FEB 2022 - Monthly Group Fast Wed. 16th- Sat 19th


I just now realized this is our week.


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Just over 36 hrs. for me.
Looks like I am fasting all by myself this month. I haven’t been online here for a couple of days, busy with RWI.

I am using the app LIFE and found some very interesting articles in there.

(Robin) #3

You’re surely not alone! I don’t do EF, only do daily IF. But I don’t think of it as fasting, I just think of it as when my body places an order for food. Lol. BUT… I have tremendous respect for you folks who can and do extended fasting. I did it years ago and loved it, just don’t seem to have the gumption to take it on anymore. Plus I think I am superstitious in a way… everything is going so well, I am afraid to make changes.


Had a re-feed meal today. I completed 45 hours 15 minutes. Had a refeed meal and started fasting again. I will do another 36 to 40 hour fast and that will be my fasting for this month’s fast



Got in 40 hrs. after the refeeding. So a total of 84 hrs. not as great as last month’s but I’m happy with it.

Hope to see more participants next month. For those of you who dropped in thanks for being here.


Even if I am super late (I took a break from a big part of the internet, I only used it on my tablet for a few things), I wanted to report…

I was a bit sick (a slight cold but it still did bad things to my mood and activity, I was weak and didn’t want to go for big walks in the cold weather) and definitely didn’t want to try hard but I experienced it backfires anyway. I didn’t do the first day but I used this monthly fast (even if I wasn’t here) to go back to OMAD and it went super well, it was easy and everything! I probably ate very much first, it got better later. So I do OMAD now and I hopefully will continue to do it until next time when maybe, maybe I can go further…?

So thanks, just knowing this monthly group fast happens helped me to diminish my eating window again. I just need to keep it so somehow… I am not good with long term OMAD for some reason. But skipping lunch is nothing lately. And I am never truly hungry but feel the need to eat so I do.

I painted rocks and fridge magnets but I wasn’t here. Nevermind, I will show them all next time if you are interested :smiley: Sometimes I go slow. But it’s a very well established habit to work on them regularly and it’s nice.