Feb 2022 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Jane) #13

Broke today at 11:30 am for 45 hours, so nice fast.

Hubby made it 45 hours also which is really good for him. And he said he really felt a lot better this morning. Been fighting off a bug and maybe coincidence it ran its course the same time he fasted…… or maybe it helped.

(Bob M) #14

@Janie I too was getting over a cold (wasn’t covid, as to which the multiple tests I took will attest). I blame the 7 day course of antibiotics they made me take when they thought elbow pain might be bacterial. My theory: this caused less good bacteria in my vocal tract, leading to susceptibility for colds.

@Shinita Had to look up 14C. That is warm (if you’re used to cold, that is). Personally, I find 36 hour fasts easier than OMAD, but that’s because my meal would be too late at night.

My plan for this year: start composting. We really throw away quite a bit of vegetable/fruit matter. Would like to stop that.


I am not used to cold, this was a pretty mild winter :smiley: But yep, I am in winter mode still. I wouldn’t feel warm in this temp after 30-40C hot weather… Even though I never can used to that horrible inferno. Above 25-26C I start dying.
How people can use Fahrenheit I can’t imagine… At least 0C is where water freezes and 100C where it becomes steam, that makes sense :smiley:
Sometimes I am cute and convert things but it’s the worst with temperatures for some reason so I do that rarely.

My body really, really wants food when evening comes if not earlier. I may not feel hunger, I may be determined to wait but I feel more and more AWFUL… I obviously stop when it’s unpleasant and my brain gets useless but even waiting for that “broke” me last time on the monthly fast. I had to regenerate with some super relaxed times and I only now start to find my way again. So even if I can try hard sometimes, I mustn’t. It’s so difficult :frowning: Why is this so difficult? Especially lately. I experiment and learn about my body and then it just changes.
Maybe I would give up at this point, I always was fat, I can handle it for 70-80 more years I suppose, it’s hardly health-damaging on my level but I am a human and I need to eat :frowning: A lot. And that’s so hard sometimes.

We have compost :slight_smile: As always when we had the option. It eventually gets into my tiny vegetable patch, poor soil is horrible there, well it was horrible 10 years ago (the soil in general isn’t great but that part was the old pool filled with the worst soil…), we managed to bring it up quite a bit but most vegetables are still impossible to grow in it. We surely never could save any money (the fruit garden is another matter entirely :D), it’s not for that. It’s for getting better tomatoes than what is possible in greengrocery, those are tasteless.
And it’s nice to grow plants anyway. I have theoretically edible plants (I always hated leafy greens) I keep only for decoration :slight_smile:

My precious garden! Spring is near here, warm weather, blooming snowdrops! The carnivores get them but I bring one photo here too, okay? At least I bring something nice too, not just whining and using every excuse to go on tangents. Sorry if my English is worse than usual right now.



36 hour fast today, Happy Valentine’s to all!

(Robin) #17

To you too! And good luck on your long fast.

(KCKO, KCFO) #18

A tad on the late side but there is a group fast this month. Don’t want to break the tradition :slight_smile:

Come and share your goals, success, failures, and other concerns.

(KCKO, KCFO) #19

Pretty quite on this thread. Did Valentine’s Day do everyone in?

(Bob M) #20

I’ve started training for a 5k, meaning that my exercise has gone from 3/4 days per week to 5 days per week, three jogging, two body weight training. That means I’ve been a heck of a lot hungrier. I even ate breakfast once! Almost ate it today, too. I’m hoping I can get one 36 hour fast in per week, but right now, it’s not looking good.

This is my first full week, though. I’ll see what happens next week.


So a first for me today. I am approx 16 hrs in to a planned 36 hr fast and my energy is through the roof. I have already walked around the building at work several times and even helped our maintenance guy mop some floors at lunch and I’m still about jumping out of my skin. If it wasn’t 20 degrees, I’d go for a run.

I’ve been intermittent fasting for several months now and this is the first time I’ve experienced this energy boost. I’m not sure if I like the feeling. …lol

(Bob M) #22

That can happen on long fasts too. You’ll wake up and feel GREAT! It doesn’t happen that often, but it’s impressive when it does.


It is something that when you hear someone else talk about it, you almost don’t believe them. Until of course, it happens to you.

I’m thinking that I possibility I finally found the right combo of hydration, electrolytes, ect.

(Jane) #24

I’ll be joining you guys next week - Tue and Wed if all goes to plan.

(Jane) #25

Almost 24 hours in and no hunger yet - yay. We went to the butcher and stocked up as we will likely be iced in a few days after today. I put the roast in the sous vide for tomorrow as it can cook for 24 hours with no smell (which bothers me when fasting) but then I needed to brown it first in the cast iron skillet. Oh well - I did, ignored the smell the best I could and lit a scented candle to cover the scent


Hi guys, I am back! Took a break from my most problematic internet addiction places for a while.

I don’t remember exactly but I messed up things before the monthly group fast then it helped me (even not being here, just knowing it happens) to do OMAD again and I do that since. Kind of. A few bites later, elongated meals happen but everything is in a 3 hour eating window in the worst case and 95% of my food is in a way tinier one and it’s good enough for me.

It works so nicely now :slight_smile: I think less of food, I am never really hungry, I have early or not so early dinner OMAD, it’s convenient and chill. I try to keep at it (for the first time in my life, I had many OMAD days, even multiple ones in a row but it always broke eventually, I probably never did more than one week) and later… We will see.
This far I always feel the need to eat around 6pm or even earlier even if it’s not strong hunger. Today it was the usual subtle weakness and almost-dizziness at 4. I wonder if it will disappear one day.
But skipping lunch and not eating at night is the easiest thing ever!!! YAY! I had problems with both before so I am quite content now.

(Bob M) #27

That is good, because if you can move eating time back from sleeping time, that’s supposedly helps a lot.


My number one most difficult time of the day is just before bedtime. It doesn’t matter what time I’ve had my last meal of the day, I always get the cravings at 9:00-10:00 PM. This has to be my biggest barrier to long term success.

(Robin) #29

You are certainly not alone. Years of programming are being overwritten. Hang tough. If you give in, make it keto and you’ll be ok.

(Jane) #30

Broke this morning at 45 hours. Wasn’t hungry and could have gone longer but hubby wanted breakfast and I wasn’t going to keep fasting with the smell of bacon and eggs in the house!.


I’m at just shy of 23 hours right now with the plan to go to 36 by tomorrow morning. Having my 2nd bottle of water with a pinch of salt this afternoon after some black coffee this morning. I really can’t get over how my hunger just shuts off after a little salt intake.

(Jane) #32

Same here. I put some under my tongue and put a few crystals in my coffee and the hunger goes away - amazing.