Deep Fried Deviled Eggs!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #1

Native Keto Man’s deep fried deviled eggs. @NativeKetoMan

These are surprisingly much more tasty than we ever thought they could be.
We had leftover breading and egg wash, so I deep fried three small pieces of pepper jack cheese we had in the fridge. Also very good. Now we have ideas of all types of cheese that we plan on deep frying…

Recipe for deviled egg filling:
Hard boil your eggs. I prefer steaming them, the white is more tender and they are EASY to peel (my method is on the ketogenic forums). Cool. Peel. Slice in half. Scoop out the yolks. Mash the yolks with a fork and add mayo, mustard, fresh cracked black pepper, and any other combination of spices you prefer. (Try adding minced onion, sugar free pickle relish or powdered cayenne for flavor, bacon bits! Fresh chives! The combinations are endless!). Mix the deviled egg filling until smooth. Refrigerate while deep frying the egg white halves. Fill the fried whites with a small spoonful of the yolk mixture. Top with smoked paprika.
P.S. make a few dozen, you’re going to eat them all!

RECIPE for deep fried “breaded” keto foods:
Mix one raw egg with one tablespoon mayonnaise.
Dip the meat/egg white half in the egg wash.
Crush pork rinds to panko size crumbs. This is also a good point to add spices of preferred. Some people cut their keto breading with Parmesan cheese. I don’t like to because it tends to burn! I like to add a small amount of ground cayenne pepper.
Roll the meat/egg in the “breading”.
Depending on the thickness of your meat will depend on how long you need to deep fry. Kevin and I discovered that these egg white halves only needed one or one and a half minutes. The cheese was even less than that.

I have fish and chicken tender recipes on the forum where this breading technique is shown.

Also, the deep fryer fat must be HOT. I keep mine at 375*

Another tip:
I use home rendered pork lard or beef tallow. Never hydrogenated from the store! And never seed oils from the store! No vegetable oil no soybean oil no canola oil. If you want to spend the money coconut oil can be used.

Last deep frying tip. If you continue to have trouble and you really want some breaded meat, follow the breading instructions above and then bake your item. Almost as good as deep frying :slight_smile:

Keto Complaint Department
(Ashley) #2

What type of mayo do you use for your eggs? I’ve tried to make some at home and have failed epically.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #3

You’ll find that I’m no purist. Although eventually I would like to learn to make my own, I use Hellman’s. Yes it contains soybean oil. If you’re worried about whether or not that’s keto, be sure and read this post. Lol :wink:

(Ashley) #4

Not worried about it, I would love to make my own one day, but convience and price for me right now and overall health is what I’m after. Thanks :slight_smile:

(Jane) #5

If you have a stick blender and a mason jar you can make mayo! I tried it as my first time ever to make mayo and it turned out perfectly, except I forgot the salt. I just stirred it in afterwards.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #6

Foolproof Homemade Mayo


(Ashley) #7

Actually tried this and I still managed to fail, think I needed a more narrow jar

(Doug) #8

Put such a smile on my face that even as as old grouchy bastard I felt young.

(Jane) #9

Probably. My stick blender barely fits into the mason jar and I think that is what is needed to be successful.

It is so much creamier than commercial mayo. Love it! Will never buy mayo again… and next year we are getting chickens so eventually will have my own eggs.

(Ashley) #10

I’ll have to retry with a different mason jar at some point then!

(Jason Christianson) #11

My first time doing the foolproof mayo was a failure because my stick blender has a ludicrous speed. Worked when I was using a lower speed.

(Jane) #12

Good point. Mine has 2 speeds and I had to use the lower speed and even pulse it a bit.

(Katie) #13

The way I understand it, a trick with homemade mayonnaise is to be PATIENT. The recipe says to hold the immersion blender at the bottom for 20 seconds–I have heard that starting to pull up on it prematurely may result in an unsuccessful batch.

(Beth) #14

@Brenda Girl, you are a food genius.

(Beth) #15

Thank you for the recipe and tips, maybe the speed is why mine failed last time. I have refused to waste another bottle of avocado oil since.

(Jane) #16

I don’t blame you!

I made mine with the EVOO so not near as much money down the drain if it didn’t work.

(Jason Christianson) #17

Well, I’ve held it down there too long and broken the emulsion. It may take 20 seconds, it may take more or less. Just be attentive to how it’s going and respond accordingly.


What a brilliant idea!