February Zorn Fast 2018


I was just going to say the same thing @Baytowvin! I too have reached a new low weight during this Zornfast which was an unexpected surprise this morning. I’m pretty much at goal/ Phinney weight for about a month and maintaining with ADF. BUT, excited about this new low. Would not mind dropping a few more and maintaining there. Have been super excited to eat tonight and planning out my feast. But maybe one more day?
Nope, I think I’ll eat! Thanks for letting me talk that one out fasting friends😉

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #485

LOL. This is hilarious you are funny

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #486

That’s very sweet. You’re welcome. And if I ever curse at you or flip you off you need to know I only do that to my friends. And an occasional bad driver. LOL

(TJ Borden) #487

Good to know that’s a real place. :smile:

I have about 200lbs to get to my target weight… which would still be considered obese, but I’d be happy with.


Sounds like you’re making great progress from all your recent posts and an 80+ hour fast is a major accomplishment! Just keep swimming :tropical_fish: (closest thing I could find to Dory). I know you can do it, rooting for you!

(Andrew) #489

I assume Leptin works way better after fasting. It has really helped my hunger. The more I fast the less I can eat.

(Andrew) #490

Here is the middle finger using text mlm. It needs to catch on more. :slight_smile:


(Carol Kopp) #491

Hi Ida, Was hoping to see a reply from a more seasoned faster. I have very little experience, but I think there are a number of red flags in your post which would make you not the ideal candidate for a fast unless supervised. With very little body weight, cancer, the level of stress you must be under and the large amount of strong prescription drugs you need the help of a Doctor. I would certainly contact the IDM team. They may be able to suggest someone you could see in Sweden. I really hope you can find the kind of help you need and start feeling better. Best wishes

(Rob) #492


not that I’m sending it to anyone, but does this not come through?


I plan to break my fast in 2 hours. 72 hours total and I can’t hardly believe it. Maybe I’ll be able to get to 96 next month. I’m absolutely sure I wouldn’t have done it alone. Tks @Brenda and everybody!

(Trish) #494

About 91 hours in and doing well. Want to eat more from a psychological perspective than a physical one. Probably doesn’t help that there’s (shoot. There’s no blur option on my phone) um “stuff” in the slow cooker.
I really wish I could measure autophagy benefits somehow.
Anyway , sitting by the fire watching movies on this long weekend here. Going to keep going until tomorrow afternoon as planned…maybe longer if I feel awesome???
Does anyone know if the autophagy benefits continue on? That is, is a single 10-day fast equivalent to five 2-day fasts?
Ok that’s all, thanks team.

(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #495

Some people do find they are not very hungry when breaking a fast.

(Trish) #496

Seriously!? An IBS attack 93 hours fasted. WTF!? I’m thinking I drank a bottle of water too quickly as a trigger, as my tummy felt upset at that point, but anyone with IBS ever have this happen on a fast? Sorry about the Shitty topic. Sorry again…I couldn’t resist the crappy pun. Ok I’m gonna shut up now and behave myself. :blush:

Edit…in retrospect it occurs to me that I also had a fair bit of salt yesterday. So…?

(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #497

I don’t have IBS, but I has similar issues on my first few fasts. Doesn’t seem to be an issue for me any more. I don’t know if it just took a bit for my body to get used to fasting, or if my switch from ketoade to salt helped. Could have been either or both.

(Trish) #498

Well I wasn’t feeling much better so I ended my fast at 94 hours. I had the same thing I ended the last fast with but I can’t say as on my phone and no blur option lol. Now I feel really super full but better so I think it was the right call. :smile:

(Liz ) #499

Any other late starters here? I’m 23 hours in, going for 70 ending Tuesday evening. I’ve been fasting around 46 hours every weekend. Every month I add a 70 hour fast, but this month I’m doing two.

No hunger issues usually, I just miss eating. I need to fast to push my basal insulin down (I believe) as I have effectively stalled for months. But I don’t actually like fasting I’ve realized! Ha! It’s not at all miserable, I’d just rather not have to. I get excited and plan for each fast then I can’t wait for them to be over lol. Ah well!

I am optimistic about the health benefits, though. I believe in the process. And without fasting in my toolbox, I’d likely be stalled out forever 25 pounds from goal. Fasting is what makes reaching goal remotely possible this time. So I keep calm and fast on.

(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #500

I’m not stopping tonight. I might go until Tuesday with you.

(TJ Borden) #501

You’re a fasting machine

(Karen) #502

Yep had two false starts that ended up OMAD. @ 28 hours now.


(Carol Kopp) #503

I finished up yesterday at 44 hours. Seems rather insignificant compared to all you troopers out there! I’m happy with that, and I think I will be able to extend that some next time around. For the most part easier than I thought it would be and I’ve actually had very little appetite today, so I have nothing to blur out!