February Zorn Fast 2018


“Hi Ida, not to be discouraging, but I have heard on multiple podcasts that the IDM program has a 2 year waiting list because they are so busy.”

The IDM has a group program they just started, and in fact are giving a month or two free for those joining now, last I heard.

(Missy) #525

That is crazy awesome! It’s amazing what the body can do.


I don’t know what you’re trying to achieve, but my goals are to improve my insulin sensitivity, decrease body fat, and improve cognitive function. Prolonged fasting is the most efficient means of accomplishing this. I didn’t feel comfortable embarking on a several month fast without medical supervision. And I didn’t want fasting to be at the front and center of my life and of those around me. I call it OMAW. Most days I’m fasting, but I eat when it’s socially expected. Over the past 5 months, I’ve gone 4-10 days before " pausing" my fast with a single meal, usually dinner.

I maintain a state of therapeutic level (3+ mmol) ketosis. Eating a meal may increase my BG (especially if it’s not LC) for a day, but will not take me out of ketosis. Weight loss has been consistent (no stalls), I’m down 65 lbs, with no loss of muscle mass on DEXA.

I don’t know if there are any advantages to an uninterrupted prolonged fast vs OMAW. But it’s working good enough for me.

(What The Fast?!) #527

I fast more often than I eat lately. I’ve Found the only way to drive down my weight is by doing multiple day fasts back to back. If I do a 3-4 day fast and go right back to eating, my weight jumps back up. However, if I do a fast with just 1-2 meals for a refeed, I’m able to kind of “lock in” a lower number. It’s not my lowest fasted number that sticks, but the average seems to creep downward. I just got my insulin tested and it just slightly lower than what it was before after several months of using EF - the caveat here is that it’s already very low so I don’t think I can drive it any further down (2.2 in June 2017, 1.9 as of last week).

(Stephanie Sablich) #528

64 hours in and not even a little bit hungry… but is rage at the eaters around me normal? I’m in graduate school with some much younger folks (straight out of undergrad) and you would not believe the amount of pizza and Jimmy John’s consumed in this building every day. I’d like to add up the carb count someday, just to test my heart.

Seriously though, I probably shouldn’t yell at these people just because they’re bringing in delicious smells, right? :slight_smile:

(What The Fast?!) #529

When you are done fasting and on to feasting, bring in a ziplock of bacon…that’ll show them.

(Sybella) #530

i really enjoyed joining the group fast. looking forward to doing it again

(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #531

I often make dinner for my wife when I’m fasting. It’s not a problem anymore.

(Trish) #532

Me too. I cook for the whole family. Somehow I end up having to do the dishes too. :frowning:

(Karen) #533

50 hours, working tomorrow. Distraction helps

(MakinBacon) #534

I finished today at 88 hours. No issues at all.

(Rob) #535

Cruising through to 120hrs… 3x my previous record. I feel like I could just keep going but I am so looking forward to a meal tonight that I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead. :bacon::bacon::bacon:

Looking forward to my first re-feeding :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Sorry I’m replying too late but mine was 62 one day and I felt great so I continued on.


That’s actually really exciting! Can you tell if you’ll stay in that lower range if you then eat for a few days? (when you do a 3-4 day fast and go right back to eating and your weight jumps back up, does it jump up to the decreasing average?)


I apologize if this was already asked, but @Brenda are your fasts usually in the middle of the month? Are they usually the same amount of time? I think I want to sandwich one in between. It was so good :smiley:

(Rob) #539

I finally broke at 121 hours. :bacon: :cheese: :pig2: rinds & :water_buffalo: sauce

I was going to go until 127 hours but I was afraid I’d be so hungry I’d gnaw my arm off! :grimacing::muscle:

Thanks for the ride everyone… I’m doing this again!

(Ida) #541

Thank you ever so much!!!

(Ida) #542

Yes, I realize that maybe you are right. Maybe this is one step too soon in my anti cancer strategy.

Thank you for your thoughts🤗

(Ida) #543

Yes!!! Isn’t he great!!! I really appreciate all the information he has on his platform. Been a member a while back now and would truly recommend it. A very good advice. Thank you for that🤗

(Ida) #544

Thank you for your answer @Jbird71, maybe that explains why they haven’t given me a respons. I will trouble to enrol to get the initial consultation and see if they have some experience with my problems.

You are all so helpful and kind to answer​:heart::hugs: Thank you!!