JAN 2022 - Monthly Group Fast (Jan. 19-22)

(Robin) #35

Way to go!

(Tim Cee) #36

…I can’t be plugged into a wall.

(Doug) #37

It’s possible but rarely advisable. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good luck to the participants. I have been OMAD and pretty strict keto since Jan 1, I am preparing to go to 3 36-hour fasts per week starting Feb. 1. The hope is to get back to fat-adapted and then kick it into high gear with the fasting.

(KCKO, KCFO) #39

Well, I had to take meds, really bad headache and stomach was crazy. I broke my fast after only 22 hrs. But after I took meds with a light meal, I started over again. I don’t think I will need dinner tonight, so far I am feeling much better. So I now 24 hrs. into the second fast. I would be ok doing OMADs, but if I can hang in there, I will try to do a much longer time.

Some months, this fast is easeypeasey, others, it is a real struggle and I have to stay flexible.

KCFO everyone.

(Jane) #40

Broke yesterday at 63 hours and no issues refeeding. I will take a break from fasting for a couple of weeks. Traveling to Ohio on business next week with a colleague so can’t fast next week anyway, but would take a break regardless.

(Robin) #41

Wow! You seem to accomplish this so easily! Is that really the case, or is there any gnashing of teeth and arm wrestling demons involved for you? Can you really just put it on cruise control?

Also, have to say… the term “refeeding” always cracks me up. Make us sound like our own livestock. Which I guess we are?


It doesn’t go that well today and it’s probably due to my (close but still) 2 meals yesterday (it couldn’t be helped, I got hungry and I think I know why)…
When lunchtime (not mine but it’s lunchtime :D) arrived (my fast was over 20 hours), I was already somewhat hungry so I had my most food item, plain tea (as my only alternative was water, I am serious about no coffee until sunset!). My hunger progressed quickly so I started to make my own food and I managed to get somewhat satiated with cooking only, true to our saying :smiley: But the end wasn’t that far so my hunger came back. It’s tiny but annoying, it wears down my patience quickly unless I find a way to make it go away but that’s not a common occurence. So I was satiated again around 21 hours, hungry again a bit later and now it’s only 22 hours and I am waiting for sunset (it comes in half an hour). We will see but I can’t last much longer, I feel it.
But it’s fun to push it a bit :wink: Normally I don’t even wait until hunger or I do but the very first tiny thing is enough… And I can easily last hours after that… And if my goal is OMAD, even 1-2 hours mean success and not fail.

@Janie, well done! You are my hero! (Well, one of many, I usually feel so tiny in the normal fasting thread! :D) I just can’t skip a day… Maybe one day… I go for established dinner OMAD for now. And keep trying my 48 hour fast every month. An honest attempt is something…


I went over 24 hours in the end, waiting for my SO to have dinner. The time he needed to get hungry again was less than the time between my first hunger and actual meal. But I won’t wait this long if this monthly group fast is over (I usually don’t consider Saturday a day of it as weekends are special to me eating wise for some reason… but I kind of try. just not as hard as on the previous days). I can wait but I feel the toll and I lose the mood or ability to do most things so I just read, write, wait in the very end… It’s probably useful to train myself like this a few days per month but I wouldn’t want to go this far every day.

Oh it wasn’t a clean fast as around the 22th hour I had some… Well, some of the water I cooked a pork tongue in. It’s vaguely similar to broth :smiley: It had little fat and not enough flavor - when tasted normally, I was happy with it when hungry. And interestingly it didn’t trigger a meal (and I was already hungry).

(KCKO, KCFO) #44

I’m currently in hr. 65. That first day really concerned me, but I seem to be doing well now. I have also had a nice drop in weight this round.

@Shinita Doing OMD is fine. Heck lots of successful people only do time restricted and do very well. I like how you do pay attention to what is going on with yourself.

@Janie Well done. Sometimes a break period does help. You can join us next month :slight_smile:

@ourtown thanks for checkin with us. Would love for you to join in on the next month’s group fast.

@OldDoug how are you doing?

@Tim_Cee Are you cruising along?

@robintemplin Are you just along for the roller coaster ride or fasting as well. You care most welcome to do either here.


Yes, I am okay with OMAD now considering I rarely can stick to it for several days in row and I wish to make it my default timing, it will be very useful for me - but I doubt I ever will lose the desire to have my 48-hour fast :slight_smile: I can wait a little more but it’s something I wish to do. It sounds so very realistic, I did it with a smaller weight easily enough. Not without effort but I felt okay. I want it back, just a few times a year! But I won’t suffer for it.

(Robin) #46

@collaroygal … I am a not so innocent bystander in this thread. I only do IF and one or two meals a day. I follow you EF’ers because you inspire me and I learn a lot. Plus I have come to feel as if I know ya’ll.

I am finishing up 5 days quarantine after testing positive. Omicron. Got sick, but manageable. I lost 5 pounds this week because my taste buds are still compromised. I can taste, but just barely. That does a number on your appetite.

Anyway… I’m feeling better, but now my hubby may be showing early signs. So I may join him for another round of quarantine just to be sure I can’t spread it. There are no more home tests to be found currently. We did sign up for the 4 free tests from the government. But they’ll arrive long after this is over at our house.

Good times. Wheee!

(Jane) #47

No, no gnashing of teeth or struggles for me. I enjoy fasting but then I am weird LOL.

Every once in a while I find Day 1 more difficult - no clue why - but I know if I can make it to bed then it gets easier from then on. Day 2 I wake up with a really empty feeling and no hunger. It’s weird to not having digestion going on. So quiet!!!

Sometimes I have trouble going to sleep on Day 2 but never tired on Day 3.

Recently my husband had to have a medical test done and had to fast and his appointment wasn’t until 1 pm and they all felt so bad for him. We rarely eat before 11:30 so no biggie and he was smiling inside. He only missed his morning coffee but even that was no big deal.

(Tim Cee) #48

Looks like my ef didn’t materialize this time. I just had a big dinner again.


I had my meal after 20 hours, I was already hungry since some time, I am pleased I waited until 4pm.
Had a super tiny meal so it won’t be OMAD but it’s fine, I do OMAD to eat less, primarily, my eating window is rarely big even if I have 3-5 meals but I hope I can stick to 1-2.

It was good to train my fasting muscles this month, good luck to the others who are still fasting and everyone, actually as we won’t just eat all the time from now on :smiley: I for some keep my feeding after 4pm, it seems a good idea for me. Maybe I will relax it for the weekends sometimes.

I will be here next time as well, hopefully with a tad better results, not like I am displeased now. But I am stubborn about my 48 hour fast.

(KCKO, KCFO) #50

Well my total hrs of fasting are good, 91. I did break for a couple of small meals that didn’t take long to consume. I am officially done with my monthly fast now. I did this a 20 hr. fast and then doing 50, then 21hrs. Different and the only reason I broke for the meals was I really needed meds both times.

I am so proud to do these monthlies with everyone. I hope you all join in again, and don’t forget to invite others to join in as well next month.


(Jane) #51

Well done!

(Bob M) #52

That’s not a big deal. Maybe take some time off, and restart at some point later?

I’d like to do an extended fast, but I either got a bacterial infection in my elbow or inflamed it. I’m taking both an anti-biotic and an anti-inflammatory. The anti-biotic does not require food, but the anti-inflammatory does. Luckily, only 1 pill a day for the anti-inflammatory, but that still means no >24 hour fasts. See the doc again next Monday. If healed, I hope to start at least a 36 hour fast.

(Robin) #53

Let the healing begin. You’ll be back.

(KCKO, KCFO) #54

New group fast thread is now posted.