February Zorn Fast 2018

(TJ Borden) #504

Broke at 91 hours. I’m definitely seeing what others talked about. The longer the fast, the less you can eat after. I was worried about overdoing it refeeding, and it wasn’t s problem this time.

(Ken) #505

Good evening fasters - I’m ending my fast at 95 hours and feelin’ great.

BG: 66
Ketones: 4.3

Have a great day y’all. KCKO!

(Rob) #506

96 and still feel fine… lets go to 120. That’ll be enough to give all the non-keto doubters the :fu: but weirdly it feels like I could go on for much longer.

Family beginning to freak out though :exploding_head:

(Mike Glasbrener) #507

I wish that was the case for me. So far I’ve only done a few multi day fasts. Each time I emerge hungry AF. 36 hr fasts are fine though. I wonder if this also improves as you do more EFs.

(TJ Borden) #508

Does anyone have n=1 experience with back to back extended fasting? I remember from when Megan was on the podcast, she talked about mixing things up to avoid homeostasis. I know I was guilty because I was doing 20/4 IF almost all the time. Since then I’ve tried to mix it up a bit to keep my body guessing. It also seems like she had mentioned (or the dudes mentioned) that it takes 2-3 days for your metabolism to catch up/adjust to what you’re taking in.

What I’m wondering is: does it make sense after coming off of a 4 day (90 hour) fast, to feast for a couple days, then jump back in to another 72-96 hour fast?

OR, is that playing with my metabolism in the wrong direction?

(Rob) #509

Somebody here does endless back to back fasts IIRC with refeeding based more on the social need to eat than anything. I remember being amazed at the time but couldn’t remember who it was…

Then I searched :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… and found it was @4dml

Here’s a sample post…

(Ida) #510

Dear @jdsomsky, thank you ever so much for your kind answer!! I was delighted to read that you recommend being a member of the IDM long distance program, as one of my questions was “how” I go about becoming a member here. I have written to them, but without respons… perhaps I need to pay the initial consultation fee to enrol? How did you do it if don’t mind me asking? I don’t mind paying, however, wish to enrol to the right program… I couldn’t find the long distance program on their webpage.

After these three days it has become apparent that my fat dipose tissue has a lot of the medicines I are taking stored in them. My “morfine-High” became more and more intense as time went by and the vomiting increased. How I should go about a cleanse of these toxins and if thats even possible, thus I need to turn to the long distance program for help on the matter as my cancer is the nr one concern.

Thank you for your kindness John!!

(Ida) #511

Thank you for your thoughts and best wishes Carol!!

(Ida) #512

Dear Brenda! Thank you for this incredible good group-fast-idea! So many seem to have done well from it.

You may see my post when reading through all the comments. Sadly I have come to realise I might not ever be a good candidate for doing fasts. Thus my reaching out to you. I need a way to enrol the IDM-long distance program! I don’t seem to find a way on their webpage.

In short, I have the following problem with my fasts:

I have spread cancer since 2010, I am a 38 yrs old mother to two young children, happily married with their father, medical student and triathlete.

The spread has gone from the origin breast cancer to my bones. Thus heavy medication for the enduring pain which in turns have lead to the problem with my many attempts to fast. I get “morfine-high”, nausea and sickness with an increase of intensity as the fast-time goes by. This time I had to break early due to the effect mentioned, and realised now that I cannot attempt to do this by my own. If you help me get into contact with the L.D-IDM program I would be ever so grateful, or tell me how to do.

Thanks yet again for all the help fantastic recipes and joy you spread dear @Brenda !!

(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #513

What I often do is something like a 5 day fast, eat over the weekend, then do 3 42 hour fasts the next week (eat Sunday evening meal, Tuesday Lunch and dinner, Thursday lunch and dinner then eat over the weekend). That seems to help maintain some of the fat lost and yet give my body plenty of nutrition.

I’m sure that’s not the only way to do it but I find that works for me.

(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #514

The website has changed since I joined up, but I think the following link will allow you to schedule an initial consultation for the IDM coaching program. It will be an audio (and video if you want it) conference. It is after that consultation that you make the final decision to join. You can also ask them many of your questions and make sure that they will be able to assist you through that program. (Click the “Schedule Initial Consultation” button.)


(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #515

As of right now I’m 203 hours fasted, making this my longest fast ever. It’s interesting that I seem to wake up after about 5-6 hours of sleep, where I normally get 7-8 even on 3-4 day fasts. I can also tell that I wake up noticeably dehydrated. I correct that by drinking and salting first thing, but I must be running closer to “empty” on this extended fast.

I’m still feeling pretty good, so I’m going to keep going. I’d like to make it 10-12 days, but I’m not stuck to that. I’m ready to break my fast if my body tells me to do so. I think I’ll re-evaluate every evening and decide whether to break or keep on going.

(Trish) #516

@jdsomsky. I’m also always up early these days and see far too many sunrises, which shouldn’t be a bad thing except that I’m not on an east coast anywhere to really be able to enjoy them.

(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #517

I forgot to mention that I got my result back from my doctor for my electrolytes, potassium and magnesium. All were within the normal range, so I must be doing an adequate job of salting. :slight_smile:


It seems to me that this is a great approach as long as you’re already fat-adapted, you stay on top of electrolytes and can do this intuitively (i.e. coming in and out of fasting depending on how you feel).
There was talk on here about the Snake diet not too long ago. From what I gathered, the guy behind it is a bit kooky but he basically suggests long-term fasting (with occasional meals as needed) until you get to your goal.

(Beth) #519

Yes, I have a harder time sleeping. Take a bath in Epsom salts (magnesium) or take a magnesium supplement. This last 36 hour fast I was able to sleep better (except getting up to pee several times).

(mary6aros) #520

Since coming off my fast, my stomach has been hurting on and off, with quite often occurring BMs. Since going keto I’d maybe go every three days, which I now figure may be because I hadn’t had enough water/electrolytes. I made sure to religiously drink and supplement while fasting. Lesson learned. The hard way?
On a side note, my ‘Auntie’ has arrived, and she always causes me to be gassy, like super bad. I cut out the cruciferous vegetables because they do as well, but that durn auntie won’t leave me be. Lol

(Karen) #521

Update @LizinLowell 43 hours. How is your late fast going?



Hi Ida, not to be discouraging, but I have heard on multiple podcasts that the IDM program has a 2 year waiting list because they are so busy. Maybe that is only for the patients that actually come to the clinic in Toronto, not the long distance program? Anybody else have info about this?
But even if they can’t see you for a while, maybe they can give you some suggestions for health care providers that have a clue about fasting who are closer to your home. I wish you all the best and I think you are wise to seek some professional guidance for your fasts since you have a complicated situation. Keep us posted!

(Liz ) #523

41 hours and going strong, thanks! I’m even making food for others today and it’s not been a problem. How about you?