February Zorn Fast 2018

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #1

This month’s group fast.
Thursday February 15th through Sunday February 18.
I started practicing monthly fasts February of 2016. I still gain great benefit.
Zornfasts are normally the third week of each month.
Join if you’d like, we’ll support each other here.
I always do a water fast. (water/ black coffee & tea). The definition of a fast is open to your interpretation and needs. Some will need to do a fat fast. There are benefits to that type of fast as well. I fast to target visceral (organ) fat and to promote autophagy. Fasting also releases HGH for muscle growth. I follow Dr. Jason Fung. Matter of fact, his book "The Obesity Code " is what started my venture into fasting nearly two years ago.
Because of the ketogenic diet I am no longer diabetic. Fasting managed to further improve my health dramatically since I have included it in my health regime. It has increased my insulin sensitivity.

(I want to you remind you guys to please use the blur spoiler if you want to talk about food. This is so the fasters can have a safe place to come and read and get support without having to think about or hear about food. If you don’t know how to use the blur spoiler here is the link to the instructions. Thanks guys.)
NEVER post photos of food in this topic or any fasting topic!
Click on the little gear symbol in the text box of your post as you are writing, top right, and a menu pops up. Choose the blur spoiler.

You may want to include this drink during your fast (or some version of it). I drink 2 bottles a day while fasting.
KetoAide homemade: 290 mg sodium 350 mg potassium 75 mg magnesium

Serious about keto but struggling with PCOS, no loss yet
Zorn fast
(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #2

I’m definitely in.

(Apple Valentine ) #3

I’d like to give it a try this month.


And heeere we go!

(Rick) #5

I’m in!!


Looking forward to it. :grinning:

(Karen) #7

I’m in. My how time flies! Will start 8pm Thursday. Celebrating a late VD.


(What The Fast?!) #8

I’m currently doing a lot of fasting before I have to be in a swimsuit for 5 days with coworkers… :flushed:

I’m fasting now and will be joining for part of the fast! I’m changing up my fasting routine - instead of choosing a number of days, I’m fasting until I reach a certain weight! (Ex: Right now I’m fasting til I get into the 130’s.)

I re-strained my hamstring last week so lifting weights isn’t an option right now…so I figure it’s a great time to do some extra fasting!

(Mike Glasbrener) #9

In. I just did 60 hrs Fri/Sat. I’ll do a one day tomorrow. Then we’ll Looking at 60 or more for Zorn fast! :grinning:

(TJ Borden) #10

Whoo hoo, lets do this

(Joi Hook) #11

I would like to do my first Zorn fast. Count me in.

(Cailyn Mc Cauley) #12

Thanks @Brenda for setting up another fast! I started early because I just listened to last year’s podcast with Megan. So I’m doing what Carl did-Feast, 3 Day Fast, 3 Day Feast, 1 day fast. We will see where I end up!

Good luck everybody! KCKO

~Class of 2017!


I’m definitely in on the Zorn fast (or in my case, Lucille fast). I am trying for more often than once a month also.
One thing that has been helpful to me is to have plenty of nice cold water on hand in the refrigerator, I have 32oz containers and have a bunch filled and chilled at the beginning of a fast.


Yes - I think I will join in too!


I’m in! This will be my first fast in 4 months. Looking forward to it!

(Lonnie Hedley) #16

@Brenda FINALLY!!!

(Liz ) #17

I’m planning a 70 hour fast starting Sat after dinner so I’ll be along for part of the ride

(jilliangordona) #18

I’ve shifted from keto but would like to get back into fasting, I am in!

(Diane) #20

I’m in for my first group fast!

(I am a Dog (Dog's eat until they burst!)) #21

I will sort of join as I am fasting Wednesday-Friday of each week in Lent, 7 weeks in all. I’m starting on Ash Wednesday, February 14!

My wife and I are doing Valentine’s dinner on Tuesday evening right before the fast begins!