berry selling anything? Last I knew he was not.
That moves him up in my book. I have a general suspicion of people trying to “help” me by selling me stuff.

(bulkbiker) #19

Lucky you!

(Brian) #20

I like Dr. Berry. He’s a real MD that sees real patients. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him trying to sell anything. He wants me to eat real food and avoid stuff that isn’t good for me. Yes, he does have a bit of an unusual manner about him, I would call it a “sense of humor” that’s maybe a little different than some. I think he really believes in the things he talks about and doesn’t just do the “do as I say not as I do” thing. He also believes that there are variations among us that mean that what may work for one person may not be quite the best for another. So that said, I like the guy. Yup, maybe a little larger than life at times but I’m OK with that.

Dr Berg isn’t an MD. If you do some serious digging, you’ll find some pretty negative stories about experiences in his clinic that are way less than professional. I’ve not tried to see him personally. That said, I did start my keto journey with a few of his YouTube videos, a time when I knew nothing at all about keto or low-carb. He got me started and for that I’m grateful. But I didn’t stay there. A whole world opened up to me once I went beyond Dr Berg. Maybe he was my quirky “keto kindergarten” teacher. (?)

I haven’t paid much attention to Thomas Delauer but I haven’t been into the muscle building thing, at least not yet. (I would like to put on some muscle but not for the purposes of showing off.) Really, I do wish he’d cover up. I really don’t need to see his display while trying to listen to what he has to say. It’s great he’s all ripped & jacked, I have nothing bad to say about that. I just don’t need to see it front and center for almost every moment of every YouTube video. It’s distracting, and not in a good way.

My favorite keto / low-carb characters… Dr Berry, Dr Naiman, Ivor Cummins, Dave Feldman, Dr Bickman, Dr Fung, and Dr Westman for starters. And I know I’ve left out some good people. We are truly blessed to have such a wide variety of good people teaching us good things about this lifestyle.

Just my opinion. :slight_smile: